Amazed at How Natural Restylane Looks in my Once Hollow Tear Troughs.....

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While I don’t have orbital hollowness where...

While I don’t have orbital hollowness where the actual eye socket is, I was pretty hollow from the top of the orbital rim to my uppermost cheeks. After months of deliberation, research and being depressed over my super dark circles and tear trough hollows, I finally took the plunge with Restylane.

In hindsight, I am beyond thrilled with the results now that I’ve had it done, but I’ll admit I was a little scared when I first started researching the procedure!!! I read so many horror stories on Real Self about people getting granulomas, under eye bags, prolonged swelling and blood pockets after under eye fillers, so I was very afraid to move forward w/ tear trough injections. Additionally, I noticed there seems to be a minority of plastic surgeons on Real Self that keep reiterating how filler should not be injected near the eye, since the results can be incredibly unforgiving if done incorrectly. But after being miserable for months about my eyes, posting questions on Real Self and researching what doctor I should see, I felt like I had really done my due diligence. I selected Dr. H due to his numerous accolades, reputation and conservative approach. Additionally, I figured if I was going to let anyone inject anything near my eyes/upper cheeks, I wanted that person to be an oculoplastic surgeon.

The process itself wasn’t painful at all. I waited about 15-20 minutes for the numbing cream that was slathered on my under eyes to take effect. Before Dr. H started the injections, we agreed that he would under-correct my tear troughs since we weren’t sure how much I was going to swell. The plan was to inject a little, and then I would come back in a month for a touch-up. As I looked upward, he began injecting the lower part of my eyelid/cheek junction, using only .5 CC’s total for both of my eyes (remember – we were under-correcting!!). The injection process took about 10-15 minutes. Dr. H would inject small amounts, take a step back and look at my face, and keep going. After he was finished, I looked at my face and was so happy - I wasn’t hollow anymore!

I felt some transient tenderness where the injections were placed later that night, and a miniscule amount of swelling around one of my eyes that lasted 12 or so hours. Dr. H asked that I not mold the filler around my eyes or press on my face, and to not use any ice. The next day when I woke up, I have never been happier! Even though my tear troughs were slightly undercorrected since we didn’t know how much I’d swell, I was so pleased. It’s amazing what Restylane can do to improve hollowing in this area, especially when this type of injection is performed by a skilled doctor that knows what he is doing!!

About a month later, I returned to his office for a touch up on my tear troughs. After a touch up, I feel like my under eyes look amazing! There is no hollowness, and I have an absolutely smooth lower eyelid-cheek junction. The amount of concealer I used to paint my lower eyelids with to camouflage the hollow and darkness was dramatically cut! I went from caking primer, color-correcting concealers and tons of powder to barely using anything. Awesome!

I would definitely recommend this procedure …just make sure you see someone that does tons of tear trough cases, is experienced and honest. It’s your face, so don’t let just anyone touch it! (Especially a non-physician!!) And if you live near the LA area, see Dr. H!!!

Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon

His reputation and skill level in this delicate area speaks for itself.

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