Beastlift w/ Implants (photo)

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I am 5'5" 142lbs in fair to good shape. I am set...

I am 5'5" 142lbs in fair to good shape. I am set to have surgery this month. My surgeon suggested under the muscle 475cc HP silicone implants with a lollipop lift. My PS suggested same size implants and will take some tissue out of my left breast to achieve better symmerty. I want to be a full C/ small D with a perky round look. I have 2 children and breastfed thus my saggy breast. Does this sound like the right plan and size implants for my body.

Preop yesterday

Had my preop appointment it went great. All my questions and concerns were addressed. Dr Hankins, Bambi, El are all amazing. Final plan is Natrelle Inspira SRF 485cc under the muscle. Can't wait. Will definitely post post op pics!!!

Post breast lift with implants

I'm 9 days post op of vertical breast lift with SRF- 485cc Inspira implants. First 5 days or so were very hard both physically and emotionally. Finally doing better now. My 1 week post op follow up went well except the steristrips were not ready to come off; that was a bummer. Saw Bambi RN at my appt she told me I was wearing the wrong type of sports bra. I couldn't stand the ones they gave me from the office (one felt too tight. The other too loose, so I went out and bought my own) Told me what kind to get and now I feel a 100% better. Hopefully steristrips will be ready for removal at week 2 follow up.

6 wks po BL/BA

Finally started Embrace. Had to wait for open areas to close. I am so happy with my results so far. Nipples are uneven, my PS said if they dnt get more even he can do a simple nipple lift in the office. So I'm not too worried about that. Hoping the discoloration from the silvadene will resolve. No more spitting sutures!!! I look amazing in my tops.
Henderson Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hankins in Henderson, NV is amazing. He has an outstanding team(Bambi, El, and Susan)! I live in California, the 2.5 hour drive is worth it. I met with 7 different PS for consultations. After meeting with Dr. Hankins and Bambi; I booked my surgery on the spot! I know my results are going to be everything I want! Just had my preop appointment with El, every question and concern was addressed, leaving me with no doubts or fears, just excitement! Dr Hankins and his girls are hands down one of a kind. I will be referring him to everyone. Will post my pre and post op photos for sure!!!

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