Butt Implants Round 2 w/ Stanton 450ccs- Los Angeles, CA

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Ok so I Had 375 round butt implants last summer...

Ok so I Had 375 round butt implants last summer with Salama. Unfortunately they got infected 3 weeks afree surgrey and had to be removed. Now I'm trying again with Dr. Stanton. Hoping for a complication free surgery. I don't think I can handle another disappointment. My hotel and flight are booked. Wish me luck.

photos before I removed my implants

Super Nervous

Hey ladies,
I am flying out to Los Angeles tomorrow. I'm meeting with Dr. Stanton on Tuesday and having surgery on Wednesday. I'm extremely nervous. Praying that I don't get an infection like my first implants. I also would like some lipo on my abdomen, waist, and flanks. Mindy says I may be too thin. I can't wait to see what size implant I receive. It would be great if it's 400 or bigger. Does anyone know if I can wear toe nail polish the day of surgery? Anyways, I'll be staying at the Travelodge Hollywood-Vermont/Sunset
Hotel. I plan on being in town for 7 days.

More before pics

These are my before photos. I still have scars from the drains of my first implant surgery. I definitely need more projection and fullness at the top of my buttocks.


I met with Dr. Mcdreamy (Dr. Stanton) today. I will be getting 450 round implants, a little lipo on my lower abdomen, and scar revision from my first implant surgery. I'm anxious and excited. Praying for a better surgery than my last one.

Made it to the other side

Hey ladies,
I had my surgery today. I arrived at the office at 7am, arrived to my hotel at 12pm. The staff were very friendly. I got 450 round implants, a little lipo on abdomen, and scar revision from my first surgery. The total cost was 11,500 plus 2000 for flight and hotel. I rode in the back seat of my car lying on my tummy. The pain is at a level 4 out of 10. I am swollen, my vagina is a little swollen too. My butt feels ok, not hard. I've been eating soup and drinking water. I feel a bit nauseous at times. I know it's too soon but I am loving my new booty. It looks much fuller.

Day 3 update

Today was ok. The pain is getting better too. I noticed that my vision became quite cloudy. According to Google, this could be due to an overdose on pain Meds. So I decided to lower my dosage. Laying face down all day is annoying. Tonight I'm gonna try to sleep on my back.My butt looks amazing.

Coming along nicely

I am definitely feeling much better. Off my pain Meds and my walking has improved. My implants are still high and they are softening. My scars still look pretty traumatic. I think it's because I've had these scars reopened 3 times. I started using biocorneum and praying my scars improve.

loving my new booty

At home trying on clothes and daaammm I look fabulous.

Ass Ass Ass

I feel really good. Had sex with my husband. Ass looks better everyday. I think the doc said I can start sitting at week 2. can't wait


looking good and feeling good.

Update Heading to the mall

I'm 2 weeks post op. I have no pain, and my walking is about 85% close to my normal walk. My implants have dropped a little and they are softer. I have begun sitting when in the bathroom and also when I'm riding in a car. Sitting feels uncomfortable but doesn't hurt. I went to the mall and everything I try on fits so good. I'm no longer sz xs or 0 lol. I'm very pleased with my results so far. Praying that I continue to heal well.

Going on a date

Today is my 1st day back in heels. I despise wearing flats. So far I'm great. Heading to see a movie, hopefully it won't feel too uncomfortable



Week 3 Update

So far so good. I am walking normally now. I can bend and sit. I slept on my back last night, it was ok. The implants have dropped a little too. It looks better everyday. I've been shopping like crazy. Everything looks so good. I'm also selling my old clothes on ebay. The scar revision that stanton did is healing well. My incisions are still very visible and dark. The implants are softer. I can feel them when I'm sitting. feels like I'm sitting on 2 balls. Today marks the 1 year anniversary of me discovering my last implants were infected. No sign of infection today.

side view


My incisions look pretty bad still. Remember, these incisions have been opened 3 times so I expect them to take much longer to heal. I am using biocorneum and Scar Gel.

Out and About

I went clubbing and to the pool. A big ass gets so much attention. Men were following me and offering me the world.

