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Hey everyone, this is my first time posting here....

Hey everyone, this is my first time posting here. I have been reading review after reviews regarding Dr. Duran. However there are just a few questions and concerns I have, that never seem to come up on any of these reviews.

I've seen pictures of her work. So I'm to concerned about her skills. I do how ever would like to know a few other things

First off..
Why doesn't she have any pictures on her actual website. She has one picture of a BBL. ?

Does she speak English to where there will be no miscommunication on what I want .?

How is the doctor office? Clean? Do you actually see the other patients there who are getting a BBL as well?

Does she do in person consultation for those of us in LA.

How does this all work going out there? From where have you traveled to see her?
You pay do go and stay how many days? I've heard of ppl not getting procedures done when planned and being there longer?

What's the best way to come in contact with her..

Please please! I'm in desperate need of info . I'm a little on the scared side since I'm coming from Los Angeles , California.

My more personal intro..

Hello again everyone.
I'm writing this post to officially introduce myself. My first post was just questions. I didn't tell any one anything about my self or even post photos. However, I am been commenting to some of the woman on here and following their journeys. Also, so many of you have already been so helpful. Now that I feel a part of the group, and have taken my first to starting this journey, I felt it would more appropriate if everyone knew a little about me and had some pictures to go along with this journey.

Team Duran..Got my quote ! First step down!

Hello everyone. I've been doing so much research and following so many women on here and getting so much help from you all..

However, I haven't properly introduced my self.. Now that I've gotten my quote and am now officially on this journey: I feel I am now apart of the RS sisterhood :)

I am 24 years old, I have 3 kids , all boys. My youngest is 11 months.

I've always been really petite and not very shapely. Now however, after three kids, I've put on some weight but in all the ugliest places. I have that weird type of body that can gain weight up top but no where on bottom. I've realized no matter how much I work out or have many squats I do, my overall shape won't change. So that's when I decided this was for me.

Originally I came on RS to resaerch any doctors in LA. Which is where I'm from. An aunt of mine had the surgery done about 3 months ago; so I was researching her doctor as well. Everything id come on, I would basically just skim through the newsfeed, finding any stories in my area. And I would always see these "Duran Doll or YiYl Doll" captions, never ever paying any mind to them because I saw that it was in DR and that's just way to far.. It was like me seeing a story in CHina, I was just not interested, I mean why would I be, it's not like id ever go that far...

But one day, after seeing post after post about these "dolls" and almost nothing that applied to me, got this annoyed feeling, like "what the hell does this doll thing mean.." I was tired of seeing it. So out of curiosity I opened one up and read it.. And let me tell you.. I was sold. I could not stop researching .. Not only were these doctors results amazing but so many people were traveling from all over ..

Right away however, i already knew if I went it would be to Duran. I came across some negative reviews for Yiyl a lot sooner and more often than Duran.

I'm not going to go in to all the bad and good about either. Or about my fears or my concerns..
After reading so many reviews , us women who are going to the Duran are all pretty much mentally on the same level. Sacred, nervous, torn, confused etc..

So moving on, here's where I'm at how

Quote $3500 for March 25th 2014!!

So I sent Duran a message with my photos and wish pics. And she quoted me $3500 for BBL fat transfer. She got back to me within 2 weeks. I sent 2 messages. One on a random day and random time. But was advised by LeslieMosko of what days and time would be best, and sure enough, boom! I messaged her a second time first thing Monday morning and She replied literally within the hour. So thank you so much LeslieMosko , who I have also been following.. :)

I will say, her email was a little difficult to understand, she writes with an accent, if that makes sense. But over all I think I got the high points. I was really concerned Id have to gain more weight, especially since for some strange reason my pics actually did me justice, I look worse in real life lol.. but she didn't tell me if I did have to or not. I spoke to her assistant Elizabeth and she said if Dr Duran didn't say to then that's because she doesn't think I have to.. But I have been doing so anyways.

Wooooooo so now im officially on my journey! And I'm so thankful for RS and the women on here who are so honest and helpful. So many women were helping me out even before I ever even put info or pics of myself , and that I appreciated.

Now more than ever, however, I have so many more questions...I supposed I will save for a later post ..

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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