28 y/o Brazilian Butt Lift Transformation W/chin LIPO - Los Angeles, CA to Dominican Republic.

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I have become an insomniac because of this site...

I have become an insomniac because of this site over the last 6 months. I love everyone's stories and interaction with one another and can't seem to stop being inspired day in and day out. I myself want to get a BBL and chin lipo/augmentation for my receded chin, shoot receded butt as well... I have contacted some Doc's in and around my area (southern California) Trying to figure out the best ways and finance, and getting quotes at the moment. One Dr told me there is no need to loose any weight, but I feel that I will not be able to achieve the results I without loosing about 20 pounds first... I will upload some wish pics, maybe a few of you veterans can give me some advice... lose the 20 lbs first? Dr in southern California? these results unattainable? I have 2 physical consults within the next week so I will update what I find out then.

2 consults this week

So i have went on two consults this week the first one was with Dr. Dass in Beverly Hills. The first impression when I walked through the door the office was wow this is really nice and the staff is super friendly and welcoming.Dr Dass is very informative on what he could do for me, and what possibly I want to done that would have to happen at a later on. I am looking to get the Brazilian butt lift as well as chin lipo and augmentation. He said that it would have to do the surgeries at different times. For me it would be hard getting that much time off of work just due to what I do, so was a little disappointed that I couldn't get both at the same time. My second consult was with Dr. Hughes in Culver City. I have been in contact with him online and he's very quick to get back and has a very informative replies as well but I did want to meet him in person to get more understanding and see firsthand how he was. I am in love with all the results that I've seen from people posting on here as well as on his website. I see he's very aggressive with Laipo suction and being on the bigger side that is really what I need to get the defined waist to hip ratio that I seek. He also quoted me online a couple weeks back by just seeing pictures of me that I had sent via email. I was content with the quote, and even more happy because when i went to see him for the physical consult I addressed more areas of concern and he said he would be able to do it all with the same quote that he had given me via online. I feel very strongly that I am going to be on Team Hughes very soon!

I have been dormant but I'm back

Hey ladies! I am back and more excited about the surgery than ever. Through tons of research I have found that I love the results that Dr. Duran gives. I am still in the process of getting a hold of her for a quote and figuring out my next steps but I would love to go by the end of the year. I am attaching some pictures that I have been messing with an app.

WCW!!!!! best body OMG

well as I have been up way past my bedtime for the last couple weeks researching and staring as booties all night I have came across*** amazin amie***... HOLY MOLY this girl has what I desire. I dont know if it is possible being that I have such a square shape, but I know if anyone can get me even half way there it is Yily! I have been quoted, and Will be sending my deposit soon to secure my date in September. My BFF insists on going with me. Which I love her for. Asked Yily how much more to bring her along to stay at RH and she said $65 extra per day. Not bad considering that it is all inclusive. I can't wait to become Yily barbienessssssss.
Oh, P.S. I lost 5 more pounds... yay me.... 20 more to go to be closer to ideal weight :)

Current pics 5'8" 203lbs

Ok so as of February 1st of this year I weighed in at my heaviest 237 pounds.... To me this is insane, couldn't figure out how I let myself go so long. I am an ex athlete so I know better. I started juicing Feb 3rd and did that for a good month. I started to incorporate fruits and veggies using grilled chicken breast as my protein. April was my birth(month) should I say and I started to get back to some bad habits. I went to the Dr today and was worried that I gained weight, but to my surprise I lost 5 lbs. Over all I have lost 34 lbs since Feb 3rd, and want to get down to 185 before surgery in September.

Deposit paid!!!! #TeamYily Sept 15, 2015

Yay, so went and paid my deposit today, paid my lovely ladies at phenom beauty consulting, and now time to really get serious. I can't wait to be a Yily Barbie.

