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I've been reading all these reviews and figured I...

I've been reading all these reviews and figured I would write something on here to ease my nerves once it comes down to the surgery. I am planning on getting it done September 4th, I have already went for the first consultation and absolutely love the doctor I went to. I am a mammography /xray technologist so every time I have a patient with implants I always ask them who they went to and would they recommend them.

Besides the fact that it'll be hard to take off work for a week over the summer when all the moms take off to spend time with their kids, I also want to pay cash for the BA. Trust me, I would love to have them for the summer but realistically it won't work out.

Put deposit down!!

I just put my deposit down for my BA! I picked my date for September 4th, I know it's a couple of months away but it is the only time I will be able to take off work and I want to pay cash for it without breaking into my personal savings account.

I'm still super duper excited! I've been on this site non stop reading reviews and experiences just to plan out what I should expect and have ready in the days before and after the surgery. I am only planning on having off that Friday through that next Monday, so give or take 9 days, I hope that's enough time! I do have to move around for my job, I am actually am and X-ray/mammogram tech.

I will post before photos once it gets closer, as far as size I know everyone says to go big or go home but I am going to this surgeon because I don't want to look like a stripper. I am petite so I know I can't go huge, it would just look silly and could lead to complications. I will tell him to put in as much as he can, I trust him.

Anyways if there are any tips or tricks please feel free to tell me!

I live at home for the next 6 months, was planning on moving out this summer but I'd rather save and have my mom help me ha!! She is totally against the surgery but she's a over cautious nurse so it's kind of good to have her around throughout this process, even though I sprung it on her and she thought I was kidding. I feel like at least 2/3 of the people I tell say "really?! I don't know why you are doing that, you are perfect" usually coming from the ones with Cs and Ds. Sorry but I am not happy with these small boobs, I'm ready to finally do something for myself, while I have the money, time and people to help. My boyfriend will be around the help, he said he would take off a day to help but I don't think he realizes how serious the surgery is and that I won't be 100% for a few weeks....hopefully in time for his birthday, Oct 18th.

Now I'm just blabbing away but it's nice to get some things off my chest.

Countdown begins

So everything is in the books!! Already took off a week and a half from work, bought one of those chair pillows and just been trying to drop a few pounds before September.

The official date of the surgery will be Wednesday September 9th, a little over 2 months!! My pre op is August 13th, not sure what they will need... I'm assuming blood work, chest X-ray, maybe even a baseline ultrasound.

Dr. Deane is known for being on the conservative side which is exactly what I want but I need to speak to him at the pre op about going as big as it can go, but still look natural. I'm thinking along the lines of like 250-275cc HP silicone.

I will post pictures tomorrow morning.

Finally before pictures

1 week til pre op

Wow this is all coming up so fast!! Next Thursday I go for pre-op where I'll get a "care package" with vitamins and whatnot in it to begin before the surgery. I will also be going over what implant size we will use, like I said he's on the conservative side which is exactly what I am looking for, no bigger than 325 cc. Its pretty hard to find stories of people who get less than 300cc but from what it seems, and common sense, the healing process should be a bit easier with a smaller implant... But that's not the reason why I'm not going huge.

The surgery is in a little over 1 month away!!! I have a list of all different things I think I'll need when I am home and it's only growing. All of my pre-op/clearance appointments are set up, I can actually get an ultrasound at my job! I was going to get a mammo but I figured I just turned 25 a week ago, I don't need the radiation plus there's no family hx of breast cancer so I'll just go with the safer bet and if one of the radiologists thinks I could use one, so be it. I already have my pillows, bio oil, 2 kinds of post op front zip sports bras, my rides set up, my mom will be staying with me that day and probably my boyfriend the next, I am waiting to do laundry til a few days before. I will try and make some smoothies a day or 2 before and if not I'll have my boyfriend run out to my favorite smoothie place hahah. I read online a smart idea to put your pills in a zip lock baggie so if no one is around and the twist off tops are a pain I won't be screwed! I also downloaded an app for monitoring all the meds I'll be on so I will never forget or nap through a time I need to take my meds.

I'm so excited for this new chapter, also nervous, mainly about the anesthesia.... I can handle pain and discomfort but it's the unknowing that freaks me the hell out. I'm one of those people who I guess has trust issues....being in the car with other people driving, boats, air planes. My life is literally in their hands and it also doesn't help that I've worked in the OR many times...so I know what goes on.

Whatever, good vibes only!!

I'll post more once I go for pre-op!

Pre op is done... 24 more days!

Whoa I'm having surgery in less than 1 month!! I went for my pre op appointment this past week and wow it really hit me! Super duper excited!

