23 Year old, 02/05/15, 300cc HP, 32A to 32D - Los Alamitos, CA

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Hi everyone I am 23 years old 5'0" wt about 92lbs...

Hi everyone I am 23 years old 5'0" wt about 92lbs so I'm definitely on the small side. I currently wear a 32 B, however, I exclusively wear Aerie Drew bras and for those of you that know those bras they are extremely padded so in reality I'm an A cup because I can't even fill up the 32B.
So I've always wanted BA, but I was always so busy with school and work and I never got to it. Now that I've graduated and have a job that will allow me to take the time off and recover I decided to look more into it. Also the fact that my mom was willing to get BA with me helped. I spent days driving myself crazy researching different doctors. At first I had my heart set on Dr Pousti in San Diego and had set up a consultation ($100 fee). As the weeks went by and I continued to do my research I came across Dr. John Diaz ($100 consult fee) in Beverly Hills and Dr Farbod (free consult) in the Orange County area. I called each place and they all quoted me between $6,000-$7,500 for silicone implants. I was nervous about setting up multiple consults at $100 each since I was already trying to reduce my budget just to pay for my procedure. I decided to set up a consult with Dr Esmailian not only because the consult was free but I really liked his before and after pictures since I was going for the natural look and he had awesome reviews on multiple websites ( I'm really big on reviews I look up reviews for everything). At this point I had both Dr Pousti (scheduled for 19th of jan) and Dr Esmailian in mind. When I called Dr Esmailian's office they were able to give me an appointment the same day (jan 8th) for both my mom and I. So we went to our appointment about 20 min from our house this was already a plus compared to the 2 hour San Diego drive. The office was a nice elegant office just a little on the small size but overall upscale looking. Our wait time was great my mom and I asked to be seen together. I was extremely nervous since this was my first consult and I never really had a stranger stare and touch my breast. When Dr Esmailian arrived he examined my breast took measurements and asked if I had any questions. I bein the type of person the researches every brought my list of questions. To my surprise he answered them all with great detail and it was nice to be able to engage in easy going conversation with my doctor. He expressed his opinions about the different incision locations an under the muscle vs over the muscle and silicone vs saline. I really likes how he and I shares similar points of views. During the consult he did tell me that he only believes in periareolar( nipple) and inframammary (crease) incisions. Since he believe my areola is too small I was only given the under the crease option my mom was given both. I was bummed out since I wanted via nipple due to nice scaring but I later did research online and found that my nipples are too small indeed so I'm glad he wasn't willing to go via nipple.
After our exam we met with Sam the office manager. She went over the cost and financing and answered any other questions. Since both my mom and I wanted the procedure she said we were able to get $500 off each procedure if we booked together. We left the office and decided to talk things over. I felt really weird just putti a deposit at the first doctor I seen. However I did feel really comfortable with Dr Esmailian so we decided to book out surgery for Feb 5th. We put $500 down and the rest is due 2 weeks before op date. Our pre op is already jan 16th. I can't believe it's happening so soon. I hope I made the right choice by going with Dr Esmailian. I will keep everyone posted and will be adding before and after pics. Feel free to ask me any question as I know this is a stressful process. My surgery is weeks away and I'm already having sleepless nights. Will post soon!

Sorry for the late update

Hi everyone! Sorry for the late update I've been overwhelmed with deciding if I made the right size choice at my pre-op. I'm debating between 225cc mod+ or 300cc high profile. I hate the idea of high profile all the pictures I like have mod+ profile so I'm bummed out. The 225cc looks so small not sure if I would be happy with my results. I loved the 300cc size but then I hear people going from A to d/dd which scares me. I don't mind having a full B small C since I have nothing but I keep hearing people always want bigger after so I'm confused.

