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Hi all, I'm planning to have the BBL surgery done...

Hi all, I'm planning to have the BBL surgery done within the next year. I'm still shopping around and trying to figure out who my Doc will be. I have recieved a quote from Cardenas, but am about to get another one from Dr. Abdullah Khalil in Beverly Hills. He did a boob job for my friend and I swear its the best one I've ever seen!

Overall, I just want to improve my shape and make it more of a figure 8. I have a small waist and bigger thighs but no booty or hips which sucks!

I'll keep everyone posted. I'm going for my consult with Dr. Khalil this Saturday. Can't wait!

So I went for my consultation with Dr. Khalil and...

So I went for my consultation with Dr. Khalil and it went well. He had a different recommendation than Cardenas, and also a much higher price. He said that I the fat I currently have would not be good to use for the grafting, and if I really wanted to get the BBL I would need to gain 10 lbs. Also Cardenas was adamant about the fact that I needed a tummy tuck if I wanted to achieve my desired result, which I wasn't sure about because I had no intentions on getting one. I plan to have at least one more child and I don't think I should get it before that.

All of this left me feeling like maybe I need to just wait until I can afford the absolute best doctor money can buy, so that I can feel confident that I'm going to get the best work done possible. Another scary thing Dr. Khalil told me is that sometimes Doctors will inject patients with fat they know isn't going to take very well and 3 weeks later, they're butt is back to its original size and they just say "oh, well your body absorbed it." I really don't want that to happen!

*Sigh* Guess I'll just keep dreaming of my BBL til I find the right Doc.

I sent a message to Cardenas today to ask if she...

I sent a message to Cardenas today to ask if she agreed with what the other doc told me. FIngers crossed she gets back to me with some good news to the tune of "No, you do not need to gain 10 pounds to have a BBL, and you can do it without the tummy tuck. And I willnot inject you with water or fat that I know isn't viable just to make a quick buck since you will have to come back for more." LOL Lets just hope that's what she says! :)

Well Cardenas said that she did not agree with the...

Well Cardenas said that she did not agree with the other doc. She never asks her patients to gain weight, and there is only one kind of fat. It doesn't matter whether its new or old (Dr. Khalil said the fat I currently have was "old"). So Cardenas is ready to go, all I need to do is make a deposit and set my date. The hardest part is trying to figure out how do I get off of work long enough for the recovery, and when can I take the time off. So until then, I'm still just a BBL dreamer.......

Added new wish pics! Still dreaming of the perfect...

Added new wish pics! Still dreaming of the perfect booty but I'm still doing my research on doctors, prices, locations etc. It's a lot of work but I have not given up on my dream body! :)

Just requested a quote from Campos! I really like...

Just requested a quote from Campos! I really like his work. If anyone has any other recommendations for Doctors in TJ, Mexico besides Cardenas and Campos please let me know! I also added new wish pics......

Well, I feel myself gettng closer because I'm...

Well, I feel myself gettng closer because I'm looking into a bunch of different Docs here in Cali and in TJ. Actually I found one here in Beverly Hills that has almost the same price Cardenas quoted me ($3700) actually the BH doc is $20 cheaper. So I'm just doing my research. I like Cardenas overall, but I was a little put off by her insistence that I needed a TT (especially since, after reading other girls reviews I noticed a trend). I was a very small framed girl most of my life, and it was just annoying to hear Dra. C say oh you're frame is too big and you can't achieve the result of a small waist. Uhhh hello, I have a small waist already! I did not ask for a smaller waist. I just want a rounder, curvier lower half to create the hourglass figure that I have always wanted! Seesh.... Anyways, that made me want to do more research, and really find a doc that I connect with who understands, I want to look like a million bucks! I have actually lost weight since I sent pics to Cardenas (yay 20 lbs.) but I'm 5'7 and about 160 now so I have plenty of fat LOL.

I do want a bigger booty, as I have never had many compliments on my shape even though I always thought I had anice curve to my body (because of a small waist) but no hips or booty makes the curves not noticeable....