I brought my mom, she's a nurse and had a million questions for dr deane, and surprisingly they have mutual friends in the medical field, go figure. She actually felt very good about the surgery when we left, mind you she was 100% against it when I told her.

As far as sizing, he just said that he will fit the biggest he can go for my body, which is fine by me. I asked for a range of what he thinks it'll be but he didn't give me a specific number, he just said that in the suite he will have a bunch of different sizes, but no larger than 300cc, which is fine. I went them to look as natural as possible. I haven't had any kids and my weight hasn't really fluctuated so I don't have much extra loose skin to work with and the last thing I want are stretch marks!

So surprisingly I won't have drains, straps or anything. He said I don't even have to wear a surgical bra home. I leave with steri strips, a zip up hoodie and I'm good to go. I go back to him the next day, get cleared to shower, and this whole time I won't need to wear any bra. I have a feeling it's because I'm not going huge?!?

I also got a pack of vitamins to take pre surgery and post, along with some Percocet and antibiotics or something that I have to get from my pharmacy.

This upcoming week I am going for my clearance exams, breast sono, chest X-ray, blood work and urine analysis.

I'll update soon!

2 days!!!

Woooohoo! 2 days til the surgery, super excited! I think I have everything lined up, bought some of those Naked smoothies, cleaned my room , did all my laundry and have plenty of "bendy" straws.

Anyone have any suggestions on what to use on my incisions to heal? I'll be going under the breast.

Morning... Here we goooo!

I can't believe today is the day! It's 5:50am and I'm just getting ready to hop in the shower. I wasn't nervous at all...until now. I just want to fast forward to 2pm today when I'm home already. Just so worried about anesthesia, side effects and what not.

I'll update later or tomorrow about my experience, wish me luck!

And we're done!

Hey all I'm home now just laying in bed, icing a bit and watching tv. I haven't taken any pain meds yet, I personally don't really like them. I feel pretty good! I wasn't nauseous at all, woke up thinking I was at the dentist LOL!! Just feel a tightness in my chest, he gave me I think 200 or 225CC, I'll double check tomorrow when I go in to see him.

I went home without a surgical bra, just some steri strips and my track suit.

Here's a pic from a couple hours post op!

3 days post op!

Hey so I'm 3 days post op, haven't taken any pain meds besides some Tylenol the first 2 days. I feel great! No pain, just that tightness in my chest, I have this weird feeling under my armpits when I move certain ways but that's all. I haven't been lifting anything but I do feel some discomfort when opening up heavy doors like for the car or fridge.

I went back to the PS the day after the surgery and he cleaned the stitches and tossed on some steri strips. He told me to stop my antibiotics and that I was healing perfectly. No bruising and some minor swelling. I was cleared to shower the next day, just to try and keep the strips as dry as possible. I go back to him next Thursday to either clean it again or to take the stitches out.

I got my BA implant card, mentor smooth round high profile gel 200cc under the muscle!

It's weird to me that all the reviews on this site are well over 200cc and yet I feel like I'm huge!!! I know the swelling goes along with it but I couldn't imagine going any bigger, I'd feel so disproportionate.

As far as the procedure went, I didn't really explain it too well. I got there at like 8:10 to go in at 9, of course like any OR they were running a little late. I went in around 8:35 to change into the funny disposable undies(didn't want to ruin mine with betadine) I went into my recovery room, sat with one of the nurses and went over some questions again, pregnancy test and all that stuff. Surprisingly I was really calm and not nervous at all. I got all marked up by my PS, my mom came in and gave me a hug and that was that. I actually walked into the surgery all suite, said hi to the scrub techs and nurses and layer down on the table myself....this is when I was starting to feel like... Oh fuck. They put the blood clot preventing leg pump things on me...weird feeling and a warm blanket which helped. As they were setting me up they saw my tattoos and we were talking about that which calmed my nerves. The anesthesiologist came in and we were talking about tattoos and the. He said your going to feel a little relaxed now, I just remember saying that my hands were cold and then......boom. I woke up in the recovery room talking to the nurse or my mom or idk maybe even myself about being at the dentist hahah!!! I was 100% positive I was at the dentist. I had some crackers and ginger ale, I wasn't nauseous at all I just felt like really off. My mom came in and we laughed for a while and I got dressed on my own with some help from her, got in the wheelchair, made a pit stop at the bathroom and they wheeled me out the car and I was on my way home. It was odd, I was so out of it when I woke up but as soon as I was dressed I was 100% back to my self, a little sluggish but I wasn't loopy at all.

I'll post some pictures, I've been trying to stay away from the steri strips so excuse the betadine.
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