Reversing Extraction Method for Underbite to Prepare for Jaw Surgery. Long Island, NY

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Hello! So I've been on a super long journey trying...

Hello! So I've been on a super long journey trying to correct my underbite. Back in 2014 I was 23 and for years had jaw pain( didn't have a clue why) until I went to an orthodontist and was told I needed jaw surgery for a class III bite. I was initially freaked out, the thought of jaw surgery was absolutely terrifying. I did my research trying to find another solution. I got a few different opinions from several orthodontists and one suggest removing a lower bottom tooth and wearing braces and elastics. This at the time seemed like the easier and better option. 2 years later I'm really regretting this decision. I got my braces put on in august of 2014 and they came off January 2016. Since then I've been having jaw pain and tension when closing my mouth, eating and talking. My jaw is also asymmetrical, my lower jaw leans to right and is off center. Now I am looking into reversing everything that was done by the orthodontist and having braces put back on to prepare for jaw surgery. I have an appointment this Wednesday and Thursday to see an orthodontist to evaluate me. I'll update then. And pictures will soon follow :)
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