2 Previous Bbls and Lost Most of my Projection - Los Angeles, CA

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Hi I am looking to get butt implants due to 2...

Hi I am looking to get butt implants due to 2 previous BBLs and lost most of my protection. I'm hoping to go pretty large at least 450-500cc to achieve a permanent bubble butt look with more projection to my hips as well. Not sure if under or intramuscular is better..? Any advice will be appreciated

phone consultation done today

I had phone consult with Dr Stanton today and looking at my pictures he suggested 550cc oval under muscle. Im not sure what to think about the oval d/t possible shifting.. I told him i preferred round. He said he can't say for sure until he sees me in person :-( but I live in tx so I won't be able to see him till day of surgery.. stressed don't know what to do. Help!

post surgery Day 1

Had my surgery yesterday with Dr Stanton.. wonderful group they made me feel so comfortable especially my nurse Erica and Dr Stanton listened to everything I wanted and did exactly what I asked for. I got 600cc round. I actually feel ok just stiff and sore. Really happy w my results so far.. I will post more pics later.

18 days post

Implants are dropping into place still very hard and tend to swell pretty good in my lower butt cheeks if im up to long. Wearing compression hose has helped with this. Really no pain just discomfort but is tolerable only taking ibuprofen here and there. Still sleeping on my stomach and not sitting. Continuing to watch my incisions very close and definitely keeping them dry. Very happy with the results this far. ????

3 weeks post today

almost 6 weeks post

7 weeks post

9 weeks post

10 weeks

Not much has changed looking and feeling more natural going to start working out this weekend

14 weeks post

Started working out full time this week able to leg press 450lbs so far w/o problems

5 months post

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