20 YR, No Kids, 127lbs, 34DD - Long Island City, NY

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Okay so i had a profile on here before but deleted...

Okay so i had a profile on here before but deleted it because a lot of things changed and I'm kinda ocd with things not looking exactly how i want them so yeah. a little back story. I went from a training bra straight into B cups, then to a C for a VERY short period in the 7th grade, then to D then DD's! Now, honestly everything doesn't fit in the DD bras, They couldn't be covered to save my life. I have a small frame and these on me are just a big NO! The neck and back and shoulder pain along with the rashes are indentations do not help at all with my mental and physical state. This was a really hard decision to make especially because I'm paying out of pocket. I had to ask myself what was more important, money or my happiness and sanity. I clearly chose the latter :) My procedure is on Wednesday August 19 at 7am done by Artist & Surgeon Dr.Urmen Desai in Long Island City, New York. 30 minute drive from home! He has not one bad review and i trust his gifted hands. I have to be at the surgery center (Doctors Plastic Surgery) by 6:15am but knowing me i'll be there way before. I plan to leave my house at 5 :)!

Another thing is that I'm not sure if i should purchase my own steri strips or not. I have my own paper tape, got a thermometer, got a pack of smooth move tea and I've been taking 500-1000mg of spring valley's vitamin C (found at walmart) everyday. I'm gonna go to the drugstore on monday and get antibacterial soap and gauze pads!

On the list, it says Dial antibacterial soap. but they ALL have a smell. Do they mean get the gold one that smells a bit like dettol?
Any help is appreciated!

Also i'll upload a before picture on the night before for future references.

Surgery Day tomorrow

Tomorrow is my surgery and it's finally time! I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I pray for a smooth process! Here are the before and after pictures and a few snacks I picked up to keep me from not moving around too much. Also got A ton of Gatorade and I cleaned the entire house today. I was gonna get a pedicure today because they said I could do my toes no problem but time caught up on me. I'm about to pack a mini bag with my prescriptions and miscellaneous items. Wish me luck and pray sweet prayers! Thank you!


So I've crossed over to the other side. I'm going to recall my day to the best of my current knowledge. I got to the surgical center at 6:15am on the dot which was my scheduled time of arrival, the nurse told me to change in scrubs then asked me to pee in a cup. That was hard since the last time i ate or drank anything was around 10:40pm last night but anyway after a lot of trying that was successful. Then Dr.Desai came in and drew on me and during that I was asking my boyfriend to speak to me and distract me from the whole thing, Dr. Desai was also helpful since he ran out of anything to distract me with lol. While he was drawing on me though I got extremely dizzy and was on the verge of passing out. He assured me it was the nerves and me not eating or drinking and being dehydrated and I was going to be okay. He allowed me to relax until I was okay again so he could continue drawing on me. After that he left and the nurse came back in and put the IV in my arm, then the anesthesiologist came in and explained his role and he was also extremely nice and funny " give you couple shots of cocktails then you'll be out " lol. I asked him if I was to wake up what would happen he goes " complete refund ". Very calming personality and I wasn't nervous anymore! He then left then the nurse came back in right after and took me to my room. She asked me to lay down on the operating table and was making sure I was positioned correctly. The next
thing I know I was waking up with a compression bra on. I was told my surgery started at 7:15am& finished at 9:15am and I woke up a little past 11am. I didn't sleep the night before so that was understandable. So then they put me in a wheelchair and then I came home. I was A-okay since I had taken oxycodone before I left. I was feeling so well I wanted to walk around and do whatever but I had to remember no matter how good I felt I had to relax. So I forced myself to sleep at 6:20 & woke up almost 9pm. I just had dinner and took an antibiotic and now I'm sitting in the recliner chair watching ghost whisperer with my babe. He's been so supportive I couldn't thank he enough. I still feel really good and I hope my pain level stays where it's at. I was expecting the pain to be 10 times worse. I took a peak at my boobs and they are SO SMALL AND PERFECT! My surgeon is an ARTIST! I have my post op appointment tomorrow at 2 so I'll get down to all the details afterwards! I'm glad I found this site, it was really helpful.

I'm off all pain medications!

I'm off all pain meds and I didnt even need to take the medicine for nausea. All I need to do now is finish my antibiotics. the only part that sucks is that my period started yesterday. No cramps thank God but belly pain and still not much bowel movement, just gas. Other than that I'm relaxed. If you have any post op advice especially for swelling that would be great!

5 Days Post Op

So a little update. On day 3 my bowels went back to normal, I started itching a little bit but now I'm itching a lot. I'm happy at this point and the swelling is not as bad as day 1. I've been going through some other stuff as well so this is nothing for me compared so I'm just waiting for my 1 week post op appointment so they can take the stuff off me and at least tell me when I can stop sleeping on my back. I'll post pictures on Thursday after my one week

1 Week Post Op Ap.

So I just had my one week post op appointment and got the bandages off and some of the stitches cut out. They're dissolvable stitches though so the rest will just eventually be gone. I have sensation in both nipples now and ALOT of itching! I'm still sleeping on my back and I still have to wear the compression bra, well, it's recommended to still wear them. I'm also now cleared to use mederma, Yay! I am sooooo happy with my results so far, can't wait for the scars to fade now ??

They're dropping yay

I don't know how long it's been but every time I look at them they look better & better. They've definitely dropped a bit and a good amount of the swelling has gone down. A few days ago I decided to give the compression bra a break and started wearing the forever21 sports bras which also have a lot of compression & are more comfortable. I do have a problem area on the right areola, a tiny spot taking forever to close. I started using neosporine and a bandage over it and the discomfort stopped and its closing now. By the way, I find myself turning on my side in my sleep without problem. So yay! Just a little update until my one month visit on sept 23rd!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Desai performed my breast reduction. He did an amazing job and I am completely satisfied and glad I chose him as my surgeon.

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