Sorry for the absence> but the time has crept up on me

I know it has been a while since I last updated my profile. It is probably due to converting over to the IG surgery community, and working like a slave to save up money. I am now scheduled September 16th with Yily, and have had the pleasure of working with Phenom Beauty Consultants this whole journey. They really help, and are there fro you 24/7. I would not say that I am getting nervous, just excited mostly. Unfortunately due to stress eating I have put back on some lbs, but plan to juice this next week to drop a couple and cleanse before surgery. (still under BMI 35) I have pretty much obtained all the supplies I will be needing to take with me except an ab board, lipo foam, herpin shots, back boars, and chin strap. Will be visiting downtown LA this next week to finish purchases. I have having some worries about my decision to not get a tummy tuck due to the fear of having a ton of loose skin on my abdomen, but I do plan to have kids in the next couple years so I will just wait for a round two. I will be staying at Real Tropical Deluxe Recovery House, which is one of the ones recommended by both Yily, and my consultant. I was able to get a good deal for my best friend and I fore the month of September specials. I will try to update a little more often especially as the time draws closer, and I promise to post after pics, as I know how disappointing it is to read an entire post and have it completely stop with no results to be seen. alright dolls and barbies see you soon! if you want you can add my IG yily_barbie_bri :)

Made it to the flat side

I made it guys.... To sore right now and bad reception but I promise to review my experience as soon as I get home xoxo

Cipla/surgery review

Cipla room
Cipla room
Cipla review

The day of sx i flew in at 3:30 am i went to cipla straight from the airport and got there at 5am. Thinking that it would only be an hour wait to start to get labs done. The building wasn't open yet, but since is was soo early but the security was nice enough to let me in with my nurse and Bff. The lobby was comfy with nice fixtures and couches. So we just waited there till the labs were opening. At about 7 am the staff arrived and got me checked in. We waited and at about 8 were directed down to the lab where they would take my blood, and do my chest x-rays. That was a pretty quick process. After those labs we went back to sit in the waiting room to be called in for my chest and heart exam about another 45 min later. The cardiologist was such a sweety and really explained to you what was going on and what she was doing to you. After my chest exam we went back to waiting room. Yilys staff was there to direct me thought what was happening but the communication barrier is real folks. As much as I thought i knew what was going on I really was still kinda confused. I just knew that I had to wait for my results from my tests before they gave me a hospital room for sx. So after waiting the test results came back good and i went to get assigned a room. I immediately wanted to take a shower cause I had been flying for a whole day and wanted to be sanitized for sx. So I hurried to take a shower before they wanted to give me the "blue pill" as I got out of the shower and was drying off, Yilys assistants came down to my room with a look on their faces. They proceeded to tell me that my sx will be pushed back a day because the time I Had been in the country was too little and they wanted me to take nights rest. I was a little bummed because i was psyched out for having sx that day. I wished they would have told me before hand, but things happen for a reason, so we left the room and went to spend the night at Rh. The next day returning to Cipla I checked in at 7:30am and was assigned a room right away. My friend and I quickly got settled in and I feel asleep in the bed. (Beds are extremely hard with thin mattresses) and there was no blankets which I was aware of so I made sure to bring my own. Highly recommended to bring a blanket. After napping for 2 hours i was awoke by yilys assistants for payment for sx. I gave them the money, but they proceeded to tell me it was $500 more for chin lipo and my arms. Thank god I printed out my quote from Yily stating that it was included. I showed them and that was that. Got a receipt, and was told that yily would be seeing me for my consult in a little bit. My roomate at the recovery house was also having sx the same day as me and they put her in the room next to me. She ended up with a double bed room, so she kindly switched me and my bff for our single room so my bff could have a bed too. Cipla allowed the change of rooms. The rooms were Not dirty as I have seen some women post. They were very clean and had individual AC units in each room. As we waited for yily to consult me we napped a bit. Yily came in and gave me my consultation, marked me up, i gave her her gift, we took pics, and she gave me the "blue pill". Wasnt long before the nurse came in to wheel me off to sx. I was wheeled into the sx room which smelled of new paint. Wasnt sure if it was or not cause the nurse didnt understand what I was asking. But I Know Cipla was doing some construction sonthe possibility was high it was new paint. The blue pill was not kickin in for me right away and I was able to talk to and help anesthologist get a good vein for my IV... Well after the IV was placed I was lights out. I woke up 3 times during sx. My biggest fear. I for some reason thought I was receiving general anesthesia, but it was a sedative and epidural block. The first two times i woke up it was for only a second and I didnt feel anything. I believe they were liposuctioning my stomach. The third time I woke up I looked to the left and saw two men, and asked "wheres Yily?" She responded right away "im right here dear, im right here" as I looked to my right side, and feel back asleep. Next thing I remember was waking up in my room in lots of pain. Of course the first thing you wanna do is check yourself out, so I look down and see I have my Faja on already. Weird cause I thought they put it on the next day when you are discharged. The pain meds they gave me sucked!!!!! Didn't work at all, and they are only able to give them to you every 4 hours. Some of the nurses there at cipla were very rude and made me feel like I Was only an object being made in a factory. A factory they worked at and hated their lives. But there were a couple nurses that were sweet and seemed like they really did care. Well this might be TMI for some people but it is real