I guess I can also admit to my BBL sisters that I caught my man checking out some other women and it really hurt my feelings because I had just had a baby less than a year before! He even made a really stupid comment after saying "Oh my God" about some other girls' behind. SMH.... Needless to say I was furious, because I am beautiful and I don't deserve that. I really wanted to stay mad forever, but then I realized its ok for someone to be attracted to a certain body type. We all are attracted to what we like, so what's the big deal. That's what my man happens to like, and the fact that he's with me and I don't have a super-booty just goes to show that he really does love me for who I am. Granted, I still cursed him out and told him he's allowed to look but the next time I see him making a face or a side comment about some other chick having a nice ass we're gonna fight, and I'm gonna win. LOL He apologized and now he supports my decision to have the BBL if I want, but says I'm beautiful without it. I don't give a damn, I want the reaction that other girl got! LOL

ANywas, I'll be posting more in the next few days including some before pics and updates on my Doc search! Ciao ladies ;)

So the Beverly Hills Doc is running a special on...

So the Beverly Hills Doc is running a special on the surgeons fees, but with 4 areas of Lipo the price is still $7500. Guess its TJ for me after all! I'm not mad though, I'm really loving Campos wok right now. I have seen some truly beautiful ladies on this site who have gone to Campos. His ability to create a beautiful curvy figure 8 is amazing. One thing, I still haven't taken pics to send him and get my quote so I'm gonna have the Mr. snap some shots tonight and get this show on the road. The pics I took for Cardenas are out of date now because I lost weight.

I also have yet to tackle the issue of how I'm going to get out of work for a month to 6 weeks... I mean yes I can ask for a LOA but I'm not sure if they'll be looking at me crazy when I come back with my new banging booty. LOL I need my job and am sacred to risk losing it! Any advice???

I need a BBL sister! I'm pretty sure I want to go...

I need a BBL sister! I'm pretty sure I want to go with Campos and stay at ClubMed. L

Well I put up my before pics...... Yuck. LOL

Well I put up my before pics...... Yuck. LOL

Just re-requested a quote from Cardenas. Since I...

Just re-requested a quote from Cardenas. Since I have lost weight since I last got one from her.... I fell it ladies, I'm making progress!!! My dream booty is soon to be real. :)

Just got my quote from Campos (my #1 choice)......

Just got my quote from Campos (my #1 choice)... $4345 ouch. More than Cardenas initially quoted me. And now that I'm realizing these quotes don't include RH, I'm a little scared I wont be able to have the surgery until much much later in the year. *Sigh* well lets see what Yily says and Cardenas' new quote after my recent weight loss.

Well Yily never got back to me. Cardenas said she...

Well Yily never got back to me. Cardenas said she would honor her previous quote of $3900 so she's a bit cheaper than Campos, but I really like Campos work better. We'll see what happens ladies. In the meantime, I'm praying for the best Doctor!

Well, I'm pretty sure I'll be going with Campos....

Well, I'm pretty sure I'll be going with Campos. Now it's just a matter of waiting until I get the money together. I was in a car accident last year so I'm waiting for a settlement from that, and then it's off to TJ for my surgery! I am so excited, I can't wait although I know it's going to take some time..... I'll keep you all posted.

Here I am again, dreaming of the perfect booty!!...

Here I am again, dreaming of the perfect booty!! LOL Things are starting to look up though, I have a settlement coming from an accident that should be pretty nice and more than enough to cover my surgery. I'm very happy about that. The only thing is, now I'm considering medical tourism in South America because my man and I are thinking about traveling for a year. We both LOVE Brazil, and obviously that's the country where the BBL was invented so why not look into having it done there or in one of the neighboring countries? I hear Argentina and Bolivia both have great doctors and the exchange rate for US currency is also really good. I don't want to spend all my money on the surgery so going somewhere where my dollars will go farther is important to me. Anyways, I'm just happy that there's a light at the end of this tunnel and my BBL is in sight!!! :)

Wellllllllll........... Things are developing....

Wellllllllll........... Things are developing. Please bear with my indecisive doctor selection LOL. I have always wanted to travel the world (or at least some of it) with just me and my man and my son. I turned 31 this year, and my son is turning 2 next month so I feel like if I don't do this now I may never get another chance without disrupting my son being in school or me working etc. So I feel like this is my chance! And since I had already planned to leave the US for my surgery, I figure why not just do it all at once. So here I am, looking into long term travel, researching, and trying to also plan my surgery around it. The hubby and I want to travel to Brazil really badly so I've been doing research and it seems the best way to get there is to fly out of Miami. So I really, really need Dra. de los Santos because if I'm going to be leaving from MIA, DR will be the closest place for me to get my BBL. Unfortunately, Yily hasn't responded to either of my attempts to contact her through her website. :-/

Oh well, I sitll have time but if any of you have info that can help me contact her, please share!! Thanks ladies.

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention, I also got a...

