20yrs 5'6 130lbs , very skinny getting SILICONE! - Long Island City, NY

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So I finally put a deposit down to get this...

So I finally put a deposit down to get this surgery. I'm so excited this is finally happening and I can not wait to share every step of the way with you guys because I know when I first started researching this was the best place to go! Hopefully I will be just as helpful. I had my consultation with Dr. Urmen Desai two months ago I was scheduled to come in at 5 but was late because I was coming in from NJ and the traffic in NY was insane! But anyway I finally got to see him and since this was my second consultation he didn't really have to explain much to me. He is awesome and so kind and very honest! I decided on 500 cc's. I'm 5'6 with a weight that fluctuates from 128-130. i'm not curvy at all, i have a tiny rectangle frame and ive always wanted larger breasts. My bra size is unknown honestly, lol. I'm either a 32b or something like that. Either A or B. I'm stuck on going with silicone or saline. I love saline, which might sound odd but i actually like how it feels. Silicone is nice too but idk, anyway i was told i have till the surgery date to decide what I want. I was told that i might have rippling in the cleavage area because my skin is so thin if i go with saline which did make me nervous. I don't know... thats one thing I'm having trouble with is deciding the implant type, any suggestions would be great or anyone who was told that and still went ahead with saline how did that work out for you? I was told from the previous doctor i was going to have atleast a 2 finger gap after surgery, is that far apart? my fingers are small and it doesnt seem so bad to me

Most girls my age usually wonder how other women pay for this, I have been saving non stop since August of this year. I have 1900 left to save and I have been able to save 1,000 each month working minimum wage part time and attending college full time! but i live with my mom so i think thats why its probably easier, anyway who ever is around 20 you can do it do not be discouraged! I'm doing it and you can too!

(sorry for any of the grammatical errors)

One week away! Pre op this saturday!

As the surgery date gets closer and closer I'm started to get alittle anxious! Dr Desai said I had the option to get either silicone or saline due to my asymmetry but I really liked saline but I deel discouraged because I feel like most girls hate saline so I keep thinking maybe I'm not picking the right thing? Idk I loved how it felt (its so hard to find girls who do most girls hate it!) Anyway I'm super excited, I'm doing the surgery during my spring break leaving me with five days to feel well enough to go back to school... hoping i feel alittle okay by then! Love the feedback from this site if anyone has any questions feel free to ask. And that pic of my breasts makes my boobs look so lopsided i'm going to take a better one because they look crazy there ahahaha! Heres a full body pic, I'm super tiny. 5ft6 130! 32A-B more on the B side

Before pictures!

I'm such a private person but I know photos really helped me during my journey so I'll share photos too. As you can see I have zero upper pole fullness and stretch marks. I have a huge gap too but I'm hoping it won't be crazy bad after, I know i'll have a gap still. My nipples look kinda uneven but two different doctors shared that it has alot to do with my posture. Anyway hope this helps anyone! xoxo

Up late getting emotional

I have awful anxiety I keep doubting myself and feeling guilty as if i should be spending all the money i worked hard on for paying for college not for new boobs. i feel so sad i dont know whats wrong with me. this is what i wanted for so long and now i keep having doubts. anyone else ever felt like this? is this normal? my pre op is tomorrow and i can't sleep i keep thinking im making a mistake and that everything is going to go wrong

