Lopsided Clown Lips from Juvederm

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I went to allure medical spa in Shelby Township ,...

I went to allure medical spa in Shelby Township , MI. I went for the special they had on fillers. Dont go there. The PA, CHeral there did a horrific job on my fillers. My lips were lopsided and I had to drive to my old Doc, in Canada to dissolve the filler (very painful). I even told her I had a nose job done a month prior but she didnt seem to know that It is imperative that you wait for all the swelling to go away and the tissues to settle before attempting any injections under the eye area. If you had injections now, in a few weeks when all the swelling is gone, it will be like the tide going out and revealing all the rocks below. Cheral was not aware of this. Plz see a doctor that does fillers many times each week or u might suffer like me. I might need to have my lips redone once the swelling goes down my doc says. I start school on Monday and now im so worried. Allure medical spa is a waste of time and money.

Allure Medical Spa

The pull you in with sales and the real doctors there leave you to their non experienced staff members. Go to a doc whom does fillers all the time only. Small offices and med spas are much better than huge ones and franchises, trust me!

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