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention, I also got a quote from a very well qualified doc in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He was an excellent surgeon who studied under the person who INVENTED lipo apparently, but he wanted to charge me $11,500 USD!!!!! No including any recovery or anything, just for the surgery basics. Crazy.......

Got my quote from Yily! Yaaaay it's exactly what I...

Got my quote from Yily! Yaaaay it's exactly what I wanted and I'm totally feeling her whole plan of action. Plus she's very thorough about what she tells you to do and why. So it's all a waiting game now but yes, in the next few months my life is going to change... in so many awesome ways. :-)

I am excited to have a much better waist to hip...

I am excited to have a much better waist to hip ratio but is anyone else wondering how their boobs will look with more booty? I like my size now but wonder if I'll want them bigger when I have more booty..... idk???

I just gotta say shout out to the Yily goddesses...

I just gotta say shout out to the Yily goddesses njprbeauty and bootyliciousD... you guys have SOLD me on Yily! Your sculpting is amazing and your booties are BANGING! Don't hurt 'em too badly girls. LOL ;)

I really like Yily's work a lot but I do feel a...

I really like Yily's work a lot but I do feel a bit tentative because I know she gets to be extremely busy and my worst fear is that I'll get less than stellar results because she'll have too many patients (I read that from a few other girls who went to her). So just to be super thorough, I have also requested a quote from Duran. I like Duran's sculpting (almost) as much as Yily so going to either of them is just fine for me! :)

Wishful thinking....

*sigh* I know it will take time before I can have my BBL done because I have to wait for my case to settle and there's not telling how long that could take. Maybe up to a year! Right now, I'm hoping that it will happen in 6 months or so and I'll be able to get the BBL around December. Just have to pray Duran has availability.... Ugh. Being on here is starting to make me anxious and depressed though. I am so ready to transform! Took my measurements yesterday... can't exactly remember them but it was somewhere in the ballpark of 34-28-34 and I'd like to be 34-24-39/40.... Similar to Kim K who is my wish body/booty LOL. Also I have to take a second to say to all the ladies on here who have experienced problems because of bad doctors, I am so sorry for what happened to you and applaud your courage to come here and tell your story so others won't go though the same thing. You ladies are beyond strong, and I pray that things improve for you. Other than that, I'm stil BBL dreaming..................... (hopefully not for long).

More wish pics!!!

I have been finding them everywhere! Got a whole file on my comp full of them lol.

B4 Pic

Duran sent me a B msg!! :)

Those who know Duran know that's a big deal because she's BUSY. LOL She never saw my email so I had to resend my pics and info thru FB. No quote yet but at least we're making progress. I feel really, really confident that she will continue to be my 1st choice.

Got my quote!

Duran finally got back to me with a quote! I am so happy and excited... Now it's just a matter of time before the transformation begins. When I'm ready to book a date I will be looking for a buddy! :)

The wait....

Well it feels good knowing what a trip to Dra. Duran will cost me but waiting for my settlement so I can go to her is a b%^&*h. I keep going over all the different options in my head... Doctors, wish pics, locations, etc....... Ugh. I'm ready to get it over with. If I don't get to go to Brazil for some reason it doesn't make much sense for me to travel all the way to DR unless I'm totally in love with the doctor's results. I do love Duran, but I still may go with Campos or Cardenas...... One thing though, Duran's price was less that both of theirs. Enough to cover the cost of the flight so the real difference will be the recovery because if I'm closer to home I'm sure I won't need to stay as long in the RH. My BF can take care of me, so I would save some $ there. Anyways, I stole a few more wish pics from some other lovely dollies on here. Hope they don't mind (I think these are all just wishes, not actual girls from RS). These 2 are both really good because they look natural, but are big enough to steal the show too! That's what I'm going for. I don't want my mama to disown me, but I do want that milkshake that brings all the boys to the yard (even though my heart belongs to one and only one) haha. ;-)

Sad today....

My lawyer called me and said we have a tough fight on our hands even though the other driver was 100% at fault in the accident because he had a certain insurance company who literally do everything in their power NOT to EVER pay people. I was thinking how is that even legal? This accident really screwed up my life and the though of not being fairly compensated really has me depressed... not to mention, I was counting on that money to use for my sx. :'-( Oh well, all I can do is pray, and believe that good will happen but today I'm sad.

The ups and downs....

