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I went to PS to see about having a tummy tuck and...

I went to PS to see about having a tummy tuck and face lift. Decided to have the face lift done first because my grandson is getting married in May and I want to be the best looking grandma there LOL. I dont like what I see in the mirror. My upper eylids cover nearly half of eyes and I look angry all of time, have some slight jowling and a good start to a turkey neck. So I am having my upper lids, brow lift, lower lids, neck lipo and lift, mid face lift done first. .
My abd is about 3 inches bigger around then my hips I am so looking forward to having a flatter tummy, but that will have to wait until the fall.

I sent an email to my boss today to let her know I...

I sent an email to my boss today to let her know I have scheduled my surgery for 04/13. Just said I went to the Dr and we decided that I need to have surgery. Gave her the date of the surg. We will see what she responds.

Well this week I have had a bought with the flu or...

Well this week I have had a bought with the flu or a cold, cough, headache, stuffy head, slight fever. Glad it's not anywhere near my surg date. Would had to postpone it and would not have been happy. Trying to lose 10 lbs before surgery, but being sick I eat everything in sight LOL. Just 7 weeks away!!

Getting over this cold/flu virus going around, I...

getting over this cold/flu virus going around, I have heard it hangs on a long time. Hope it goes away soon

Still battling the cough, it's been 3 weeks and...

Still battling the cough, it's been 3 weeks and doesn't seem to want to go away. I will go to the Dr tomorrow and get it checked out. Otherwise doing ok, just over a month until my surgery time is going by fast. Will be here before I know it.

Finally went to the Dr to get my cough checked out...

Finally went to the Dr to get my cough checked out. She said she couldn't hear breath sounds very well when I tried to take a deep breath. Gave me antibiotics and nebulizer treatments. Doing much better now.
My boss approved my time off and hubby took 2 weeks off. only just over 2 1/2 weeks till surg.

Still having the cough, but a bit better every day...

Still having the cough, but a bit better every day. Still tryong to lose somght before surgery. I ecided that instead of trying to get an hour of exercise in 3 days a week, I can do 30 min a day. I think it won't feel so overwhelming as the thought of an hour.

My surgery is just 10 days from tomorrow, boy is...

My surgery is just 10 days from tomorrow, boy is time going by fast.
My PS called today and rescheduled my pre op appt from 930 am to 1030 am, that is much better for us since we will miss a lot of the rush hour traffic on a Monday morning. I keep pulling the extra skin back on my face to see what I hope to look like after surgery. It's keeping me motivated, and keeps me from wanting to call and cancel my surgery.

Just one week from tomorrow!!! can't believe it's...

Just one week from tomorrow!!! can't believe it's almost here. Getting nervous now, anxious, excited. Having doubts sometimes, just like almost everyone else who has gone through this.
My Pre op is Monday, I will have a list of questions to ask, prob still think of something afterwards, LOL,

I had my preop appt today, got all my tests done...

I had my preop appt today, got all my tests done and spoke to the anesthesiologist. Wrote the check to pay for it (that was hard to do LOL) He answered all my questions and what I should and shouldn't do after surgery. Got my prescriptions filled, will go to pick up a few things tomorrow. Think I am as ready as I will ever be.

Thanks for all your comments and expressions of...

Thanks for all your comments and expressions of concern. My 5 hour precedure ended up taking 7, then I had a lot of trouble waking up, Very sick to my stomach afterward. I went back to see Dr Lee on Monday, he was very pleased with his "handywork" LOL. He said I was fine, breathing without any trouble and they did wake me up but couldn't stay awake He said "you don't drink at all do you?" I was the only surg they had that day, They thought they would have a short day, but I showed them LOL. Finally left the hospital at about 530pm. Pain isn't bad, I stopped the pain pills on Sunday and am using ibuprofen. Putting ointment on my eyelids and wearing my chin support. Bruising is resolving with Arnica. And of course lots of naps. Hubby has been great being my Nurse, giving me the antibiotics and creams, getting food etc. Dr Lee told him no cooking or any housework for awhile. I go back again on Monday to get some of the stitches out. Looking forward to that!!! I am happy with what I see so far. Able to take a shower last night and gently wash my hair. That was GREAT!!!!

