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So I'm horrible in writing reviews and I want this...

So I'm horrible in writing reviews and I want this to be as real and helpful as possible! I live in CT and I've gone to so many consultations and felt very uncomfortable! So I started to search and came up with Doctors of Plastic Surgery, I've never drove into New York City alone but I'm glad I did!!! This place was so nice and inviting. I dragged my mom along because she's really good at reading people and boy she loved it.. That she even decided to do her breast also????.

Date Set

So I'm sooo excited to say that I have set my date for September 1st. Yayyyyyy can't wait.. Already started buying sports bras from Walmart ????

Six weeks away ????????

I'm so excited I'm six weeks away from my surgery!! September 1st can't come fast enough???? I'll update again after my second consultation August 18th. Yayyyy
I have everything in place. My hotel since I live two hours away! My bras thank god they give you a free surgical bra! Well bye for now/)

2weeks to go

I'm so excited and nervous at the same time! I just filled all of my prescriptions yesterday and paid my remaining balance! Im just a little worried tho my blood pressure was high so they sent me back to my doctor today and it was fine. They wanted to reschedule me and I can't because of work ????. So my doctor wants me to take my pressure again so let's see!
September 1st needs to get here. Well I might not post till day of surgery. So bye for now

Two days away

Omg I can't believe this is really happening it definitely overwhelming something that I've been wanting to do forever This is a long Labor Day weekend and I'm wondering how will I be feeling on Saturday if my surgery is Thursday ????

It's finally here

Hello ladies so today's my appointment Yayyy I've been waiting for this for 19 years bye bye to the chicken cutlets to the stuffing one side to the not being able to go backless, finally my dream is coming true. I'm so nervous and thirsty o lord I have a tummy ache. But I know I'm in gods hands and this is something that should be quick. Well till later yall

Super excited about the twins

Yayyyy I got my girls. I've been waiting for all my life let me tell you tho the pain I think hurt more than having a baby. I had my iv and was super excited. Boy let me tell you I came out so miserable I stood in the hotel after surgery and took my medicine and it's now 2am and I feel great. Dr Tornambe did a wonderful job he put 375 cc on the left and 500 on the right. Love love love he made my body match. So now I can't wait for my doctors appointment in the morning then home Yesss finally. Well people I wil try and update tomorrow. Later

A lot better today

Last night wasn't so bad. Today I love them even though there so hard and tight. Saw my Doctor today and he said he's so happy that I'm not in much pain as yesterday. I'm so excited

Pain is still uncomfortable

Hi ladies so today I woke up and felt so much better! Compared to yesterday. I haven't been able to stretch or reach up high. My right side is worse thank my left. I'm still taking the muscle relaxers so hopefully it will be over soon

Progressing Quickly

I can't believe how good they look! Today I woke up and it's the fifth day! Drive the kids to school and came back home. Not bad I feel like their dropping now but not happy that they still look asymmetry. I wanted that to change Hopefully they will even out. And I can't go to the bathroom I've taken my pills they gave me and still nothing

Fantastic job

Day 10 and I'm so excited. A little skeptical about the asymmetry from the beginning. But had my one week check and Dr. Tornambe said it might still be a little off but not by much. I'm still wearing that ugly bra and I can't change it for another week. My left incision kinda got infected. So I'm putting bacitracin and the right is great I'm putting the silicone scar away.

There so stiff


There so stiff

Sad Very sad

So two things I feel like my augmentation did fix my asymmetrical breast. It's two feels and one feels way bigger than the other:( I've read at two weeks if their really off then they won't even out! Kinda upset


Sat two weeks later

9 weeks Post op;)

This week makes 9 weeks and I'm happy with them! The husband lovees lovees them! They have dropped and fluffed still a little asymmetrical. They were always different shapes but I can definitely go bra less:)

6 Months Later

Omg has it been six months already. I am in love with my breast I am the talk of the party now it's great being center of attention lol

7 months ooh soo sad

So it's been 7 months and literally until yesterday I was soooo happy! Words couldn't describe my happiness and self confidence. I wanted to get my body back to working out and I noticed after a shower how saggy my left breast became! I don't know what to do? I might need a revision. I wish this was fixed the 1st time around

I haven't gotten it done as of yet. But my mom and I loved Dr Tornambe he was so professional dressed very well and I have asymmetry breast so my mom ask if it was normal! He says yes there is nothing wrong with her

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