It's been a very rough week for me. My BF ran out of his unemployment so it looks like we may have to move because we can't afford or place on just my salary... He's been trying so hard to find a job but things just haven't been going his way. So you can imagine the effect that's having on my chances to get the BBL done. I'm starting to research No Patient Left Behind medical financing so that maybe I can pay in installments, but that is not my preference. I just don't know what to do at the moment... I sent a request for a quote to Dra. Baez because I noticed her prices were really good and she does good work according to reviews. She doesn't have many BBL pics, but from what I can see she knows how to sculpt and will give good size and projection. I'll have to ask her for more pics. Anyways, here goes another wish as I continue to dream of a brand new me.......

More doctor indecision....

I got a quote from Baez which was a GREAT price ($2700) but I know she's a bit less experienced than I'd like. On the plus side, she seems very knowledgeable and committed to her patients which I do like. I also requested a quote from...... get ready for it..... CABRAL. LOL I am aware of his history and I do find it a bit scary, but when I see the results of ladies that have gone to him I can't help but to be amazed! For now, I'm just checking him out. I think Yily or Duran can deliver almost as good of results without the shady past, but still my curiosity got the best of me and so I asked him.

Chatting w/ Baez via email

I really like Dra. Baez very much but I must say I would still prefer Duran. Only because I can see many more pictures of Duran's work that look like the kind of shape I want to have. Baez did send me some additional pics that were good looking, but I want to feel that certainty that my doc does this kind of shape all the time. So the jury is still out on who I will choose....

Looking for an ISAPS surgeon in DR.....

Hi Dollies :) well, as many of you know our search for the right doctor can be hardcore especially for those of us traveling out of the states. I am terrified of botched surgery and I know it can happen anywhere but going outside your home is harder because you can't have a face to face with the doc, see their facilities, meet their assistants/nurses, etc. So now I'm wondering if I should rely more heavily on surgeons that are members of some societies like ISAPS because they have very high standards for their docs. There are only 4 ISAPS docs in the DR and NONE of them are popular on RS. Yily, Duran, Cabral, and Baez are NOT members. Not to mention, I've been reading all these blogs and forums from the DR and people are constantly saying "don't come here for surgery, it's not safe." I read that the CDC even has a warning against traveling to DR for sx on their website (gotta check that out for myself). Anyways, this is all very mind boggling. Anyone heard of Dr. Ramon Morales Pumarol? He's a member of ISAPS and in the DR.

What I found on CDC website

Cosmetic Surgery: The U.S. Embassy in Santo Domingo and the CDC are aware of several cases in which U.S. citizens experienced serious complications or died following elective cosmetic surgery in the Dominican Republic. The CDC's Website contains a report on patients who suffered postoperative infections following cosmetic surgery in the Dominican Republic. Patients considering travel to the Dominican Republic for cosmetic surgery may also wish to contact the Dominican Society of Plastic Surgeons (tel. 809-688-8451) to verify the training, qualifications, and reputation of specific doctors. Note that some plastic surgeons continue to practice after patients have died during or after cosmetic surgery procedures, so the U.S. Embassy urges strong caution when considering cosmetic surgery in the Dominican Republic. Please note there is no regulatory authority governing claims that some doctors or clinics make on their websites.


Just to be clear, most of the popular DR docs ARE members of the DR society of plastic surgeons.... Their website is also a good way to identify docs in the DR and view their websites/pics. It's www.sodocipre.net

So Anxious.....

Not in that good "Ginuwine" kinda away... LOL I am anxious to get this BBL over with! I'm tired of looking at gorgeous wish pics! Ready to BE a wish pic! LOL

I really think this is it...

Anyone else feel like they change their minds about which doc they want to see every other day? LOL I do. But today, I really think this is it, this is my final answer. I think I'm going with Duran. She has the most consistent results I've seen, her patients love her, and I even hear Dra Yily let her do her BBL! Duran has a great reputation, she is a member of SODOCIPRE, and she has lots of experience performing the BBL which is very important. I feel very comfortable with her as my choice.

ugh yeah pics are not safe on this site.

took them all down and will not be psting more until after the sx. even then, it will be very cropped and generic like what you see on the docs pages. and who was this crazy guy anyway? what an a$$. get a life.

Yily or Duran...

