47 Yrs Old, 1 Kid, 1 Achey Back and 2 Indented Shoulders. Los Angeles, CA

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I remember being so flat as a young girl that my...

I remember being so flat as a young girl that my mom bought me a t-shirt that said "I belong to the itty bitty titty committee". Tenth grade rolled around and I blossomed. I've had large boobs ever since. I've always loved to be active in sports and outdoor activities but have had to settle for being less involved than I'd like to be. My posture is poor and I have major indentions in my shoulders from my bra straps. My back and my neck are always in pain. Enough is enough and thankfully, my insurance is covering my BR! Tomorrow is the big day and I'm filled with excitement and optimism. I look forward to getting the weight off my chest and starting a new chapter in my life!



Day 3 post-op and I'm feeling good. My new size feels perfect! Instant relief. I've been sleeping a lot and eating healthy foods. Drinking lots of water is extremely healthy. I have been using a camelback for my water which has made it super easy to stay hydrated. Started to take walks without using too much strain. Transitioning from the pain pills to Advil as I am not feeling a lot of pain. Drinking some Milk of Magnesia has helped me stay regular while taking the pain pills. I feel like the healing is going very well. I will post more picts later.

Unexpected event

4 days PO i had an emergency situation. An artery began to leak and leaked fast. My right breast was filling up with blood. We called 911 and went to the nearest ER. In surgery they drained 800 cc of blood. I had to have a transfusion. The doctor acted quickly enough to save the nipple:) It was scary and a very rare instance. I stayed the night in the hospital to keep an eye on my vitals. I still have a drain in. I feel very fortunate that everything turned out all right AND my boobs look and feel great. There are risks in every surgery. I was lucky to have my good friend by my side. Remember to take it easy and to rest. Will post photos soon. xo

On the up and up!

11 days PO and feeling great. Got my drain out which was painless. I did, however, take my pain medication before the doctor took my drain out. Pretty itchy but healing nicely. I take about an hour walk in the morning, do some very light and small chores, eat lunch then rest the rest of the day. When dinner comes around I try to socialize with friends and family to keep the spirits high. Will go into work this upcoming Monday. After Friday, all restrictions will be off. Boobs look and feel amazing!
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