Pre op today

Went really well, decided on 500 cc silicone! happy i finally made my choice

Full version of what happened during pre op

Okay, so while doing my research I loved reading every little detail. I hated seeing posts that just said stuff like "oh things went well" because I would always wonder ok, why did it go really well? what happened. I caught myself posting something like that on my previous post and Im sorry. overall things went well but i do feel like there werre things that others might find helpful to know so why keep that from anyone right? So here is in full detail of what happened...good and bad!
Arrived at my pre op appointment 20
minutes late, anyone who is not from new york i must warn you traffic is no joke. I'm not from there and I was coming from school which was 2 hours away the appointment was at 8am so traffic was not bad at all we just didnt leave early enough. BUT traffic can get bad during the day so be prepared. We got there and waited less than 10 minutes (sorry I keep saying WE... we =my mother, my boyfriend and myself) anyway the receptionist brought me to the back to fill out consent forms. I told her i wanted to switch to silicone and that kinda got hectic because the forms were listed as saline. so i signed the information that didnt speak about the type of implant, and they printed out new info which i later signed. i signed forms discussing the outcome, fees if im late which btw is crazy! 15 mins 250.. over an hour 1,000. I completely understood that because its surgery day dont be late lol, but anyway i signed forms like that but my issue was that she was talking about what the papers said and was speaking way too fast, i like to read what im signing i may be 20 but my mother has always told me to never sign anything without reading it. so shes speaking about the info listed on the paper but saying it all way too quick and expecting me to be able to understand and be ok with what shes saying and then sign off. luckily ive done my research for years so alot of the information i already knew about. i took my time and made sure all the information was something i agreed with before signing she wasnt mad at all that i was taking my time, she was nice... i just didnt like that she spoke too fast because what if someone was doing this and didnt research everything? that is probably the only thing i did not like. they also gave me a copy of the documents to read over after and everything in the documents were completely fine but i think it would be better to give people these documents to read prior to the consent so they can just come in and sign it. Anyway due to the fact that i switched to silicone i had to pay the difference, the guy i spoke with was soo freaken kind. (the staff here is so nice! ) i then spoke with the patient coordinator Catherine (my favorite staff member there) we talked about my concerns and how i feel guilty at times and she really made me feel so much better about it. it was honestly like talking to a close friend. My mom finally met my surgeon and she loves him she was worried about me going back to school five days after and he said i would be completely fine (mind you i told her this like 8times). the lady who was with me for the consent forms took my pictures and my vitals. After all of that i was set to go! i got my prescriptions they offered me a package which i denied it comes with a bra, soap, silicone strips and something else i think. all for like 140 but i felt i could get a better price by purchasing it myself idk if that was a stupid decision? but looking at most girls you can definitly find all of that for a much more affordable price. Anyway that is how my pre op went. I hope this helps xoxo


my surgery is tomorrow and it is not hitting me at all that it is really happening. this is something i wanted for so long and researched for so long its so crazy to me that i'm actually doing it. instead of constantly dreaming and wishing im making it a reality! im so excited but i feel sad too because idk i feel like none of my friends are happy for me i feel like i cant talk about it to them because they make me kinda feel like i'm bragging or something. my boyfriend has been the only person texting me nonstop in excitment. hes the only person i could actually share how happy i am about it. I'm 20 years old and my friends are the same age, idk what it is maybe they feel i'm stupid for doing it? i feel hurt but at the time im happy af ahahah im finally doing this. im glad i have people here who are being supportive and are happy for me. Anyway my surgery is tomorrow at 11am but i have to be there by 1030! so excited

Hey everyone!

i just got back from surgery. i will take pictures and explain how everything went later tonight or tomorrow. Currently really sore snd tired

Surgery day & post op day 1

Hey everyone! So surgery day was pretty hectic, went by super quick. the 2 hour drive back home was rough but definitely something i could handle. i had to do the 2 hour drive back the following morning(today).

Surgery day:
surgery time was 1130 was told to be there by 1030. I got a call from them asking if i could come earlier because they arent busy, i said i could try. on our way there they said nvm your appointment will still be at 1130. My mom was slightly concerned about that. We arrived there at 1025, waited less than 10 minutes and was brought into the surgical pre op room. The lady who made my IV was a sweetheart. we sat there for two and a half hours, no deodorant no lotion no nothing. My iv drip eventually emptied out, i had to ask for a nurse to change it THREE times until finally someone did something. My mom began to get concerned and asked me if i researched him well enough. the pre op room was right be the surgical room and she began to panic because she felt the room was too small. it was like girls were just lined up ready to go into that room, which started to make me alittle concerned. The anesthesiologist came in and talked to me at 240 but it still was not my turn because he was actually supposed to talk to the girl next door. Finally around 3 dr desai came in and marked me up, he took pictures with his cell phone (which confused me) he then kept asking me why i didnt give my consent for my pictures to be shared i explained that i am not comfortable with that just yet. finally the anesthesiologist came back and talked to me again and made me answer the same questions i was asked that morning and during my pre op then we finally went. by then i smelt horrible, imagine sitting in a chair with no deodorant, my coochie was sweating my armpits smelt awful. I was not scared at all i walked in the room and the room was not at all as bad as my mom was painting it out to be. it was big with a bed to lay down after surgery and different surgical rooms, i went to the one in the back yes it was small but i still was not worried i felt very safe, i sat down and he injected something asked if i had any brothers and my body immediately felt like i was sinking (ive never been under before) so i wasnt nervous i was so calm, i remember answering then just falling asleep. i woke up, the lady who did my iv was next to me helping me and talking to me she was such a nice person, i went into the other room spoke with my boyfriend and mom and was wheeled out of the building. i never spoke to dr desai before i left.

