22 Year Old Male Getting Rhinoplasty, Super Excited! - Los Angeles, CA

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Hello world, My name is Bryan & I am 22 years...

Hello world, My name is Bryan & I am 22 years old. When i had the consultation with Dr Grigoryants it was thru email & i was living in Arizona. i have recently moved to Los Angeles, CA. I am so excited for this surgery, I have been wanting it since I started noticing my nose getting a dorsal hump & bigger. My surgery is literally in 6 days.

I got my blood drawn yesterday which was October 31, 2016 Monday.
I got the supplies that i thought i needed for it. i will be posting them soon (:
i am going to go to the Dr. office Saturday so they can tell me what they're gonna be doing to me during the surgery! i never liked my profile so hopefully Dr Grigoryants does an incredible job just like the other reviews i have read!

at the moment RealSelf isn't letting me post pictures, ill try again later!

i will be posting my result and pictures of my nose before!

its going to be the best day ever :D

Nose somewhat goals

Some Supplies For The Surgery.

For now this is all I got! My aunt which has had surgery before told me just to wait after the surgery for the other supplies I might need! I do need Arnica gel. I have the pills which I am taking 2 a day (a week before my surgery) and after the surgery I will be taking 4 a day as it says on the bottle.
I have a neck pillow, vitamin c, Vaseline, wipes for my face, & dry shampoo since I have been seeing on other reviews that they can't wet their hair and face! Not a lot of supplies but good enough hopefully (:

Pre Op

I am here for my pre op! I will let you guys know what exactly he said :) two days left!!!!

Tomorrow is the BIG day!

I went to the pre op and everyone was super nice! They already knew my name because I called them to ask so many questions lol. I signed papers and just waited for them to call me.

I was called inside and one of the ladies told me what I had to do before & after surgery and she gave me extra tips because she got hers done and that made me feel good :3 because he nose looked amazing!!!

The doctor then walked in and was really straightforward! I do trust him to do a great job on my nose 100%
He told me exactly what he would do, just like the email he sent me. & gave me the location of the surgery and that's about it!

Oh and also I got prescribed pills!
pain pills, which I didn't get.
nausea pills, also didn't get.
& infection pills, i did get these because they are mandatory!

I need to go buy antibacterial soap!

Will update later on or tomorrow!!

Almost time!

Dr said I don't really have a tip on my nose, especially when I smile. Im soooo ready for the surgery!!! (Got a haircut before the surgery) Dr also told me to trim my beard, but decided to shave it completely!

Today is THE DAY!

Good morning world!
I am already in the city of Tarzana!
They want me there at 9:30!
I am so scared :0
I will be posting on my snapchat!
Good luck to me!!!!


Surgery day!

It is done!

I am finally out and just in bed!
Everything went good!
Bleeding a lot :-(
No pain though, I feel good!

Second day post op

I don't feel any pain! Just when I sneeze :'-(
Everything is going well! I woke up super early! Changed the bloody gauze for a new one! Breathing from my mouth at the moment which kind of sucks.

I really want to start cleaning the outside of my nose but a nurse told me not to at all until the cast is off!

Saturday is the day I get the cast removed!

Is what the nurse saying true? I can't clean up the dry blood outside of my nose?

Second day postop. I have a question.

Can I drive and go out like to a store after my surgery? I know I can't be driving with pain pills in my body & also be in the sun for so long.

Third day

My nose is starting to hurt. ????
Not a lot but I can feel it.
I have been taking Tylenol & Arnica.
I just want to see my nose already on Saturday when the cast comes off!
Bruising is still there but I think it went down. Want to go out and buy hats :) yesterday was the first time I ever wore a hat.

My lip has a weird bump inside since after the surgery so I will be asking Dr G about that on Saturday.
I really hope my nose looks amazing :')

Weird thing on my lip after rhinoplasty.

What could this be?

Weird thing on my lip after rhinoplasty.

What could this be?

Cast off!!!! I love it!!!!

I can finally breathe you guys!!! Lol
I feel like dr g left one of the stitches still in, I don't know if it was by accident or if it'll fall out by itself but I love my nose! Still swollen, he said in two weeks it'll be less swollen and look much better!

A week & 1 day

My nose is swollen but not like before in the first days! Tip is the most swollen right now! I have been cleaning it morning & nights! Still have scabs, dry blood & other stuff inside my nose which makes it hurt :-(
Hopefully I'll be fine by next week because I might start working morning! (Electrician)

:-( two months and two days later

Why does my nose have a bump? :/ and will the tip always stay like this?
I mean I think it's still swollen, but idk. Makes me sad .-.
And should I start putting scar removal on my scars?

Any tips to reduce swelling? Almost 3 months, Side view :o

I really hope it's just the swelling that is causing my nose to look like this. The bump is still there but from what Dr G told me the day I went in for a check up is that it's still swollen. Maybe it doesn't go down because I haven't eaten pineapples? After almost 3 months should I still be taping it at night? If you guys have any like tips let me know :)

I am loving my new nose, just not the bump ????
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

He explained exactly what he was going to do to me thru the email which makes me super happy! I trust him even though we haven't met yet (till Saturday, Nov 7th, 2016). I really hope he can give me the nose i want.

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