Post op day 23!! Brutal honesty..

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Hello RS, I've been browsing this site for about...

Hello RS, I've been browsing this site for about two years and decided to write a post. I was born with Noazzitall because it was inherited from my mothers side (white side) of the family. I've always wanted a butt like my dads side but now I'm going to buy me one. I have no children,35/ 5'6/235 lbs. I've added a picture to share my anguish hopefully ill get something it round n rump. I've done quite a bit of research and haven't decided which doctor, Jimmerson, Yily, Salama or Duran..

Seeking a good doctor

So I've sent my photos to Jimmerson and Yily but still awaiting a response. I know Jimmerson will give me a donk but I want a small Yily waist! This takes time and I plan on making sure it's the right choice for me!!

Reading all these reviews have really gotten me pumped..Can't wait til it's my turn.

Confirmed my appointment

I've been working with Salama because Yily never responded and Jimmerson was over my 10k budget. I'm getting nervous because my appt is in November and I have gotten any supplies. I'm down 10lbs but I need 20 more. Can anyone give me information on where to stay and/or a good recovery house. I'm going solo..

It's getting close

My date is scheduled and I'm getting completely anxious. I need a good RH and massage therapist. I've seen a few good referrals for my massage after the surgery but they have not responded. Ladies any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
I'm still working out to get down 20 lbs before Novembers date. I don't eat meat so I'm nervous my hemoglobin levels will not be good. That's another concern but hopefully my eating habits will increase this.
Have a safe Labor Day and happy Friday to you all..

Decisions decisions...

The time is getting near and I have so much to do. I ned to start buying my supplies and stuff. I am looking for a good iron supplement to keep my hemp levels high. I don't eat meat so it's bit of a challenge and I have to stay up in 13 or they will not complete my surgery ( at least that what I've read). The days are near and I can wait I just need to think of a good scenario to tell my doctor because I want to take off work for a month now a few weeks. I don't want anyone knowing at work, they re too noisy.

I'm getting anxious!!

Getting close

I've been trying to find a nurse near Salama's office. I'm going alone so need care for the first few days. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I've been stocking up on supplies but need to get a foam board. I'm getting anxious now that the date is two months away.. Oh yes "a butt is gon' come" I can't wait..

My Butts knocking

It's less than a month away and my butt will be knocking down walls to reveal itself!! I've ordered many supplies but still need some dresses and bed pads.
I've decided to stay at a nearby hotel and hire me a home caregiver. It's inexpensive and I choose the hours to have her help me. Of course 24 hours immediately after the procedure but then not needed 24 hours a day for 8 days straight. The RH is about $2,000 for the nine days I'll be there and that's $800 more than I need to spend. My flight, hotel and nurse all together are only $1100!! I like to keep money..

If any of you can share some recovery experiences I'd love to read them. I've been seeing the short versions and want to get the scope on the pain levels, massage feedback, sitting on a plane after the procedure, just the nitty gritty!!!

Thanks for reading and I cant wait my butt to come bursting threw like lightening!!!

Lose the pounds

So I have about 3.4 weeks to lose 10 pounds and I don't want to do the unhealthy way but I think it's going to happen that way.. Stress eating I gain weight then lost it.. Ugh.. I'm in the gym five days a week and drink loads of water.. I'm losing weight but not fast enough..I'm going to get it just to vent and share some anguish.

More pics to add

Want to add some before shots.

18 more days.. Crunch time

My Plane leaves on 11/18 and it's time to get dolled up. I can't believe this is happening and I'm going alone. I've only told a few People because I don't want everyone questioning me... Ugh

I'm still need to buy me a few Maxi dresses and a shower liner for the bed in my hotel. Once I get to Florida I'm going to buy some odds and ends ( pineapple juice, ensure and a case of h2O!! Need to drink water and plenty of walking.
My concern is coming back 10 days later on the airplane. I'm nervous about sitting for 5 hours on the way home. I have my yoga mat but what other option should I get?. Any suggestions ladies..

I've posted another pic of my projection I'm seeking!!

It's a coming.. Pumps in a Rump..

It's getting down to the wire and I have nothing lined up for my massages after I leave Florida... I need a good person to do lymphatic massages in LA ( that's a referral), any insight dolls.
I'm getting anxious and nervous because I'm one for planning everything out and this I don't have planned out all my other affairs are in order in regards to this procedure.
This is the final countdown and I'm so excited to get what I've worked so hard for and saved up to get here. Can't wait til I'm a plump and full in the rump!!

Buh-Bye butt pads!!

Well the time is near I'll be on my flight headed to Salama's office in 12 hours. I laughed when I looked at these pads I always wear and kissed them goodbye.. It's time to retire these dual pieces.. The plumpness will be real shortly.

On a serious note, thank all the dolls for their words of encouragement because I'm doing my trip alone, no family, friends or significant other, just me and God it's how it's going to be! I'm nervous but I know he's going to make it alright, because I asked and he will supply my needs.

I've packed up my suitcase with essential supplies not too much though can't be paying the airline extra money. Gotta shop in Florida..

My driver will be at my house bright and early and Ill have the rental car ready to take me around in Florida. It's serious you guys..