The million dollar question everyone who wants a BBL in DR seems to be asking... haha


I want to put up this info because I know there are many ladies out there who don't know where to begin with their doctor search. First off, I haven't really been looking in the states much, so this will mostly be out-of-country docs. Second, I have requested info from so many this will also help me to remember and keep everything straight. LOL

1. Cardenas (Tijuana, MX) - $3900 for BBL w/ lipo to upper and lower back, waist, flanks, and inner thighs. Quote included clinic expenses, medical staff fee, anesthesiologist
fee, post op lab work, stay overnight. PROS: She's experienced, thorough, and has a lot of patients you can view and talk to on RS. Also, very nice and easy to talk to. CONS: She seems to say a lot of her patients need a TT to get the results they're after, however no other doctor has recommended this to me after viewing my pics or seeing me in person.

2. Campos (Tijuana, MX) - $4345 for BBL w/ lipo to the abdomen, waist, and lower back. Includes the following: Liposuction in the abdomen, waist and lower back 2400
Fat grafting in to buttocks 600
Discount - 500
Surgical Facility 1000
Anesthesia Fee 500 (Epidural, Sedation)
Girdle and epifoam 140
Post op Medication 125
Lymphatic massages (2) 80
PROS: He does great work and has lots of experience w/ BBL and many viewable patients on RS. CONS: More expensive than many other docs outside the US for less areas of lipo.

3. Dr. Luiz Haroldo Pereira (Brazil) - $11,500 for BBL w/ lipo (Doc only mentioned flanks and abdomen). Included the following:
The surgery, the anesthesiologist, the hospital and medical team
The Implants (if necessary)
Garments of surgical bra as recommended by the surgeon (if necessary)
Gel mask (if necessary)
All post op medication prescribed by surgeon
All pre and post surgery consultations
Airport transportation to and from your hotel
Transportation for your consultation and surgical procedures
A bilingual representative to accompany you every step the way
PROS: From what I can tell this is a VERY experienced Doctor with lipo. He studied under the Doc who CREATED the procedure. Not sure how he is with grafting or sculpture. CONS: Just as expensive as a doc in Beverly Hills except I would have to Fly to Brazil, and book a hotel (with separate nurse) or RH.

4. Yily (Santo Domingo, DR) - $3350 for BBL w/ lipo to the abdomen, armpit, back, flanks, and waist. It also includes 1 compression garment, medical insurance (it covers possible complications that may present after the surgery, during the first 30 days), pre-operatory tests ( TTP, HIV, Hbs, HCV, BASAL GLYCEMIA,GLYCEMIA, UREA, SERUM CREATININE, FULL BLOOD COUNT, VDRL, BLOOD TYPE Y RH) , cardiologist (EKG), anesthesiologist (epidural block), clinic fees (room, operating room, nurses, IVs, 3 meals, surgical assistants, etc). PROS: Yily has done some incredible work you can view here on RS. CONS: She doesn't get the best marks for aftercare follow-up and bedside manner. She is also rumored to see as many as 7 patients a day (should only be 3 or 4 max). She is extremely busy and can be hard to contact.

5. Australia Fragoso Baez (Santo Domingo, DR) - $2700 for BBL w/ lipo to the abdomen, waist, back, thighs, flanks. Price includes the following:
-Airport pick up
-evaluation by plastic surgeon
-Chest X-ray
-Cardiovascular evaluation
- Laboratory exams
-Overnight stay in the clinic
-First compressive garment
-Free of charge follow ups
-Medication post-surgery
-lymphatic drain massages and ultrasound massages which are included
PROS: GREAT price, and the doc is caring and well informed from what her previous patients have said here on RS. Her price includes a lot!
CONS: Not as experienced as other docs, and I wasn't blown away by pictures she sent me of her previous BBL work.

6. Dr. Arze (Argentina) - $4290 for BBL (not sure of the lipo areas) including 10 days at a hotel to recover. Don't know much more about this Doc.

Taht's actually not all the quotes I received, but I'll add more later. As you can see, it's a long list! :)


Ok here's a few more:

7. Dr. Engli (GoSculptura, DR) - $5742 (reduced to $4184 with discount if I book soon enough) for BBL w/ lipo (not sure of areas). Don't have much info on this Doc but GoSculptura has a page with all his credentials etc. that looks good.

8. Duran (Santo Domingo, DR) - $3500 for BBL w/ lipo to the same areas as Yily. PROS: GREAT work! GREAT follow-up and aftercare from what past patients have said. CONS: Can be hard to contact.

9. Alejandro Gaitan (Mexicali, MX) - $4000 for BBL w/ lipo. Not much info on this doc. Heard of him though PlacidWay which does medical tourism. Pretty sure they have his info on their site.

Hope this helps some ladies decide!

holy crap... the king of barbies just quoted me...