THAT NIGHT: I slept horrible man lol, no position was comfortable for me. each position felt so heavy. the percocets were useless and they currently still are, the muscle relaxers are the greatest thing for me it sucks i can only take them eight hours at a time. i finally slept and woke up early to drive to the post op appointment (my boyfriend has been the driver for all of this btw)

Post op appointment: Was at 10, arrived at 940 waited till 1020. He was in the surgery room which was why the delay happened. He was kind, asked me about the burns on my skin and recommeded what to do for them it was like he was my primary physician it was very nice. Anyway i took my bra off he looked at them told me they look great and i can now shower. i didnt look at them yet , he said within 30 days they will drop and things wont stay like this. the lady took my pictures... and i asked why because i was ashy as anything lol but i took them anyway. This appointment lasted 20 minutes.

Today is day one after surgery and I was able to walk up and down the stairs (twice). I was able to move my arms. I think i experienced morning boob for the first time because i wokeup and my chest felt sooo tight it was awful, anyway i was able to do alot today i pulled and closed doors but then as time went by i noticed alot of pain so ive been laying down and now it hurts too much to move my arms at all. Another strange thing that i noticed everyone says they couldnt do but i had no problem doing was sleeping on my side ive been doing it and it feels so comfortable.

after surgery: 7, tightness a 9
today:morning 5 tightness 8
tonight 6 tightness 9

currently laying in a reclining chair at home, sorry for any of the grammatical errors i hope this helps you guys.

3 days post op

Hey everyone, so it has been a rough few days. I have been in alot of pain but mainly tightness. Today I finally feel alot better, I am able to lift up my arms completely. It feels awkward to walk my chest feels really tight. All in all the pain right now is a 3 tightness is 6 but a 7.5 when walking. 10 being the worst. Im hoping tomorrow will be better i have to go back to school Monday.

I'm currently already experiencing boobie blues, which was a shock to me becauae i just finished my surgery and I didnt read enough about it prior to my surgery. i have feelings of regret and i read online that it is completely normal! i just cant wait for the tightness and pain to go away! I am happy, just eager for them to look like boobs and not like rocks! i know itll take time :) I did want to share this part with you all because i feel like when i did my research alot of girls talked about all the happy parts but left out the sad parts, so girls preparing for your surgery understand that you might get alittle sad and its completely normal! some girls go through this and some girls do not... i unfortunately am but i know ill get through it! best wishes xoxo

Quick update and some pics!

Hey realself family! So since my last update things have been going fairly well! I was able to poop three days ago and have been pooping away since then LOL! Which is awesome so I am no longer looking pregnant. I am done taking my antibiotics as of yesterday, I stopped taking the pain meds 3 days post op. But i do continue to take the muscle relaxer, I try to avoid taking that because of how tired it makes me. I had my surgery last wednesday and went back to school Monday. It was not hard at all to go back, i have morning classes and the only issue i'm having is morning boob! Morning boob suucks and it sucks even more when I actually have to walk to my classes in the morning with this awful tightness. I wouldnt say I feel absolutely no pain because I do feel pain when leaning forward or when i lift my arms up really fast but none of it is anything that is horrible EXCEPT for zingers! Just started getting them two days ago and they are absolutely horrible, it hurts soo bad. Its like a mixture of burning and like electric shock pain. It only happens in my left breast which is currently the breast giving me the most problems. I can not feel a small portion of the left side of my left breast which includes the left portion on my areola. My nipples are fine. so i guess its a good sign that im having zingers.

