Pettie 5'2" 110 Lbs with 450cc?? Los Angeles, CA

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Unfortunately, it looks like I have "capsular...

Unfortunately, it looks like I have "capsular contracture" on my left side after my BA of 2014. I have 371cc Allergan Natrelle Smooth silicon for both sides. Left side didn't drop as right side did. Now left side is so farm and started to be painful sometimes.

I want to fix it and am thinking to go with bigger size.

Wish pictures

i just want to have natural looking like these

Sad truth..

I didn't even know about CC ... I feel like "why me??"
I am really sad that I have to deal with it.

Decided to have reversion surgery but..

I did decided to replace to texture silicon implants but I am getting so scared what if I have CC again. I can't afford keep paying and I just don't want to be unhappy!! I guess I just have to pray ?

Areola Incision Again!?

I did thoughout areola incision for BA and my doctor did great job. I don't have any scars and looks just like before. I am concerned about 2nd times at same incision. Getting scared how it will look after revertion.

Sport bra before

I wonder how it will look after ... If I go 450 cc.

Making right decision?

Thinking again ... Instead of reversion surgery for both sides Should I just do surgery for my left side to remove scar tissue and replace it?

Support Bra Ready!!

I decided and just purchased new front closure!!
Still scared and thinking little but
I will do reversion with both sides.

Not ideal shape ..

Wabted to have nice cleavage.
Now I don't want to show my funny left side of breast in any way. I'm embarrassed to go outside like this and I tend to hide them... ????

Surgery date set!

I scheduled surgery ....
I don't know why I feel the way I feel. I guess I am more nervous than last time!?
I am so scared.

Surgery finished!!

I am all wrapped up. I was so nervous about chance that I might have tube coming out for drainage after surgery. Thanks god I didn't have to.

I went for 485cc, 100cc more than last BA. Now, I am scared how my new breast look like.

So far so good

I used this 4th of July weekend to rest well, yet I still feel dizzy. I don't have much pain as first BA, which is good news.

My girls are so puffy, specially left side. Hope they will calm down a little bit.

Back to office

I drove to office
I'm at office trying to catch up

Shouldn't have come .... I feel dizzy


I noticed that I have bruise in the middle and under left side. I didn't have any bruise last time.

Why do I have it???

Stitches out

Now started massages them. I don't have sharp pain as first BA.

Two weeks post

Love them!!
I do massage them well. No more pain and complain so far. However I've been scratching them at night since I wear bra and been hot during at night!! What can I do??

Why feels depressed? Confused?

I don't know why I feel this way. I feel that I went too big and am feeling little sad today.

None of my clothes didn't look good on me with bigger size.

3 weeks post

No more bruise, no more rash.
No uncomfortableness putting clothes on, sleeping, washing hair.
This time is easier than first BA for pain.

But emotionally confused this time.
I am still scared of getting CC...!?
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