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I struggle with my appearance every day, I am 18...

I struggle with my appearance every day, I am 18 yet I have the features of an elderly woman with a big shnozzz. I plan to go for a rhinoplasty & then fat grafting for the face. Looking for a good surgeon on long island, I have 4,500 saved up towards my rhinoplasty so far. Any suggestions would help tremendously


hi againnnnnnn :)

I know you guys are saying i don't really need surgery & awfully sweet but i really do have these issues . & maybe these picture will show you more of what I'm talking about. I'm really excited to start searching. Does anybody know how much you should save up before consulting with a doctor?


So I have 5,000 saved up now & its just tough working on min. wage but I will wait because I want this more than anything. I hope everyone is doing well on here, have been doing my research & I am in love with reading all of your stories :) You guys make me realize that there is still hope to love your appearance, despite mean judgmental people.

Haii all ^.^

Hit the 6300 mark can someone tell me what a decent price to spend on this because I've seen the price varies , I'm in ny & it seems so much more expensive here but it doesn't seem like the work is that much better quality. Please no mean feed back :/

Almost there!!

Second life startingg noww

Have 8 grand so far I actually almost passed away 2 weeks ago had to have a gastrectomy because I had a huge ulcer, my stomach perforated, & my artery ruptured. I had to have over 8 blood transfusions. It's been tough regaining my strength. I feel like I owe it to myself just to do something for me for a change, I spent my Christmas in the hospital with no presents I think this should be my gift to myself. Once I save up a bit more that is :) good news I'm not nervous about anesthesia anymore being that I was forced to be put under it to save my life. I hope everyone else's Christmas was wonderful & they all got to spend it with loved ones. I still obsess over reading all of your reviews & it gives me so much hope & insight. So anyway I'm just babbling on now but I'm starting school soon so it's gonna be a little harder to save money but I'm hoping once I'm done recovering I will get back to being my ambitious self. God bless everyone^.^




feeling its looking a bit droopy at times :/ hopefully that will change
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