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I have not gotten my breast augmentation yet. I...

I have not gotten my breast augmentation yet. I would love to get it done next month. I am a 34A, athletic built, 5'3" and weight 120lbs. I work out at the gym and play football. I would love to give up Football for Boobies though. :) What would be the proper size I should get inorder to be a full C cup.

I want silicone implants.

I want silicone implants.

Got my boobs but need help to soften it and get the left breast to drop some more

Had my breast done in late July. Still working on them to be soft can anyone help.

7 months Post Op

My breast drop on the 3rd or 4th month but my left is still a cm high. Still massage and using heat to soften it a bit.

A Cup with 500cc Natrelle Brand Silicone

Had my breast aug in July. I went from an A cup to a big C small D cup using 500cc. I went under the muscle and through my nipples. Now that is has been 8 months since my surgery. Everything has been great I stayed away from the gym 'til my breast and scars heal. Currently, I am using scar strips (NewGel) and been massaging. My breast are still pretty hard so am I experiencing some kind of problems? Help me make them softer. Please...

Great Doctor!

Friendly staff and environment. Staffs all knew what they were doing and the surgery was done in 30mins. My friend said it was the shortest wait time, as a result I heal just as fast. My breast gave me now complications and although I live 7hours away the staff were always ready to answer any of my questions.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Friendly environment and staff. They made me laugh until the anesthetics kick in. Took 30mins on the surgery. Was in and out quick. My scars healed within 1-2 weeks and breast drop in 3 months. I had waited 5 months to lift weights overall I love my breast. Just wish it was a little softer. :) as for scars treatment I am 3 days in using the NewGel silicone scar treatment.

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