1 month out

I am back in the gym. I love working out. For now, I'm only doing arms with lighter weights. Walking and sitting feel normal now. I don't feel the implant when sitting. My incisions are tender. Sometimes they feel raised but I've heard this is normal. My ass looks amazing.


Booty in the gym

I'm back in the gym regularly. Mostly doing lifting and light Cardio. No squats, legs, or abs yet. I'm too nervous lol

6 weeks today

I can finally return to all my regular activity. All is well. incisions look great and are no longer tender. I can sit for long periods of time too.

week 7

video update

Week 8

Not much has changed since week 7. My ass is softer. The implants seem to
have dropped to their final position.
Sitting is fine but laying on my back still is uncomfortable. My incisions become irritated when I lay on my back. My scar revision is looking good, almost gone. The implants are not noticeable at all. They look natural.

Week 9

Nothing new. My ass is softer. No pain, back to normal activity. My friends at work were squeezing it and they all said they couldn't tell I had implants. The only issue I have is when I sat for over 10 hrs at work, my incisions became inflamed. This also happens when I sleep on my back. Other than that, everything is great. 100% happy with my results.


looking bootylicious

leggings photos


before pic

Many people have asked for my before photo. As you can see, I had nothing before. Best decision in my life.

Week 10/11

Ladies, be prepared for an overwhelming amount of attention once you have this surgery. I've always been attractive and received lots of attention, but this new attention is crazy (in a good way). When my husband and I are out, women and men comment or stare. Several women have mentioned how nice my body is. Last night, a young lady felt the need to grab and squeeze my ass and share how perfect it looked. Oh and be ready with an answer for the inevitable question, "is it real?" Not many people have the audacity to ask. All the men just admire and lust. However, one woman came up to me and said, "omg your ass is phenomenal. I want that ass. How can I get it? It's so perfect, is it real?" All I could do was laugh, no response. I often hear men or women talk about how great my ass looks wherever I go. Never anything negative so that's good.

big booty Judy

At the pool today looking scrumptious

Out and About

Everything fits so much better with an ass.

Someone said their implants didn't jiggle

I read a review that said implants don't jiggle like a real ass. Definitely not true lol mine jiggles better than before surgery.

ass ass ass

everything is perfect

Ass looking glorious

lol looks better everyday. can't explain how often I get stopped from men and women admiring my ass. love it. best decision I've ever made


I was in the gym today when a woman approached me asking for advice on butt exercises. lol I wanted to be honest but I know you don't go around telling strangers your personal business so I told her it was all natural. Funny thing is, she believed me lol.


Everything is great. I no longer feel the implants when sitting or laying down. When sitting for long periods of time my incisions get inflamed. The implants are very soft too. They jiggle when dancing and during sex. They really feel like they're apart of me. Everything fits amazing. Women approach me all the time complimenting my figure.


Went to the beach and looked incredible. loving my figure


Ass looking good.

Definitely not Stiff

Hey ladies,
So funny that I receive more hate on this site than in real life. Anyhow, recently @chelseaD89 decided to leave a comment about my ass looking stiff. For the record, my ass is very soft, jiggles, and twerks. Ladies be prepared for negative remarks no matter how perfect it looks. New video just for my haters :)


Hey ladies, I had to take a little break from RS. I found myself getting too defensive when ppl made comments that I didn't like. Anyhow, I'm back and all is perfect. In the gym, I get approached by people asking if I can train them lol. I was also offered a fitness modeling gig. My ass looks more natural than ever. Softness has improved. It feels like I've worked out my entire life. Incisions are healing fine. Still get a little inflamed when sitting too long. Scar revision looks good too. This surgery definitely boosted my confidence. It feels great knowing I can wear whatever I want, thong swimsuits, body hugging skirts etc. Cons: The attention is overwhelming at times. If i'm out with my friends, I can't dance in peace without men whispering in my ear or jumping behind me. I've experienced this before surgery but now it happens way more. It gets annoying. Women and men approach me all the time complimenting my shape (I thought my face was cute too lol). People act like they've never seen a big ass before. A man literally left his car in traffic to come talk to me smh. It's funny at first, but too much makes it stressful. Also, when walking through crowds, people smack my ass. Walking into a place and immediately being the center of attention. I almost got into a fight with a woman because her bf couldn't stop staring. Another time, a man followed me in the mall, I had to contact security. I've caught people snap chatting my ass or sneaking videos and pictures of it. Others just ask to take pictures with me. I usually get frustrated and leave. These incidents occur less when I'm out with my husband. He handles it very well.