Ok today is post op day 6, going to post some...

Ok today is post op day 6, going to post some updated pics. I am feeling pretty good, only problem is my blurry vision from the swelling of my eyelids. Still sleeping in my recliner every night. Dr said I could sleep flat now if I wanted to, I tried to go to sleep in our bed a couple days ago. but when there was pressure on the staples behind my ears it hurt and I couldnt find a comfortable position, soooooo came back to the recliner. He is supposed to take the staples and sutures out on Monday, (9 days post op) so I will be able to go back to bed again.

Thank you both so much for your compliments. I...

Thank you both so much for your compliments. I did have the staples out today, still having the blurry vision, he said that can last 2 or 3 weeks and is due to the swelling around the tear ducts etc. He was not happy with some swelling that was causing mywer right eyelid to droop a bit, has me lifting it up and puitting on steri strips to encourage it to "relax" in proper alignment when the swelling goes down. I thought it was doing fine, look like it was relaxing back to normal to me, but he is cautious. I go back in 3 weeks for him to recheck it, he said if I don't feel like going back to work he will give me another week off, hummmmm that is tempting, LOL. My numbness is getting better. He wants mme to massage the areas around my eyes and under my chin several times a day to promote better scar results. Here are day 10 pics,

I am soo happy with my results. My left eye is...

I am soo happy with my results. My left eye is much better, will stop taping it tomorrow I think. Vison still blurry, but better, got some eye drops for dry eyes, seems to hwlp a lot. I am posting more pics, going to get really brave and post the pics right beforrg and right after as well as the ones taken today, really can see the improvement. ;:-)

LOL, can ya tell that I am not seeing well with...

LOL, can ya tell that I am not seeing well with all the spelling errors. :;-0

Updated pics, 3 weeks post op. I don't notice the...

Updated pics, 3 weeks post op. I don't notice the differance until I look at the previous weeks pics. Looks like my swelling is going down a bit. Vision is getting better, still blurry but improving. Left eye still a bit droppy, but still swollen too.

Went back to work today, lots of good feedback,...

Went back to work today, lots of good feedback, some commented that they liked my new hairstyle LOL (same hairstyle I have had for 2 yrs) Posting a pic from today. Need to learn to put makeup on again, it's been a long time since I have worn anything but a little mascara and lipstick.


I am so happy with my results. I feel so much more confident about myself. I also find that it seems people are reacting more positively toward me, which may be the result of how I feel now. Absolutely no regrets or second thoughts. Still have some swelling at 5 weeks post op, and my left eyelid still has some minisule drooping. At my last post op visit Dr Lee said to continue to tape it when I'm not working. I also spoke to the surgery coordinator and told her to put me on the calendar for my tummy tuck in Sept or October. I am looking forward to that too, ;:-). Granndsons wedding is a week from today. I got the flowers done now making a dress to wear, (combining 2 different patterns) . Just couldn't find anything I liked. I hope it turns out as I envision it LOL. I will post some pics after the wedding.

Wedding was today

I got my wish, I was the best looking grandma at the wedding LOL, Posting a picture of my in the dress I made for the wedding, this was taken after we got home.

scars almost invisable 7 weeks post op.

I am posting some pics of the scars in front of my ears. You can hrdly see them, and if you didn't know they were surg scars you would t think they were natural creases.

9 weeks post op

I will be 9 weeks post op tomorrow. I have gotten so many compliments on my results. My hairdresser said she tells all her clients that she has a client (me) who has had the best face lift she has ever seen, and today I was walking down the hall at the hospital when one of the nurses I have known for yearsd "Susan, you are beautiful, you look the same as you did 20 yrs ago" I told her about why I look the same, and she was so excited for me. Posting pic from today.

Ear scars at 9 weeks

Ear scars are nearly invisible now

Compliments just keep coming ;:-)

It feels so good to get compliments, even from people I don't know. I saw a pt today in the hosp who is a member of a local performing dance group for "senior ladies" I told her I think would like to be involved in that, she said, "you aren't old enough, you have to be 50 or older to be a member" lol. Made my day.