The same as Duran! Lol thx for making this super hard to decide Dr Cabral lol.


10. Dr. Victor Ramirez (Mexicali, MX) - $4,000 for BBL, Pre-op testing, Surgical costs, one night stay in hospital, one night stay in hotel, personal host in Mexicali. Not much other info about this doc. Found him though globalmedicaltourism.com.

***Think I got confused above, so disregard doctor #9. All these quotes are starting to run together in my head!

11. Cabral - $3500 for BBL, didn't say what areas of lipo. And we all know Dr. Cabral's story right? He has had some malpractice, and he has burned several women in recent years using laser lipo (I would definitely stress, don't let him laser you) but.... women ADORE his shapes and the way he sculpts. So he is known as the "King of Barbies".

Wow.... Yily trying to be Mrs Burns now? LOL

Don't know if yall heard about Cabral being called Mr Burns because he has burned several patients (badly) with laser lipo. Not sure if Yily did the same, but I just saw pics on SnowBunny's profile of someone who was burned by Yily apparently. SMDH.... Not to mention, people seem more and more discontent with Yily's work. Damn, that sucks because I really thought she gave consistently great shapes but Duran is much more consistent. One thing about Cabral, despite his inability to perform laser lipo, his shapes are always banging and I have yet to see anyone unhappy with their shape. Even some of the burned girls were like F it I still look good! LOL So I think it will be between Duran and Cabral for me. What I want to do is go down to the DR first, meet them both, and then make my decision.

On another note, I tried taking my measurements today and I don't think it worked. LOL
Bust 36D
Waist 30
Hips 37
Butt 39
Yeah right! LOL Honestly idk my measurements but I want them to be 36-24-40!

Ashley Richter

Ashley has the measurements that I want and she looks GREAT! :)

Have you seen the new Duran Dolls??

Off the hook. Check out her twitter..... :)

Got more info from Dr. Engli in DR

Great quote approx. $5,000 for everything, including all lipo areas (arms were included) and 2 days at his clinic, 8 days at a RH. Very, very good price and he seems to be a good doctor. But there weren't any before & after pics that he sent me that really looked like what I'm going for. I'm sticking with Duran.

Some days.....

Some days are certainly better than others on this journey... Today is a somber one for me. I keep going over and over things in my head, and I think half of my desire to get this over with is because I'm tired of the same issues running through my head over and over! I do not want to be a person who feels like they need surgery to be beautiful, and I know I have some issues with self esteem that I need to work out. It's very important for this not to be a "band-aid on a bullet wound" type situation. I lost my confidence y'all. I used to be so self assured--knowing that I had a purpose on this planet and doing music was enough for me. But as you get older, things get HARDER. I had a kid and now my body looks like CRAP. My man is younger, less experienced in relationships, and NOT helping to build my self esteem back at all right now. It's not his problem, but he could certainly contribute to the solution if he so chose. Rewind to that moment I spoke on earlier (and probably grossly oversimplified) where he checked out other girls... that day I had spent extra time getting ready, making sure I looked cute, and all I wanted was to be acknowledged. I was in the car with him thinking, I wish he'd just say I look nice. But I'm not the type to fish for compliments, that takes all the fun out of it. He looked at one girl in the club, mind you it wsa just the 2 of us on a date night... I ignored it. It wasn't until he looked at the 2nd girl, sighed loudly, rolled his eyes, and said "you just don't know how hard it is being ME" that I went off the deep end. I can still feel the pain, because those 2 chicks were straight up BUTTA FACES!! They both had HUGE, HUGE asses, like unusually large, but (being admittedly judgemental) I could tell by their clothes and the way they were bouncing around from table to table they were just trying to use those asses to get attention and money from men. All I could think was, you were really willing to sacrifice my happiness and security in my relationship to comment on a couple of gold-digging skeezers?? The hurt I felt/feel is still very real to me... I want to shake it, but I just can't. Lately I've been dreaming about first getting a BBL and then maybe a fresh start with someone else, but obviously once you have a kid that's a HARD decision to make. And I don't want the BBL if it means I'm just doing it because of what my BF did. *SIGH* IDK......................