So here are the details:
Yesterday was my pre-op appointment and I was really excited and nervous. Dr. Esmailian asked that I bring in some pictures of my dream boobs. He did tell me to try to limit myself to about two pictures. That was so hard since I originally had like 10, but I understood that it can be overwhelming to have too many pictures to look at. My goal was to have a very natural look with a little bit of upper pole fullness. I was terrified of the very rounded look especially being so small. I knew that because of my small frame and lack of breast tissue I needed to go silicone under the muscle to help get that natural look I want. I went in thinking I would have an option as to where my incision could be made but apparently since my areolas were too small I had to choose inframammary. I wasn't too happy with that just because the scare seem a bit more obvious when looking at it directly but because I'm light skinned my ps said the scar should blend well. I don't I guess we shall see. The upside to selecting that area I that there's no interfering with the milk ducts in the nipple so my chances of breast feeding are good.

So now to the sizing. When I did the rice test at home I liked about 1-1/4 cups of rice which was around 300cc equivalent. I thought the 1-1/2 cups of rice was a little to big. When I tried on the 300cc Mentor sizers I loved them! They were the perfect size. Problem was if I wanted to have 300cc to 325cc, which was my max that he was willing to do for my body frame, I had to go with the High Profile if I wanted to go with the moderate plus I had to decrease my size to about 225-250cc which looked like a big difference in the sizers. I freaked out when I heard the word High profile since I have associated it with "fake looking." Dr. Esmailian was really patient explaining the differences between High and moderate plus profiles he even brought me before and after pictures in the different profiles. He also emphasized that he didn't want me to be disappointed with my size if I went with the moderate plus since I was paying a lot for my new boobs. I went in with a mind set that I wasn't willing to compromise my natural shape I was looking for just to go bigger. However with I was there I trying on the sizers the 250cc looked small. Like I said before I'm not trying to go big I just want like a full B/ C not trying to get close to the D range. My problem is cc volume doesn't guarantee a bra size so I just don't know how happy I would be with 225 cc or how happy I would be having a high profile implant when I want a natural look. Dr Esmailian said high profile would not give me a fake look since they are silicone and small. Idk if that's true that I won't get the fake look but he assured me I would be happy with my results. So I went with High Profile 300cc. Now that I'm Constantly doing research on high profile and I keep getting mixed reviews some say it will make my boobs look fake others say it has more to do with the size of cc than profile I'm just so confused!

I forgot to mention that the doctor believes my breast are different sizes so he said he was going to play around with the sizing to get me as perfect as possible but he can't make them exact since silicone implants are pre filled. How scary! I hope they look even because I never noticed a size difference in my boobs.

I'm wondering if anyone else who has a small frame had similar problems?

This is starting to freak me out I didn't think there were so many decisions I had to make just to get my dream boobs which aren't even guaranteed to Look the way I want them. Well I guess we will see if I made the right choice. I will keep you guys posted.

Dream Boobs

Just thought I would include some dream boob pictures that I took to show Dr. Esmailian at my pre-op.

A bit worried....

So like I mentioned earlier, my mom and I are getting BA together. Since she's 43 she had to go get a mammogram before her surgery. The results came back and her dr told her she had to go in for further testing since she has dense breast tissue. Apparently when you have dense breast tissue the results come back looking like breast cancer since breast tissue and cancer show up white on the mammogram. Now we have to wait and see what the doctor says about the new test. Its so sad we were both looking forward to having this procedure together and support one another. I'm hoping it's nothing and we can go back to being excited for each other. I'll let you guys know as soon as I hear anything back. Hope everyone is healing well!

Good News!!!!

Everything came back normal from my mom's mammogram. Yay!!! We are 9 days away from getting our boobies. I'm starting to get nervous the closer it gets, but I can't wait to finally have boobs!!!

Finally bought everything I need

I think I finally got everything I need. I've been slowly buying all the stuff I have been recommended to buy. This is what I have so far: a back pillow, a neck pillow, reusable I've packs, extra fruit of the loom front closing bras recommended by my ps (they run small so I got two sizes bigger for the swelling), scar away, vitamin C, button down pj, bath robe, face wipes, food and snacks, 7-Up, extra strength Tylenol, prescriptions (include pain killer, antibiotic, and muscle relaxer), antibacterial body wash, apple sauce, straws and I also got some extra sports bras without padding or cups since I have to wear them 24/7 for the first 4 weeks. Is there anything else I should get before the big day?

