22 Year Old Male Getting Rhinoplasty, Super Excited! - Los Angeles, CA

Hello world, My name is Bryan & I am 22 years...

Hello world, My name is Bryan & I am 22 years old. When i had the consultation with Dr Grigoryants it was thru email & i was living in Arizona. i have recently moved to Los Angeles, CA. I am so excited for this surgery, I have been wanting it since I started noticing my nose getting a dorsal hump & bigger. My surgery is literally in 6 days.

I got my blood drawn yesterday which was October 31, 2016 Monday.
I got the supplies that i thought i needed for it. i will be posting them soon (:
i am going to go to the Dr. office Saturday so they can tell me what they're gonna be doing to me during the surgery! i never liked my profile so hopefully Dr Grigoryants does an incredible job just like the other reviews i have read!

at the moment RealSelf isn't letting me post pictures, ill try again later!

i will be posting my result and pictures of my nose before!

its going to be the best day ever :D

Nose somewhat goals

Some Supplies For The Surgery.

For now this is all I got! My aunt which has had surgery before told me just to wait after the surgery for the other supplies I might need! I do need Arnica gel. I have the pills which I am taking 2 a day (a week before my surgery) and after the surgery I will be taking 4 a day as it says on the bottle.
I have a neck pillow, vitamin c, Vaseline, wipes for my face, & dry shampoo since I have been seeing on other reviews that they can't wet their hair and face! Not a lot of supplies but good enough hopefully (:

Pre Op

I am here for my pre op! I will let you guys know what exactly he said :) two days left!!!!

Tomorrow is the BIG day!

I went to the pre op and everyone was super nice! They already knew my name because I called them to ask so many questions lol. I signed papers and just waited for them to call me.

I was called inside and one of the ladies told me what I had to do before & after surgery and she gave me extra tips because she got hers done and that made me feel good :3 because he nose looked amazing!!!

The doctor then walked in and was really straightforward! I do trust him to do a great job on my nose 100%
He told me exactly what he would do, just like the email he sent me. & gave me the location of the surgery and that's about it!

Oh and also I got prescribed pills!
pain pills, which I didn't get.
nausea pills, also didn't get.
& infection pills, i did get these because they are mandatory!

I need to go buy antibacterial soap!

Will update later on or tomorrow!!

Almost time!

Dr said I don't really have a tip on my nose, especially when I smile. Im soooo ready for the surgery!!! (Got a haircut before the surgery) Dr also told me to trim my beard, but decided to shave it completely!

Today is THE DAY!

Good morning world!
I am already in the city of Tarzana!
They want me there at 9:30!
I am so scared :0
I will be posting on my snapchat!
Good luck to me!!!!


Surgery day!

It is done!

I am finally out and just in bed!
Everything went good!
Bleeding a lot :-(
No pain though, I feel good!

Second day post op

I don't feel any pain! Just when I sneeze :'-(
Everything is going well! I woke up super early! Changed the bloody gauze for a new one! Breathing from my mouth at the moment which kind of sucks.

I really want to start cleaning the outside of my nose but a nurse told me not to at all until the cast is off!

Saturday is the day I get the cast removed!

Is what the nurse saying true? I can't clean up the dry blood outside of my nose?

Second day postop. I have a question.

Can I drive and go out like to a store after my surgery? I know I can't be driving with pain pills in my body & also be in the sun for so long.

Third day

My nose is starting to hurt. ????
Not a lot but I can feel it.
I have been taking Tylenol & Arnica.
I just want to see my nose already on Saturday when the cast comes off!
Bruising is still there but I think it went down. Want to go out and buy hats :) yesterday was the first time I ever wore a hat.

My lip has a weird bump inside since after the surgery so I will be asking Dr G about that on Saturday.
I really hope my nose looks amazing :')

Weird thing on my lip after rhinoplasty.

What could this be?

Weird thing on my lip after rhinoplasty.

What could this be?

Cast off!!!! I love it!!!!

I can finally breathe you guys!!! Lol
I feel like dr g left one of the stitches still in, I don't know if it was by accident or if it'll fall out by itself but I love my nose! Still swollen, he said in two weeks it'll be less swollen and look much better!

A week & 1 day

My nose is swollen but not like before in the first days! Tip is the most swollen right now! I have been cleaning it morning & nights! Still have scabs, dry blood & other stuff inside my nose which makes it hurt :-(
Hopefully I'll be fine by next week because I might start working morning! (Electrician)

:-( two months and two days later

Why does my nose have a bump? :/ and will the tip always stay like this?
I mean I think it's still swollen, but idk. Makes me sad .-.
And should I start putting scar removal on my scars?

Any tips to reduce swelling? Almost 3 months, Side view :o

I really hope it's just the swelling that is causing my nose to look like this. The bump is still there but from what Dr G told me the day I went in for a check up is that it's still swollen. Maybe it doesn't go down because I haven't eaten pineapples? After almost 3 months should I still be taping it at night? If you guys have any like tips let me know :)

I am loving my new nose, just not the bump ????

He explained exactly what he was going to do to me thru the email which makes me super happy! I trust him even though we haven't met yet (till Saturday, Nov 7th, 2016). I really hope he can give me the nose i want.

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