the only concern that im having is the size of my gap, i'm hoping that will decrease alittle more... yes i am aware that if you start out with a gap youll most likely end up with one im just hoping itll get a little smaller. anyone who had a gap and now has no gap or has a smaller one please comment for reassurance ): besides that im loving my results with or without a gap these boobs are freaken gorgeous! i spent 30 minutes this morning naked in a mirrror just appreciating how beautiful my body looks now. i always wear my surgical bra but when i take it off they feel so heavy lolol but im sure ill get used to that in time. :) i hope you all are well and i really appeciate all the feedback!

so sorry for any grammatical mistakes im typing this and getting ready for class lol

so far so good! YAY

As of Wednesday I am one week post op! Well as of today 9days! So far so good, I went to my one week post op appointment yesterday. My appointment was at 330 came in on time, waited less than 10 minutes and was brought to a room and got my sutures removed. For anyone curious if it hurts it feels like someone pinching you haha. Alittle uncomfortable but definitely tolerable. My boobs look incredible guys! I was so worried because my left breast is larger than my right. I was concerned That it was filled with alot of fluid or something bad. It still gives me pain but only on the portion near my armpit. I still cant feel the section i talked about in my previous post, to give you an estimate the numb area is the size of quarter and it incles a little part of my areola. So ive been alittle worried. Anyway, I finally got to look at them in a mirror that isnt distorted(any girl who goes to post ops and looks in the mirror in the rooms might know what i mean) The lady who took my sutures out was the sweetest girl, the whole staff is truly soo nice. We giggled because I refuse to let anyone see my breasts until they drop (anyone meaning my bf or my mom bc they come to my appointments and i say they have to leave lol!) but she removed them and explained how to massage the implants. I expressed my concerns about my left breast and she said it looked completely fine to her and is just still swollen then dr desai came in shortly after. He explained how to massage them and talked about the scar cream. I shared my concerns to him with my left breast and he said it was fine and we joked about how i need to stay off the internet, i went from thinking i had a cc then a hematoma! The internet can make you alittle paranoid haha. I am not using any scar creams besides the scar away patches, he suggested i use both but i think I might just use the scar away he said that would work fine too. my incisions look great so far i pray they heal gorgeously. After that I got a doctors note from him bc I needed it for class i had to miss an exam to come there ): Overall the appointment went well i didnt wait forever and it was very quick.

walking to class is getting alot better.. i dont want to jinx it but i havent experienced horrible morning boob for the last few days! the only thing that has been painful are my incisions...my boobs are so big that they kinda make the incisions hurt when i walk? but its only when i walk.. idk its weird. my left nipple is CRAZY sensitive to the point where if my shirt brushes on it it kinda hurts. My boyfriend loves them he saw them alittle today and felt them for the first time, he isnt allowed to again until they drop and fluff so i told him to take advantage of the quick moment because he isnt seeing them for weeks! he is freaking out like alittle horn dog because i fill out shirts alot better now :) but he is soo supportive and i appreciate his patience lol. I feel so confident now its so crazy, boobs so far have really changed alot for me. I no longer feel like a little kid because i'm so thin with not much in the trunk either! haha but i always felt beautiful but having boobs really makes me feel so sexy, something that i found alittle hard to feel. That's all for my update! :) Here are some pics, I'm sorry I'm not like full nude in them i do feel slightly uncomfortable posting naked photos online still cant believe i posted that before pic naked :0 but i will try to share as much as possible because photos truly helped me during my search, once again my apologies ):


Today ive been suffering from boob greed lol! i already kinda want to go even bigger. Love my results so far they are absolutely beautiful but boob greed is slowly creeping up on me ): before and after pictures really help i must say.

