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As a fastly approach my surgery date i get more...

as a fastly approach my surgery date i get more excited about the procedure. & my rusults ..not to worried about pain bc im a trooper...lol i hope ...jus have few concerns about placement of the scar ..& brusing .....how long does the brusing take to subside or fade ...is this massages really needed?

pre op

so im 4 days pre op ..im excited ...& a bit nervous at the same time ...ive gotten all of the meds...but have 1 question ...is the tt. procedure really 3hrs long ? i read different lengths of time..pls i need to know ...my fiance says i dnt need to know...jokingly..

morning of surgery

so its 630 am ..morning of my procedure i am a lil nervous but more excited if anything ...will keep you posted

collagonase ointment

have a question ? .. i am using collagonase on a small portion of my incision post a debriment...is the wound supposed to have an odor ? i understand this ointment does kill the unwanted tissue?

5wks post op

i am now 5wks post op ...with a bit of a hick up ....i had a slow heal on my flap but here is a pic ......now
New York Plastic Surgeon

he was extremely attentive .. with realistic answers ..his bedside manner was extremely welcoming ...HIS ENERGY WAS GREAT & RELAXING ...

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