Sx 3/21/2016 36A-B to 40D

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I always knew if I wanted to have boobs I would...

I always knew if I wanted to have boobs I would have to buy them. I used to be so jealous in HS of girls who had boobs... I see girls way younger than me now with boobs still wonder what would be to have some of myself. I been thinking about BA for about 8 yrs or more. When my sister got them done she offered me to pay for them but my husband didn't like the idea. I moved on and asked for them again a few years later, to no avail. He tells me I'm good the way I am that I don't have to impress anyone.. So I felt vain and selfish for wanting them. I prayed to let it go and it went.. For a while. It wasn't until my two tweens started to develop breast that I started to dream again. My 12 yo is already bigger than me. My husband's sister got hers done a year ago.. Before Christmas I mentioned it again and to my surprise he told me to go ahead which was kind of weird but I took the slip and started researching.. I had 3 DR in mind but came down to the first one I consulted with. He mentioned a few things the others didn't like He was worried about POD since I have tender breast most of the time, then he saw my hairy nipples and facial hair and recommended me to go to Endo.. The others just showed concern but no recommendation was given so I felt like the first one really knew his stuff.. Here's me now

Rice test

So I realized after booking and paying a week ago! That I was going to have a BA!! It finally sinked in.. So like a chicken with no head though my Sx isn't til 3/21 I did the rice test and was stressing over cleaning the house.. By the way I had a bit of bad luck with illness first my husband then youngest daughter then me.. So I spent like 60 sick hrs already :S Well i shaw that 450 real y didn't look like much a diferente since i'm fat but 500 delta ridiculous to me but as my sis in law said go big or go home!? LoL so I am thinking no more than 475 that's it for me. Will update on preop date 3/9 ..


I keep thinking about the size .. I keep going between 475-525 definitely don't want too big since I'm on the heavy side .. Oh the agony I don't wanna regret getting breast that I am going to be disappointed for not taking advantage of going through the risk of surgery and the money invested..

Pre-op done

I been havin a lump on my breast for the longest but because it's painful and I don't have family history of BC my PCP (HMO) had been denying me a mammogram or US. So I had to tell her I was having a BA and I needed it before and I'm going in tomorrow for Mammo and US.. They will decide if I get it bilateral or just the Left breast I been complaining of.. Hope everything is good my surgery is scheduled for 3/21...bits finally sinking in

Sx tomorrow!! Getting cold feet

I was at the softball field with my daughter and all I kept thinking was " I love myself already .. Why do I feel like I need to do this? .. I'm not that miserable why am I gonna go through all this pain and risk for boobs!!" But then I see some 12-14 y.o.'s with some more feminine looking bodies and then I get pumped again.. I still think it's not true I don't feel like tomorrow puberty will happen in an hour or so tomorrow.. :P don't know if It's denial or that I been thinking about it for so long it can't be true...

2nd day post.. Hurts a bit more than yesterday

It feels bruised like I got beat up.. Haven't ate much not hungry. Jello, crackers, some pinto beans burin keep the meds on schedule and even then I'm so sore. I got a fright when I went to the restroom and my neck and chest looked blue!! Apparently I sweat during surgery? It was fabric dye from the gown or something they covered me with? Hopefully by Friday I can be more flexible. My kids will start their spring break I totally bypassed that Sunday is Easter Sunday... Thought it was next week ????

3 days post

Finally took a shower. I started to massage the top of my neck because it was feeling funny.. I felt a crackling or squeaking, or bubbling.. So I worried but then I googled and looks like it's normal.. Feels uber weird though.. Found out my incision was inframmamary fold after all. I really wasn't fixated on nipple. M I just wanted whatever would give me less chance of infection or problems. So if MD decided that was for the best so be it. Maybe the implant was too big for areola. So 3 days out and it's not looking too bad.. I expected to see bigger boobs but hey at least I got some boobs now!

Second post tomorrow. Steristrips coming off.

16 days S/P. Sx 3/21. Anxious about the pain if any that will come with the ripping off the steristrips.. I check every day and they haven't even started to lift off the edges :S still swollen I knew that was going to take some time what I'm over is the inability to do most normal stuff. I barely do any house work because a lot is strenuous. I still wake up with stiff breasts very sore is that normal? Will that ever go away?

I want to be productive again! Tired of kicking back

I had my steristrips removed yesterday 17 days post. Dr E thought me some stretches and one makes a nerve twitch I guess and hope that's it and it's not a sign of early contracture or something. My breast are still sore and hypersensitive hopefully that goes away it gets too unconfortable. I haven't seen much drop and definitely not softening yet. Today I saw the scars the incision is small but it still looks gross lol. I want to go back to normal and be able to do a lot of house chides I can't do.. I feel so unproductive

22 days post surgery.

I am super happy with my results, I think for 3 weeks they look great. I still peruse around other posts and I couldn't be happier with my choice of Dr. So I started massaging and stretching the way he showed me and the stiffness is getting better also I know sleep with a pillow along my spine/neck/head instead of the regular across the head and shoulders and I noticed I wake up less stiff. If I don't massage as much during the day I notice the next day I'm sore and more tender and more stiff so I try not to miss my almost hourly massages. And the bringing the shoulder blades together in the back. I started to use silicone gel band from the drug store today in my incisions.

Hoping they get better looking

I am not sure if I'm cray cray but I expected a whole lotta change with "this much extra added boob" and so far not really voluptuous I would say. Maybe like Sam said I'm titty greedy :/ even with 500 and 550 I don't feel too curvaceous.
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

So far only had a consult.. I'm anxious, scared, excited but I been dreaming about this for so long..

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