V Beam: the Solution That Was Far Worse Than the Problem! -Los Angeles, CA

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I am a perfectionist and I had this tiny spider...

I am a perfectionist and I had this tiny spider vein on my right cheek...So I went to my derm who zapped it with the VBeam. She also zapped another tiny broken blood vessel that to me was invisible. Here I am today, one month later, with two very visible red marks that are far more prominent than the spider veins I wanted corrected. These marks look like port wine stains. Worst, there is a real possibility the damage is permanent. Proof that lasers are dangerous. My skin is thin, pale and hyper-sensitive. I should have known better and have nobody to blame but myself.
On the bright side, my derm has been supportive and will look at potential options such as tattoing over the damaged skin. Anyone out there has tried tattoos to correct discolored scars?

Six months later...

Good news!
The skin on my treated cheek has healed, the bruising and discoloration are gone, and the capillaries have disappeared. Absolutely no scarring, no burning and no laser damage.
As my dermatologist advised me, some people take a very long time to heal. This is particularly the case for those of us with very fine, delicate and pale skin. However, some people heal very quickly, with bruising and discoloration gone within ten days, or even less!
In all, I spent over four months wearing heavy duty concealer, plus one month with a lighter concealer.
I received good care and the doctor treated me correctly. Unfortunately I am not a good candidate for the procedure so I won't be doing it again.
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