Extremely Nervous Only 3 Days left!!!

Today has been tough. All day I keep thinking if I'm making the right decision. Each time I see someone post something that went wrong with their BA it makes me second guess my decision. My boyfriend and I have been together for 8 years and not once has he ever complained about my boobs. Even now he keeps asking me if I'm sure I want to go through with this. I've never felt the need to get breast implants because of him its truly for my own satisfaction in bathing suit and clothes. I'm so confused on wether I should try to get my PS to put 275cc moderate plus but its 11.7cm which is bigger than my 11cm bwd. My PS and the office manager both believe 300cc HP would give me the best result. Im thinking I should trust him and cross my fingers that I don't end up with two balls on my chest.

Saying good bye to my bra collection

I feel so bad giving away all my bras. It's going to take some time before I can build a new bra collection. Good thing I have a few months to save before I need to go out and buy some.

Only hours away!!!

So nervous and excited at the same time I can't wait to share my pictures with you ladies. I hope everything goes well and according to plan. I have to be at the hospital at 9am so I'll be leaving around 7:30. Here are some last pics of my little boobies in my surgical bra. Next time you see me I'll finally have some real boobies!!!!

I have boobies!!!!

Hi ladies I'm out I surgery and feeling surprisingly well. My car ride to the hospital felt like the longes drive. I started question my selection in doctor when I found out that the surgery location was in a building with a bank name. I was freaking out and thinking I made the wron decision but when I saw dr Esmailian and he started explaining the procedure I knew I made the right choice. All of the doctors and assistance were amazing.

So the doctor ended up selecting 300cc for both sides since my asymmetry wasn't big enough to select different size implants. So far my right boob looks amazing my left looks a little smaller. I'm hoping thsi changes with time. I'm getting drowsy so it's time to nap again. I will post pics soon.

3 days post op

Hi everyone sorry it took so long to post anything new. I've been sleeping most of time and it's been hard to focus. Today was my first day off my pain killers I've just taken one muscle relaxer in the morning and some Tylenol. Surprisingly, I've actually been able to sleep just fine since day one using a back rest pillow. I haven't been in pain just really tight feeling and sore especially on my sides. So far I'm liking my size not too big but perfect for me. I still have that tight feeling on top of my chest. I feel really bloated and it feels funny when I take deep breaths like I want to cough. I tried taking a shower alone today and it was hard . It felt weird not having my surgical bra on. Tomorrow is my first post op appointment I hope I can start massaging them because they feel so stiff. I forgot to mention my ps ended up putting 300cc high profile on both sides since he felt that it made my boobs look more symmetrical using the same sizes than different as originally planned. I'm really bad at taking pictures so here as a few I manage to take.

Back to work

Hi ladies yesterday was my first day back to work and my first day driving. Since I teach kindergarten it's not too much physical work it's just being able to put up with needy kids. I felt a bit out of it but by the end of the day I felt close to normal. Driving was the only challenge it felt weird making turns I could feel my muscles pulling with was uncomfortable but not painful. My left side feels amazing almost normal like my own boob but my right side feels so tight still. I switched over bras last night to my Target brand sports bra and it feels way more comfortable than the fruit of the loom front close bra. I'm able to get out of bed with no problem and can do almost everything on my own. Taking a shower and doing my hair is a bit difficult since I can't fully reach that high yet. It feel so weird not having a sports bra on my boobs start to get muscle spasms when they're not fully supported. Both boobs are still numb which is normal.

My mom is doing good as well. She ended up getting 400cc moderate plus. I'll try posting pictures soon.