Life. I needed to go poop since I woke up from sx, but seeing as how I was in so much pain and hadn't heard anything about why I had my faja on already I just held it in . I held it in for a good 10 hours ladies no joke. In the AM after sx I asked the nurse when was I going to be discharged because I needed to poop and she asked if I Could hold it for like 30 min and I said ok. And hour and a half go by and yilys assistant comes down and starts to help take off my faja so I could go to the restroom. I made it to the toilet and my bff stayed with me in there. And of course for whatever reason it wouldn't come out. So I said ok let me just try later. As i got up off the toilet i fainted in the restroom. I awoke to my best friend and a couple nurses that came to help me. As they helped me off the floor, i fainted again. They brought a chair to the bathroom for me to get in, so i get in it an apparently fainted in the chair twice. It was a surreal scary experience. Once they cooled me down and got me back in the faja and in the bed i felt better. Yily came in and said that I need two more bags of fluid and rest before they would discharge me. Nothing was wrong with my blood, or blood pressure. After the fluids and everything I was discharged and was told my driver was on way to pick us up. But this time i got up I really did need to go poop. So here we went again. But this time around i was stronger. As I was on toilet Yily came in and said I was ok.
Since it was friday i was released, my post op appt would nit be till Monday. Monday came and I was ready to have my drain taken out. We got there at 10, and didnt see anyone till about 12 noon. Lots of dolls getting their post ops done. I went in and met with Ana Yilys dra asst. and another assistant. I took my faja off and turned around while talking and all if a sudden Wham!!!! Felt like she threw lighter fluid on my drain opening with no warning, i screamed and cried and they said ok to leave the drain for another day, and to come back tomorrow before 2pm. Well the next day i was a lil late about 2:05, but they had left about 1:30, so I wasn't able to get it out till next day (Wednesday) when I met with Yily as well. Next day came to cipla at 8:30 am. There were already 2 girls ahead of me in line to have appts, and while i was waiting another 3 or 4 for their post opts. Yily was running late, so was not seen till almost 11. But it was good because it gave me time to talk to other yily dolls and talk about our experiences and give advice to one another. One of the assistants even offered to go get drinks and snacks for us while we waited which was nice. My appt with yily was brief but to the point. I asked to please not put alcohol while removing the drain, i dont know why they dont use hydrogen peroxide but oh well. I turned around to prepare the removal being scared and before i could even ask if she was ready it was done. I didn't feel a thing thank god. I also asked yily to write a prescription for oxy forte (narco) for the plane ride home and she did. She told me to please be patient to see my results around 3-6 months. Because there is an indentation on my right booty cheek and i asked about it. I gave Yily Hug took a pic then left. Her assistants in the office then gave me a hug, and personal number and they asked for me to send post op pics so they could post.

Princess Recovery House Review DR

Princess RH Review

One word can describe this place. AMAZING! From the moment that they picked me and my best friend up at the airport at 3:30 in the morning, till the day they dropped us off at the airport, and even continue to keep in touch now as we are home. I am so beyond blessed that @phenombeautyconsultants found this RH for their clients. The people who own the house are so genuine and down to earth, they really made us feel like family. The house is beautiful, clean, and full of love. The 24/hour nurses were friendly and knew how to make you feel comfortable. The cook was amazing as well. My favorite was the rice pudding yummmm! But a big shout out goes to the three that really made this trip
Memorable - Nino, Giselle, and Norbert! They were with us every step of the way. They took us out to have fun on the town, run errands, chit chat and have many laughs together. The house has gate access, elevator, three room types, balcony, and comfy living space. They also have an in room massage therapist who comes to the house for you "Anna" she is the real deal people. Massages are only $15/hour. I had so much lipo done she would spend 2 hours at a time on me, then do my roommate as well. I really do believe that the RH you decide to stay at will affect the outcome of your entire journey, and I am beyond blessed that I was able to be connected with @princessrecoveryhouse. Highly highly recommend!!!!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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