Benelli Lift in LA

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I am super nervous/excited. Tomorrow I am going in...

I am super nervous/excited. Tomorrow I am going in to get a benelli lift and a bit of lipo on my abdomen and hips. I have been working out like crazy and just can't seem to get rid of my "pooch" after baby. My baby is a little over a year. I plan to post before and after pics to help anyone out that is thinking of having the same thing. It helped me a lot to look at all the other people on here.

Day 2 Post Op

So I'm on day 3 after my procedure. 2 nights sleeping a bit upright with a neck pillow to keep me comfortable. Yesterday was def more painful than today so I'm happy it's true people say the first 24 hrs is the worst. I got a little add on lipo to my inner thighs last minute and so far that has been the most painful. I wish my bed was a little bit lower, it's pretty high to get in and out of. Yesterday morning I went in to see the nurse and she took off my bandages to have a look. I'm very puffy. My boobs aren't looking so great, it seems my nipples still point down, but the nurse said "that's just from the swelling, I think when the swelling goes down you will be very happy " I'm really hoping she knows what she's talking about. I'm taking Percocet every few hrs. I asked for a refill because I know I'm going to run out. They say on bottle to take 1/2 pill-1 pill every 4-6 hours as necessary. I'm taking one whole pill every 3.5 hrs. They also gave me Valium. I thought that was just for helping any anxiety but its also a muscle relaxant. I tried one last night and I did feel a bit better. I think I'm going to need less and less of everything judging from how I feel today :) Had my first shower. happy to feel clean but it was pretty painful and slow going. I was shaking when I got out of shower and worried if I would be able to dress, but I just lay down and rested until i had a bit more strength and got dressed and now i am feeling a bit better.

these are the pre op photos sorry they are out of sync with the post op ones

also I posted my update in "review" before realizing I was supposed to do it in "update" should have the swing of things by now.

3 days post op

Had another shower and washed my hair I'm peeing alot so I m assuming the swelling is going down

Day 4 post op wheww! nausea go away please

I'm having a hard time doing anything because I feel like I will vomit if I move too much. I would almost like to vomit if it made me feel better but I'm scared it would hurt my incisions. I'm waiting for nanny to come watch my baby so I can go lay down. I feel awful. I think I might throw up. I guess that's my update for today. :(

Here i am 5 days after surgeries

Seems like longer actually. For some reason I'm still nauseous. I hobbled into rite aid to get anti nausea Rx today. Hope it helps. As u can see I'm pretty bruised. I am 9 lbs heavier than I was before surgery so I guess there is a lot of swelling to go down still... I def know its not my appetite making me put on lbs because I'm eating very little because of nausea. I'm mostly just eating baby food veggies and fruit and rice cakes because that's what my stomach can handle.


Things are going good! I'm still a bit swollen but nurse took my stitches out yesterday and it all looks good! I'm a bit swollen in my abdomen and thighs but doc said that's perfectly normal. I didn't anticipate the swelling so I hope it doesn't last too long.. I think Dr. Motykie is a great surgeon and so far I am very happy he was the one I picked :)

Still going well. One of my breasts isn't dropping as much as the other, which worries me...

I will be asking my PS at follow up but I'm wondering now if there is some thing I can do to help this sitch out ASAP.

3 weeks 3 days post op

Things are going great. I will try to remember to take a pic tmrw. I'm not so worried bout the boobs dropping enough. My doc and doctors on this site told me to b patient. I def like my boobs more now and so does my boyfriend. They are a tiny bit sensitive at incisions but I am back to working out and going to my spin classes and doing leg workouts. Just scared to jump still. I like to run and go to dance classes but I'm going to my follow up in a few days and I will check if it's ok first. I weigh about 3 lbs more than I did before surgeries. I'm wondering if it's swelling that is still there or if it's because I didn't work out for 2 and a half weeks... My hips look slimmer but I have only been wearing stretchy tights. No jeans so I will see if I got rid of my muffin top when I put them on

One month Post Op

Bruising almost completely gone.. Breasts have made tiny improvement since 2 weeks ago. I think anyhow. My follow up is in 7 days. I am still 3 lbs more than pre op. Hoping this is just some residual swelling .. I have researched on here and people and docs say swelling from lipo can last a couple months...

The first month stages

Just a pic to show

One and a half years later

I still have one wonky boob. I got dr motykie to "fix" it so that means another surgery on it with a drain and all... It still does not have fullness and seems encapsulated. Pretty dissapointing .. I plan to get a different surgeon to fix it when I can. I will post a pic if anyone is interested to see what I mean :(

Still need fixing after 2 surgeries.

I should have just gotten a full lift. I didn't want the anchor scars but my boobs are scarred anyhow and not positioned how I would like. I'm thinking of replant and lift at this point. What a waste of money ....
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

So far I really like Dr. Motykie. He is kind and his staff is as well. He comes across very confident and makes one feel at ease. I picked him because I liked his before and after pics of benelli lifts. I was thinking to go to Dr. Horndeski, because like most people, I wasn't crazy about the vertical scars. I like to go to topless beaches here and there and for other reasons, just didn't feel comfortable with the verticals. I contacted Dr. Horndeski and was seriously considering jetting to sugar land texas for a consult. But decided to have a consult with Motykie instead, who is a 5 min drive from my house. He asked me what I wanted and assessed my bod and said he thought I could get good results from a benelli and a little lipo so I decided to stick around and just do it with him. Also the more and more I researched Dr. Horndeski I see he is pretty hit and miss with his work and the misses are horrible and freaked me out. A few real butchering jobs that I can't see being able to "revise" …. I could only give 2 or 3 star for "wait times" but in reality I was happy he wasn't rushing with the patient before me.. I took a lot longer than anticipated as well and I am glad he wasn't rushing to get to his next patient!

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