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I'm going in at 10 am for my first ever lipo...

I'm going in at 10 am for my first ever lipo procedure! (It made me put 10/23 but it's actually 10/22) I'm 5'5" 125 lbs, 22 years old, extremely athletic, and I eat really well. I have always had a "pouch" on my belly. I've been self conscious about it since I hit puberty. I've tried every diet in the book and workout like a mad woman. I've decided it's time. My mom has has a ton of lipo and is excited for me to get it. She got a botched lipo job and her stomach looks like Tara Reid's. I hope it's not something that runs in the family, I want to undergo this surgery without most of my friends and family even knowing about it. I'm getting lipo to the abdomen (mainly lower) and to the handles. Won't be sAd to see them go, I don't think. I'm just praying for great results and no lumpiness. Writing this as I'm sitting in bed before surgery trying not to think about how hungry I am. Also, I'm really curious to see how fast I'll recover. I'm back to work in a week, but would like to be available this weekend for some social gatherings. I will update post op! Wish me luck!

No pain no gain

I'm in a ton of pain. Taking all my meds and went back to the dr today for a check in. They removed 600cc from my abs and love handles. Came home to shower and it felt great. I think I could see a slight difference in my stomach but with all the marker and marks from my corset I couldn't tell, and it almost hurt more to keep it off. I iced for about 20 minutes and laid in bed the rest of the day. Will hopefully feel a bit better to post some updated pictures tomorrow!

More Photos

Here are some photos I took last night laying down. Not the best angle but I'm in too much pain to stand up without my corset on for now. Tonight when I shower I'll try to take some progress photos. These photos are from 1 day post-op.

Looking better

New photos!

Day 3 Post Op

Looking better everyday! Feeling better today as well. Anyone know how to get the marker off?

One week post-op

Got my stitches out today and ran a ton of errands. First time out of my house since last Wednesday! I am sore but the pain was bearable with no pain meds. Im back to work tomorrow so I hope I don't get tired or sore for sitting for an extended period of time. My sides are significantly more sore than my front. He said I have a lot of swelling so it will be great to see the final product because I'm already happy with the results. I've been sleeping on my back and I really miss sleeping on my side, so hopefully the pain continues to reside. I will post an update in a few weeks. For now I hope this helps. I'd strongly recommend! And if you are in LA, use dr George sanders!

One month!

I'm really happy. I still have a little swelling which has shown in some parts being more swollen than others. This was totally worth it. Although it's not 100 perfect and I'm not the next Victoria's Secret model, I am so happy with my results! Can't wait to see three months down the line minus the swelling.
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