Stupid Idiot Boys... SMH

I had a not-so-good experience on Saturday night... I went out to a big party with my girls for BET weekend here in LA. It was fun! We looked super cute and managed to get into a really good party for free... #AWESOME. After that, we went out to eat with a guy one of my friends was talking to. I left our table at the restaurant for a second to go to the car and when I walked out to the parking lot, these 2 guys were yelling stuff at me. I heard one of them say, damn that girl is fine, then the other one says yeah but she aint got no ass though. Then they both start yelling hey you, pull your skirt up! F'ing idiots!!! After everything I been going though lately, I really did NOT need to hear that! It made me sad and disappointed on so many levels.... First of all, why do guys have to be so ignorant and brainwashed by TV and media? Women come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and they are all beautiful! To be honest, knowing that makes me feel silly for wanting a BBL but I have to fix this stupid "hip dip" that makes my hips look wavy instead of like a smooth curve. I can honestly say that is something I have always wanted to do that really doesn't have anything to do with society's impressions of beauty. That is something I wanted for ME. Now getting a bigger booty, that has been influenced by standards of beauty, I can't lie. Even so, whether I have the BBl or not I know I am beautiful and didn't deserve to be treated that way. Men just don't understand, the most telling thing about our society is how it treats it's women! Not recognizing and understanding the beauty we possess is a BIG mistake, possibly the biggest. Get it together fellas!


Am I the only one who has seen this documentary? I was watching it last night and it really got me thinking about things.... This is such a struggle because I want to be doing this (BBL) for the right reasons. I want to feel 100% secure that this is just for ME and I'm not trying to fit into anyone's mold of what I'm supposed to look like except my own. It's hard work going through all this emotional baggage. In my heart, I know the simple fact that I am contemplating and giving voice to all my concerns is a good sign that I'm not just being superficial or expecting this BBL to change my life. I have to be the one to make the changes. I just want to be cute while I do it... ;)

Highly recommend SEXY BABY documentary BTW....

It was really great to watch.

WTF is going on at CIPLA?????

CIPLA has been having so many problems, now I hear a Duran doll has a terrible infection!!! I'm concerned about their sanitary practices. I don't think I 'll be going with Duran anymore. I want to use a surgeon who's a member of ISAPS as well as SODOCIPRE. If you ladies are feeling the same here's a list of DR docs...
ISAPS Doctors:

Rafael Ernesto ESTEVEZ HERNANDEZ, MD (candidate)
Raymundo E. MEJIA SANTANA, MD (candidate)
Ramon Andres MORALES PUMAROL, MD (National Secretary)


He was one of my first choices although his prices are a bit high... But it's worth it if I'm going to be safe AND beautiful when it's all over. :)

Baez or Campos?

I think I will end up going with one of the 2.... I've been hearing good things about Dra. Baez work lately and Campos sculpting is amazing! I am avoiding CIPLA now due to the concerns about sanitation. I DO NOT WANT AN INFECTION!!!

The Make-Over

In the spirit of making this a full, complete make-over of ALL of me, not just the physical, I'm starting therapy today! I'm happy and excited to take this important step in my life, and to talk about some of the difficult issues this SX has brought up for me. It's very important that I deal with ALL of the issues, not just the ones the surgeon can correct. I want to be a brand new me in 2014!!! (Inside and out.)


Death by doctor search

Ugh this doc search is KILLING ME!!! Thanks a lot Duran, all my hopes and dreams were riding on you! LOL I really thought she was the perfect doc for me, but CIPLA is clearly not the perfect clinic. I have been looking into Jaramillo, but I'm hearing some of his patients are unsatisfied (not enough boo-tay haha) and end up going for round 2 (saw 2 ladies like that on MMH).

Sent a FB msg to Duran

I asked her all about the infection and if she works out of any other clinic besides CIPLA... we'll see what she says, but I just can't take it! I love her work and I want her to be my doctor! Finding another one I like as much as her has proven to be extremely hard........... Please Dra. Duran, set my mind at ease! I'm ready to get this show on the road!!!

Infected Duran Doll

I am seeing posts on FB which I think is the same girl. She is showing a pic of her injury (a huge chunk of skin missing from her tummy where TT scar should be) and saying it was MRSA or Staph infection. Much different than flesh eating bacteria or e coli. Staph is much more common and can be contracted easily because it already lives on our bodies....

Back on #TeamDuran

After much research, thought, and consideration I am back on Team Duran!!! Let it suffice to say that what I'm hearing regarding the infected girls doesn't make me think that Duran is acting in any way that any other doctor wouldn't. She is a good doctor and she cares about her patients, I truly believe that. So it's back on Team Duran for me! I'm soooooooooo happy, I feel like I'm making a great choice. :)

New Wish Body!!!!