Here's a toast to the retirement of the most sturdiest, tough, long lasting twins I've ever meet.. "Good bye butt-pads".. Lol

Today was the day.. I'm officially Salamified

I made it amen.. Thank you all for your prayers. My surgery went well and Salama is a blessing, that's why I flew 2100 miles for him to complete this procedure. I'm just finishing walking around my hotel and now it's time for broth, rice, meds and pedialyte. Oh and water is my best friend.

I do have pressure on my big rump and bleeding everywhere but it's ok. I'm here. I'll post pics tomorrow.

Day 2- slight headache only..

Day one there was not a lot of pain except on my rear we went in the office and met with the anesthesiologist he explain what would happen I remember looking at the lights and falling asleep and waking up to the nurse telling me everything was done.
There was not too much pain I only had a minor headache the nurse covered up in a blanket and my private nurse came and took me back to my room where I had drink some broth n rice and lay down for a while.
I was able to take a nap and I woke up in between my nap to use the restroom the nurse gave me plenty of Gatorade and water I kept going to the restroom. Day 2 I had to take my medicine I was able to take a shower while my nurse washed my garment there wasn't a lot of pain except in my rear so I didn't take any pain medicine again until early this morning.

Thankfully I am able to walk use the restroom eat and take medicine all on my own. I have been having slight headaches which I'm not sure why so I drink pineapple juice and a little bit of Coke eliminate the slight headache. My first massage is Monday morning and I've been using my hand massager to massage my back and my stiff areas which helps me to move around a little more! I'm just trying to take it one day at a time.

It's no walk in the park..

Today is post op day 4 and I just took a bowel movement.. I was so excited I called my friends and jumped for joy. Now this recovery process in no joke. I'm a very strong women that can handle a lot but this process takes patience and time. I was walking and using the restroom on the first day alone but that doesn't mean it's an easy process. I've followed my surgeons order to a tee, rotate sides when resting drink more Gatorade and water than I've ever thought possible. Make sure you eat lentil soup the first three days helps your iron/protein level regulate themselves. I drink an ensure in the evening when I feel myself get restless,has protein and vitamins.
Today I got a massage for the first time and she said I was doing very well. I took a Tylenol with codeine and a Xanax because Percocet isn't working for me but everyone is different. There was a lot of pressure and when she was finished I could I was so exhausted I passed out in the backseat. Upon arrival to my room my nurse went and purchased Chipotle and I went to bed for two hours. Knocked out, then woke up to eat and walk.
Tomorrow is massage #2, it's getting better with each day.. I fly home soon so I need to have energy for my flight..
Thanks again dolls for all your words of encouragement because this is no walk in the park..

My experience

10 days PO.. No joke here..
30 Nov 2014 10 days post
Today is the 10th day of my post op for my BBL. Girls this is no joke if anyone tells you the first two weeks are pain-free they are telling you a lie! Now I'm a strong person and I can handle pain but now I'm having so much pain in my lower back it's crazy ( I've been stretching to help me) and my butt is as hard as a rock but I'm still able to get around I just have my days where I'm weak and that's the challenge. I sometimes have low energy to get up and clean the house or to get up and fold clothes, I have yet to unpack from my Florida surgery trip. Sad..
I'm glad that I finally am getting energy but still l in pain. while I've driven my car for the first time I'm still drinking my fluids and walking slow. It's really hard to sleep at night because my back is stiff. I have to get used to the yoga roll but the pain is excruciating girls. Patience is the key because the pain will subside I am not taking any pain meds and I'm trying to do this as naturally as possible. I do take iron and vitamins and drink prune juice for my bowel movements.
I'm being very honest I do apologize if some of you dolls can't take it but this is my post-op experience everyone has a different experience but this is mine and I'm being as honest as possible.
On the good side of my butt is fluffing out and I'm starting to like the results I haven't tried on clothes and I haven't put on any nighties or anything sexy because I don't feel sexy but as my days progress I well and post pictures.
Good luck dolls if you have any questions I'll keep posting updates

14 days PO..

So it's been two weeks since my procedure and it's been getting better. Although my body is tight I'm seeing very minor improvements. I don't sit on my bottom at all and I'm getting massaged twice a week by a male friend and twice by a professional. I'm seeing the swelling in my stomach and back but I know it'll go away.
Today I started wearing my waist clincher and boy is that a challenge next week it's the gym for light walking only. Don't want to overdo it but want to stay active to get my bod looking right.
I didn't invest all this money for nothing. Here are some pics from today and the first day of the procedure.

Enjoy dolls!!

Getting it in..

Well I have finally hit my three week mark and I can see improvement but I'm going to hold my breath until my three month mark. The main thing is to be patient.
I would like to be honest this compression garment is no joke, it has swelled up my vaginal lips and cuts into the crack of my bum bum.
I've been driving on a yoga mat and a pillow behind me so I don't smash my Bum bum I plan on sitting at about 2 1/2 months! Upon research I have read that your BBL will not change shape after three months at that time hopefully it's full but right now it's still fluffing out.
I would like to hear from some veterans that have had a BBL longer than a year I want to know what your experiences are and if you're fat cells have survived!!

Dolls you don't read about the honesty after your surgery and I want to be as honest as possible when writing my post because this recovery is very very painful. You must be cautious when reaching because of the lipo areas and ensuring you're not sitting down.

I do still take my bromelain my iron pills and vitamin C to ensure my swelling goes away and there's no fluid. my massages have been hurting like heck on my Lipo areas! I haven't had much itching like I've heard but I drink water and Gatorade.
The price we pay for beauty..

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