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I am booked to have rhinoplasty aug 22 with a...

I am booked to have rhinoplasty aug 22 with a company named Longevita, they are very attentive so far and the surgeon practiced in the USA, fingers crossed! I am going solo and spending 2 weeks in turkey to recover :) the only thing that worries me is if work colleagues notice my change? I haven't told anyone apart from my best friend....

Septorhinoplasty, Istanbul, Turkey

Surgery today!!! Excited for this opportunity :)

Day 3

So surgery went well, no pain and a little swelling. I did have a freak out yesterday though when I noticed part of my left columella was protruding! I immediately phoned my surgeon and I got an appointment early today. He assured me it's just swelling and it will disappear in the next few days! Fingers crossed it will :) I love my new nose so far and it will improve as the days go by. I had no nausea at all if anything I was so hungry yesterday and today.

Before pic


Before pic

4 weeks post op!!

Sorry for not posting sooner, it was a case of back to work and being very busy. It took about 3 weeks to get my smile back after surgery, initially I thought I can't possibly live like this for the rest of my life - looking like a blowfish and smiling like a lunatic. That was the hardest thing especially when I got back to work it was obvious I had some type of facial rearrangement. I found the recovery fine, I was abit congested but apart from that a little bruising and no pain. The result is slowly beginning to develop- I was happy the minute the cast came off, the only thing I will highlight is that the left columella is still swollen and it sticks out a little but Longevita said after year if its still like that they will look into it. Open rhinoplasty is very different to closed, open rhinoplasty leaves an incision scar across the columella which is last to heal, the actual scar doesn't bother me its just the swelling on just one area.

4 weeks post op pics

I have no makeup on in the pics - so this is 4 weeks post op

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