9 days post op

So I just want to say that so far Doctor Esmailian has done an amazing job!
1. No pain after surgery just sore and tight
2. No bruising what so ever
3. Able to return to work 5 days post op
4. Boob feel completely normal and mine by day 8

My boobs finally feel 100% mine I thought it would take at least a month but I feel great. I can sleep flat and walk around naked and they no longer feel like tight balls on my chest. They still look really round and stiff but that's expected at only 9 days post op. I'm still really careful not to lift anything heavy or try to reach too high. I'm able to lay flat on my back and it feels just fine. The size does seem small at times but I think it suits my tiny frame. I think if I would of gone bigger I might have felt a little uncomfortable. I have my two week post op appointment on Friday and I'll update you with my results. Take care and happy healing!

Two weeks post op

1 month post op

It's been one month and my boobs are amazing. They're dropping and looking more natural. My right side is slower but it's caching up. My rigt side doesn't feel bruised anymore. I can sleep flat in my back and my side but not my stomach yet it feels like too much pressure. My boobs aren't bouncy and are still a bit stiff but can be squeezed. My left side has a dent/ air bubble near my sternum tha has developed u can't see it bu I can feel it. My incisions get itchy at times but overall are healing nicely. I don't have much cleavage but ps told me I would with hp. I love my size I fits perfect on my frame. I wish my implants were mod plus so they could be wider but I would lose my projection which I actually love. I can get away with wearing just a sports bra and I look like a have nice full B/ C. I'm still fitting into a 32D/ 30DD but it's hard to find a 30 DD. I'm told I can start sleeping without a sports bra but during the day I must wear a sports bra. I hope my boobs don't lose their size as they drop and fluff.

Late one month visit post

Last week was my one month post op appointment. My ps was surprised to see how fast I've been healing. He lifted all restrictions and told me I can work out as long as I wear a supportive sports bra. He still wants me sleeping with a light sports bra or cami just to help support them at night. Surprisingly he told me that he wanted me to start wearing a bra with an underwire as soon as possible. I was kinda sad to hear this just because I got so comfortable wearing a sports bra. I'm still not allowed to wear any type of push up or padded bra. I can now start scar treatment which is nice.

Anyone have rippling?

I'm a little sad that the dent I have on my inner left boob is actually rippling. You can only see it and feel it when I push my boobs together but it makes me sad that I have rippling so soon. My ps said it's normal because I'm so thin and he did tell me that prior to my surgery but with all the swelling right after the surgery I thought I was out if the danger zone. I was wondering if any ladies experienced rippling early on in their recovery?

Bra shopping

I went shopping over the weekend and bought a few bras and found that maidenform has some extremely comfortable bras they are so soft. I can fit into a 32 D and a 30 DD but I dont like wearing my bra on the first hook like a proper bra should fit. I prefer to wear it on the tightest hook so I can loosen it up if needed. For this reason I prefer a 32D and it fits perfect. As for sports bras i found this new brand called Moving Comfort that I love. I bought a 30 D so make sure it fits tight.

8 week update

Hi girls hope every one is healing well. So not much has changed since my last post but here are some pictures. My left boob which had some rippling has now been reduced. In the morning when I wake up I can't feel any rippling but by the end of the night I can feel the implant at the bottom of my left boob. It's not visible which is good but I can't still feel it. My right boob is amazing no rippling so far. My boobs still feel small but I've learned to appreciate them when I look at bras in my old size. I found an amazing Brooke bathing suit at Aerie that pushes my boobs together closes my gap and makes my boobs look bigger. I thought that by getting my boobs done I would be able to wear any bathing suit I wanted but I still find myself looking for a little bit of padding just to get that extra push. It's annoying but I guess as long as I can make them look good even if it's with padding I'm happy with that.
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

Dr Esmailian made me feel so comfortable i felt like he was the one after leaving the office. I never once felt uncomfortable or rushed or even pushed into getting the procedure done right away. He answered all my questions in deal and I was able to engage in an easy going conversation.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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