My gap

my breast gap has gotten so small. this literally just goes to show incredible my surgeon is and to never be discouraged if you start off with a huge gap! I went to a different PS before Desai and was told that i would have a gap of alittle over two fingers. I felt kinda sad, I told Dr Desai what he said and told him i wanted to have the best cleavage ever. He said he will definitely do that for me! Looking at my pre op pic you can see how far apart my breasts were. I never thought my boobs would ever look like this. I'm so happy.

cool to see how this bra fits me now

Rollercoaster of emotions

Hey guys! So quick update before class, my boobs are uneven now. they were dropping at a similar pace up until my two week mark(wed). Now my left sits alot higher than my right, but left is way more squisher than my right. My left gives me alot of pain and I think i tore my muscle alittle today from walking alot? i get this awful sharp pain when i walk, nothing like zingers. it feels alot worse. idk it hasnt been the greatest week. I try not to look at them without my bra on because i dont want to worry and i know this is normal i just hope they do even out soon. My swelling has gone down, They do look small but i walked passed a mirror and my jaw dropped because they actually look really big lol. i hope everything evens out soon enough!

i wish everyone the best :)

happy 3 weeeks to my babies!

Its officially 3 weeks since my surgery and boy does time fly fast! So I'm still dealing with zingers on my left breast and still cant feel certain parts. They are dropping and as of right now they are very even, they might be shaped alittle different but one doesnt look as higher as it used to before. they are getting softer and softer every single day its soo cool! my incisions are healing nicely, i got drunk two days ago and was ok, i woke up feeling sore though but i was ok! Overrall i am completely happy they seriously look so beautiful. I look at them in the mirror and admire them everyday! they bounce just alittle when i jump and can be pushed together only with force, i'm super happy and will update when i reach one month! this photo is with a bra that my
mom bought for me a long time ago when i told her i was a size that was waaay too big for me, but i used to wear the bra anyway it has padding and my boobs were so tiny so it looked ridiculous but i wore it anyway! this is how i look with the bra now! im so amazed hahaha they dont even fit!

it's about to be a month!

its going by so fast! they are getting softer and starting to even out. I am so happy with my results

Sorry ive been gone for some time

Ive been so busy with school, I suffer from depression and it actually has gotten worse recently. School is definitely stressing me out. But anyway, I think my right boob is bottoming out. I'm only alittle over a month post op but its shaped alittle odd ): so that has been bothering me i'm going to message my doctor about it today since I cant travel to see him anytime soon. What do you guys think? Am i just worrying too much? It just looks so weird because my left boob feels softer than my right. and my left doesnt seem like its going to get any lower ): I know mine were alittle uneven before and i understand that i should expect some differences but i feel like its soo different now. any advice would help. thanks everyone for always being nice, i always appreciate it.

Really sad ):

Emailed Dr Desai with no response, I have spoke to people and have gotten responses of you're okay just wait and really bad news too. Idk what to do. Hoping everything will even out, as each day goes by the difference because more visible. )':

Quick update and some clarity.

Hi everyone. So Dr Desai did answer me after I posted my previous review. He told me they aren't bottoming out, I also asked doctors on real self and they all told me the same information. i waited it out and my boobs have improved tremendously. Thank you all so much for being supportive! They are gradually starting to even out. My left is still slightly higher but I did start off with two different breast folds so there is going to be a slight difference no matter what. I'm so happy to see it starting to catch up with my right! I kept assuming something was wrong but ignored the differences i had pre op. My left pre op was always higher than my right (pls look at pre op photos). Each day I fall in love with them more and more. I don't regret my decision one bit, I've never felt this confident before in my life. and i appreciate all your support everyone


Slowly forming into normal looking breasts.

Keeps deleting lol.

It's my birthday today! Finally 21!

Finally 21 and my boobs are doing freaken great. i thought to myself why not reveal exactly what i look like to my realself family! cleavage is incredible i never ever thought my boobs would be this close together! so happy

Bikini try on!

went to target to try on bikinis and i learned that i am a large up top and still a small in bottoms lol! They are alot softer now but still could soften up even more

4 months!

In love! I'm currently planning on going a little bit bigger, crazy right? I absolutely love them though they look so perfect and feel so real. I don't regret it at all and my BF is officially obsessed hahah. I haven't gotten measured yet but I think I might go today. Will update later if I do
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

great doctor my breasts look amazing.. just horrible wait time for surgery and barely spoke after.

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