Above the Muscle Implants (Subglandular Implants / Overs) - Amazing Job! Los Angeles, CA

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I am writing this review for the women who are...

I am writing this review for the women who are thinking about over the muscle breast implants and the amazing results I now have after years of having under the muscle implants. I am 35, and I finally had my gummy bear implants replaced after 8 years. I should have done it sooner. My gummies were under the muscle, and I was a large C (I am very thin and barely had A's before). Under the muscle felt more unnatural - the breasts were much firmer and didn't move or bounce much. I understand that this will happen when you have very little breast tissue to deal with. Fine. So I accepted it and took the advice of my doctor, and went under the muscle. Most doctors do unders and from my experience with consults, most don't even want to discuss overs. Finally, after years of not being happy and men always commenting on their firmness, I felt like I either had to find a doctor that specializes in overs or I had to have my breast implants removed. Anything, but to leave them in. When it starts to have an impact on your intimate moments/sex life or you find yourself covering up, there is a problem. It took a lot of research but eventually I came across Dr. Steven Svehlak in L.A. who I noticed had many over the muscle patients in his Before and After Gallery. I made an appt and asked him if overs could be done on me, or if not, that I would go without implants completely. He spent A LOT of time pulling my skin, measuring, just figuring out if I'd be a candidate. Keep in mind he needed to figure out what he was working with while I already had implants in me. I am a size 0 with very little body fat, so I expected the response to be No. However, after much consideration, he said it could be done. He even went back to double check the elasticity of my skin amongst other things once he told me Yes. He is very thorough, very skilled and very honest.It's now months later and I should have written this review sooner. I have never been this happy with my body, ever! I went with a small C (255cc), Mentor smooth round. Mentors are the least cohesive so they will be the least firm of all the implants (from what I was told). I also went with smooth round instead of textured or tear drop shape because the smooth will move around most freely in your pocket. Textured will grip to your surrounding tissue inhibiting the implants' movement (although minimal) and tear drop I heard have problems with turning around in the pocket so I didn't want to risk going that way.My incision was the same as before, through the nipple. My scars always heal well. The surgical team took great care of me and the same night of surgery I was up and about, eating, walking, with no problems once the remnants of general anesthesia wore off. The only other thing I would say is that if you are looking to go bigger than Cs, then overs may not work well because in that case I think you WILL see the implant more. Keep in mind that you're carrying these things around every day, and from my experience and my friends' experience, small Cs are the way to go otherwise it starts to look very unnatural and not elegant at all. But of course that will depend on your body type.So in summary, I want to again thank Dr. Svehlak for his care and expertise. I never even expected to have as good of an outcome as I did. My breasts look and feel so natural, even with very minimal breast tissue to start. I had a male friend look at them and he was shocked at how natural they look and feel. He was blown away. You cannot see the implant at all, it feels like natural breast tissue, I have zero rippling (because I went with smaller 255s; larger ones will ripple more), and you still can't see the implant even if you bend over. If you are considering overs, you MUST contact Dr. Svehlak first. In my mind he is the expert on them and he will honestly tell you if you are a candidate. My previous doctor is considered world-renowned and was featured in airline magazines which is nothing but good PR. He did not connect with my needs or concerns at all, and immediately was quick to dismiss overs for some of the reasons above. If I had only known about Dr. Svehlak years before, I wouldn't have had 8 miserable years with my last pair. PLEASE do your research because it's a big decision and an expensive decision, so get several opinions. It took me this long to save up again to be able to afford the procedure, so I wasn't going to make the same mistake. Find a plastic surgeon that specializes in your exact concerns.The pictures I am posting are afters. My scars are still healing. I don't have any pictures before but they were much bigger and I had a good deal of upper pole fullness that never dropped and never went away. Dr. Svehlak has befores so you if you are there for a consult you will see them.Very happy in L.A., finally,

Update - 11 months post-op

My overs are looking amazing, scars are 99% gone unless you look very closely. A little more time and they will fade more. Best decision I ever made. I cringe when I think of unders. I will update with a photo soon.

1.5 Year Update!

Hi everyone, I'm happy to say that I'm so happy with my boobs a year and a half later! They are the perfect size for my frame, they're very soft and a boyfriend could not tell I had implants. SO satisfied and I'm happy I chose to go smaller (I had 375 unders removed and replaced with these 255 overs). I know everyone is always worried about going too small, but there is something to be said about a natural looking BA that keeps your frame looking elegant and proportionate.

More pics of implants in relation to my body frame

I went for a proportionate and natural look, replacing my 375 high profile unders with 255 moderate overs. Best decision I ever made.
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