Miss Black Jessica Rabbit herself, Melyssa Ford. She is off the hook.

Jaramillo emailed me

I sent him pictures even though I'm pretty sure I'll be going with Duran. Doesn't hurt to have options...

Quote from Jaramillo

Just got an email back from Jaramillo. $3500 for BBl. But he says $4500 if I want lipo to arms?!?! Who the hell charges and extra $1000 for arm lipo?? He also sent me some pics which looked pretty good. I think he's a good 2nd or 3rd choice. I kinda want to have in person consults with all the docs before choosing one... I would want to see Duran, Baez, and Jaramillo.

Almost a full year of searching...

I can't believe it's been that long! But I am becoming an expert on all things BBL... It's tough ladies. Everything to do with this surgery is not all sunshine and rainbows. There are some ladies out there really struggling with side effects and complications, from rashes (allergic reactions) to nerve damage to infection, so much can go wrong! I pray for the ladies experiencing difficulties every chance I get because they really need our support, love, and prayers. Personally, I go back and forth all the time trying to figure out if this is really worth it. It's a big risk! Today, I feel like it IS. It's worth it because I want that experience of being 100% confident and comfortable in my own skin, knowing that everyone can see the beauty I already feel inside shining through. What an amazing feeling that must be! I want to be that girl that changes people's minds to let them know, women CAN have it all! Beauty, intelligence, sophistication, style, charisma, charm, elegance, and a whole host of other qualities... we can have it ALL! And a nice booty to go with it. :)

My Case SETTLED!!!!!!!!!!!

O......M.....G!!!!!!!!! I am sooooo ecstatic! Thank you LORD! I will be putting down a deposit with Duran as soon as I get my money.:)

Number One Wish Pics......

The two bathigsuit pics are the ones that seem closest to what I want as far as booty shape, hip shape, and waist to hip ratio. The one of Kim K I love her side view! The one of the girl wearing jeans is just plain HOT! LOL

Still waiting.....

Yes my case has settled but no I haven't gotten any $$$ yet!! LOL Still waiting for the checks to arrive.... Also planning a trip to DR early September to visit and meet with Duran and Baez hopefully. They are my top 2 choices, with Duran being #1. After meeting them both, I should be able to decide who I'm going with. Both are great docs, but Baez sees less patients and has a cheaper price that includes more. Duran has friggin SKILLZ though! Baez doesn't post pictures very often, so I'm hoping she can show me some if I go see her in person. Checks should arrive this week!!!!

New Wish Body!!!!

Andrea Calle 36-24-40

Got my $$$

Wish it was enough for me to have SX... but it was enough to get me to DR for in person consults w/ Duran & Baez. :) I will have the SX done next year, hopefully in Feb. I have abuddy too!!!! Ms. Parker where u at?!?!?! Shout out to you boo. Ha! I think I have a girl crush on Andrea Calle LOL. Hopefully Duran/Baez can make me exactly like her body! She's so gorgeous. Ah well, we shall see.

Leaving Friday for my Duran Consult!

Can''t wait to see her in person and really hear from her what she can do. I'll also be putting down my deposit. Hopefully I'll be a Duran doll come February 2014. :) So friggin happy right now... all I can think about is Boca Chica beach. And the worlds greatest BBL by the master Dra Duran! *woop woop*

Love Dra Duran!!!

I am 100% sure she is the best option. Caring, knowledgeable, and honest about what she can deliver. Such an amazing day. I know some may be feeling conflicted about CIPLA like I was but after today I am sure. In spite of everything I am a believer! #TeamDuran!

More CIPLA Issues, and Duran issues?!?!?

I can't anymore.... I just can't keep making excuses for them! I'm going to see Baez on Oct 16th for a consult. I think I'm switching. Oh well. New doc, new wish pic!!! Bernice Burgos.....

Still can't decide between Duran and Baez....

It's just too friggin hard. LOL I gotta say though, Duran is still my first choice. Her shapes are unbelievable, exactly what I want to look like.

Alright, screw it.... Back on Team Duran

Baez is just taking too long to get back to me about a consult. I'm gonna go with my first mind and say Duran. It wasnt really her that was freaking me out it was CIPLA, but I have some time to keep an eye on things since I'm to planning to go until next year. Hopefully things will remain calm and dolls will be exiting CIPLA safely and looking beautiful! :)

Any ladies have tips on gaining weight?

Duran said I needed to gain 7-10 lbs when I saw her in September and I just keep losing more and more.... :/
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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