12 weeks post op, it just gets better

I saw the Cornea specialist today, she said my eye was looking better, still has a ways to go, but from my prospective it is at least 80% better. I asked if I may end up with permanent scarring from this, she said prob not, but I may have a "footprint from it that will be easily corrected with new glasses. Said to wait another month or two before I got for new lenses, just to make sure everything has settled down.
Otherwise everthing is going well, posting a new pic, no makeup, hair a mess, (day off lol) just taken a few min ago.

Ear and chin scars ar 12 1/2 weeks

This is what my scars look like now, basically invisible. The one on my chin has a couple of areas that are still a bit red, but when they fade that scar will be invisible too.

Vision better

Vision in my right eye is 99.9% better now, almost back to normal. I am so relieved, it's been 14 weeks tomorrow. Still having some numbness in my cheeks but that is slowly improving. I am scheduled for my TT on Aug 31. and have started a review in the TT section too.

Doing great.

My vision is now at 20/30 in the right eye. It was so bad I couldn't see the biggest letters on the chart, even my glasses on. 2 weeks ago it was 20/60. He said it will get better over the next few weeks. I guess I will have some permanent dry eye from the damage the viral infection did, but at least I have my vison back, can always use artificial tears.


I went to my ps today for pre op for TT. I asked if there was anything he could do to tighten my neck a little more. Maybe take a pinch more skin out when he is doing my TT. He said that the skin is not the problem, it is the muscle underneath that is still too lax and causing the skin to stretch out. I asked him how much more that would cost. He thought about what approach would be the best. He said he would have to go in under my chin with a larger incision and cut the muscle to get a better definition. He will re drape the skin in the area and that will make my neck and jowls better. Then he said he would not charge for it, he said it is a "scar revision" ;:-) I am adding a couple of pics to show what my concern was.

Another nice comment

Went to the dentist for a cleaning yesterday. The dental assistant asked if I was pregnant befor taking xrays. I said noooo. he replied "well a lot of ladies in their 40s are having babies, so we have to ask". LOL I just said not me, thought about telling him my oldest son is 42, but let it slide, let him think I was in my 40s.

9 days till TT and neck touch up.

Only nine days (8 days 15hrs and 30min) until I go in for my TT and have the neck revision. I am anxious and nervous. A little worried, afraid to do more "work" in case it turns out worse then it is now. although I have complete faith in my doctor.

post revision

Here are some pics I took today of my neck revision. I think it looks pretty good still have some swelling and bruising, but not too bad. this is post op day 5

newest revision pics

Here are a couple of pics of my revision I took yesterday. I still have a little saggy area, but also still have a lot of swelling and the scar still has to flatten out, then maybe it will get better. I am still wearing my chin strap most of the time.

five weeks post op

Thought I would post a couple of post revision pics, Still having some saggyness under my chin, but also have some swollen "lumps" under the skin in those areas, so I am thinking when the swelling goes down, it will improve more.

New pics 1 year (no make up)

It's hard to believe that a year has passed sine I had my face lift. and 7 months since my chin revision. Thought I would post some updated pics. Be forwarned, no make up. LOL

one year (with makeup)

Heres a couple pics with a little makeup on this time. I still have some saggy skin under my chin but it's only 7 months since the revision and there are some small "lumps" under that area. That is getting better as time passes too.

1-1/2 yrs post op

This pic was taken at about a year and a half post op from my facelift. I think I look pretty good for 65

3 yrs

It's been almost 3-1/2 yrs since my facelift. Some have asked for updated pics. Here are a couple pics taken while I was on vacation last week. No makeup, just me.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

I liked him a lot, I never felt rushed or dismissed, he sat down and talked to me a long time, asked several times if I had any more questions. We disussed my expectations and he was honest about what he can and cannot do. He said if you want to get an idea of what a good face lift looks like you can sit in a recliner and lean back at a 45 degree angle, then look in a mirror. I liked the subtle improvement. I post pics after I upload them to my computer.

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