The Truth About Lip Injections - Los Angeles, CA

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So I've had my lips filled with hialuronic acid...

So I've had my lips filled with hialuronic acid for about a year now and I thought I should give my personal opinion about them and the overall cons that they never tell you.
First of all they ARE worth it, I mean, I could never live without them now LOL But, I used to live without them and I was ok with my lips. I decided I would get them just to try, it really was a sudden decision I took one day and since it isn't a dangerous procedure I went ahead that very same week and got them.
And this is what I learned:
-They are SO addictive but they aren't permanent. Once you get them you'll totally keep getting them, so think it twice, because the cost over the years is something that makes me really angry when I think about it. It'll sum up to an outrageous amount of money over the years so in the long run it is like the most expensive procedure you can get.
-They won't look always the same. And this is very annoying because sometimes you just love the outcome. But they change a lot, the get reabsorbed so in a few months they won't look as good and when you get them redone the outcome is different each and every time, so the shape isn't stable and your face changes with this more than you think (search pics of Kylie Jenner over the last 2 years since she got them done and you'll see how she becomes a different person everytime she gets them redone). So if you want to keep your face the same all the time you'll get frustrated.
-Fillers feel lumpy. They're not like liquid, they're lumps of hard gel. If someone was to squeeze your lips they could notice right away they're filled, and a lot of times the lumps are visible as well. Some fillers are smoother than others but the smoother ones last less time and you'll want the most long-lasting one, so get used to lips with hardness inside. I can tell I have like 6 lumps on my upper, I can count them.
-Sometimes I get weird reactions. Maybe it's only me, but since I got them I have much drier lips and they peel like crazy. And once in a blue moon (thankfully) a sudden (and big) swelling forms around the filler and I have duck lips for two days. Then it resolves and go back to the way they were before. It happens only at one side, like only around one lump, and can't really figure out the cause...
-They tend to protude more than natural lips, and have indentations sometimes, as well as the lumps I mentioned. The aren't as mobile as a natural lip and feel less flexible, though you will still feel comfortable with them unless you overfill them. I do overfill my lips and still have what I hope looks like normal lips when I talk, etc but I absolutely feel they're stiffer than natural.
-Only one syringe may not be enough. And I've opened a second one only to fix a small indentation that was still visible after the first one ran off... Used only 0.10 of 1 ml. If your injector is nice maybe you'll be able to give what's left to a friend or inject it somewhere else. Also sometimes you can do it in two times, if you want more after the swelling goes down you can inject the rest but it won't hold up more than 2 weeks.
-Botched results are a real thing and you'll probably get them at some point. It's a really easy to mess procedure. Thankfully isn't permanent but you'll have them around for a while. Asymmetry and lumps change everytime you get them redone so everytime there's a new flaw you have to accept and get used to... I love my lips and are the best thing I've ever done for my looks and confidence (and I have breast implants as well but the lips are just what have made me really confident). It is a mental strain to have to think about getting them refilled, stressing about them getting smaller, feeling self conscious about moving them a lot or smiling all day because they get reabsorbed by your body first if you move them a lot... I feel guilty about smiling or talking too much sometimes but won't fall into that kind of obsession. Too much for me and I want to keep my piece of mind lol. I don't know, sometimes I just wish I'd never tried them in the first place. Avoiding any kind of dependency and obsession is as worth as the results.
I have Juvederm fyi. Haven't tried any others but it lasts a reasonable amount of time. So if after all you want to go ahead with them at least I'd like you to know this stuff beforehand.
Good luck if you're getting them!!! (You'll love them anyways)

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Updating (with bad news lol)

Sooo... at this moment I'm struggling a little bit with my lip fillers. I got them a little bit overfilled and have always had stiffness and lumps to the touch but they were not visible. Now as the majority of the product has been reabsorbed the only thing that's left is too lumps that look like fangs on my lips lol. They look like bad silicone injections right now. I don't think these will go away easily so I'm going to try hyaluronidase and if it doesn't work then it may be granuloma.... in wich case I'd have to get them surgically removed.
Also I'd say my lips are looking more wrinkled as they shrink in size :/ I'm afraid I'll never get my original shape again.
I've got them less filled in the past, with a more subtle result and they didn't look uneven after getting reabsorbed, so this is probably because I had too much filler. While I was eager to experiment and get them bigger, now I warn against overfilling and changing you own lip shape. It doesn't end well. I hate my own lip shape and wanted a dramatic change but after I get ride of this I think I'll stick with a subtle augmentation.
Also wanna warn against Juvederm Volift (got it in Europe) and other highly link-crossed HA. They're too stiff for lips. And lasts way too much when you want it out lol.
I'll update after injecting the hyaluronidase!
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