Just some fun videos

Oh I forgot to add

No matter how professional you attempt to look, your ass will turn it in to something sexy even though that wasn't your attention. I wear loose fitting clothes and pant suits and it ends up looking too sexy for work.

New pics

Hey ladies,
All is perfect here. Implants feel more natural everyday. Incisions are still healing. I don't like how they look. Other than that, I'm good.

Video Alert

Just a video of me dancing while making dinner. Hope this helps those who asked to see how they move.

sorry video here

Just a video of me dancing while making dinner. Hope this helps those who asked to see how they move.

New pics

Hey ladies,
I moved to Korea! The flight was 18 hours and it wasn't too bad sitting that long. I did stand occasionally to stretch and give my ass a break. All is well.


Hello ladies,
All is well. My implants are still healing. I'm not sure if they'll get any softer than they are. They feel like a fitness butt. Not too firm but not squishy. My husband loves it. I still don't think I'm 100% healed. My implants sometimes hurt when I lay on my back too long. My incisions are looking better but still very noticeable. They still get a little inflamed from sitting or laying too long. Recently, I lost 15 lbs and while I thought I looked awesome, my husband informed me that the weight loss made the outline of the implant show a little. So I stopped dieting and gained all the weight back lol. Ladies remember that you will need enough fat to keep the edges covered. Sometimes when I'm in the gym I get paranoid and wonder if people notice my implants in my tight spandex gym clothes. I'm gonna ask my husband to record me working out. I still love my new ass. Everything fits perfectly.

before and now

I'm posting a comparison photo. The photo on the left was taken at day 5. The right was taken at week 27. I don't think I've lost much projection. Scars look much better now.

video update

I had my husband video me doing deadlifts at the gym. Implants are not noticeable.

video update

I had my husband video me doing deadlifts at the gym. Implants are not noticeable.

booty update

Everything is great. Ass looks amazing.

Slo mo booty

Everything is good.

March update

Hey yall,
Same old same old. Ass is perfect. I'm considering doing laser treatment on my scars. They look so ugly. Enjoy the pics


Nothing new ladies. Ass = perfection. Tons of compliments.


Hi yall, My twerking has improved greatly. Prior to surgery, I didn't have enough ass to twerk. Now my ass shakes without much effort. Implants aren't noticeable.

May Video

Ladies, I'm almost 1 year out. Implants are semi soft lol but jiggle. Incisions still suck. I have used biocorneum which is expensive and doesn't work. I also used silicon sheets and other products with no luck. I still love my booty. It's perfect.

1 year update and final post

Hello ladies,
Happy bday to my booty. I am 1 year post and it's been one hell of a journey. Getting implants was one of my best decisions, no regrets, and I'd do it again if I had to. My implants are not noticeable no matter what angle I'm standing or bending. My incisions no longer swell. I can lay on my back with little discomfort too. They are much softer. If someone grabbed my ass, they wouldn't feel the implant. My clothes fit perfectly. I've gotten questions about where I purchase my clothes. I get mostly everything on www.glamdollmiami.com. My incisions are still very noticeable so I may visit a doc to lighten them. Other than that, everything is perfect. My confidence is at 1 million lol. I get compliments everywhere I go, people ask to take pics with me. Thank you all for following my journey and good luck with you

1 year 6 months

Hello ladies,
Nothing has changed since my last update. Everything is perfect. My scars are ok. They have gotten lighter. Nothing new tone report.

2 Year Update

I've hit the two year mark! I got 450 rounds. I love my results still. I am still a bit insecure about my surgical scars. I've used all kinds of scar creams and bleaching creams but nothing works. I get discomfort every now and then. I actually had to stop using the treadmill. All of that jiggling caused some discomfort and I was scared that I'd mess something up. I'm always worried that something will go wrong, even after 2 years. My ass is soft, it moves, it twerks lol
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