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Hi Ladies for years I've been stalking this site...

Hi Ladies for years I've been stalking this site for years reading reviews and doing so many research so today I'm happy to say I'm finally going to have breast augmentation surgery...:)

July 27th 2016 I had my first consultation with Dr Michael and he was fantastic .. He was very informative and explain ever single detail to me. The overall atmosphere in the office was very pleasant and the staff was super friendly . I tried on breast sizes and I'm leaning towards 450cc or 500cc silicone with a high profile and a natural look . My surgery date is set for September 16th 2016 and I payed 4000 with a balance of 1900 which must be pay up 1 week prior surgery. Its safe to say I'm super excited with a hint of nervousness. My goal for now is to loss 20lbs prior to surgery...Wish me luck

My stats are:
height 5"9
200 pounds

6more Weeks to Goooo

Hi ladies;I'm beginning to get super nervous. The weeks are counting down 6 more to go. I'm still trying to get my wish pic together to take in for my Pre op which is two weeks prior to surgery. I made an additional payment bring my balance down to 1900 left. So so far I've payed 4000 thus far. So during this upcoming weeks I'm going to do my lab work and gather all the stuff for a speedy recovery.

B4 pic

Forgot to upload some pics

2 1/2 week too go

Hi everyone
Today i had my pre-op visit my final balanced was payed and all documentation was signed. Medical clearance is completed and was sent, I'm super excited and nervous at the same time. I sticking with 500 cc I was able to retry on bra and implant fitting an I think I'm comfortable with my chosen size. My surgery date is September 16 an time was not give As yet..

Prescription filled

11 more day to go... I'm super nervous every now an then I second guess myself. I'm beginning to have all the "what if" question run though my taughts... On a second note hubby didn't seem to thrill I'm doing this surgery ???? Luckily I'm team me and I'm doing this for me????????????

Did it. It's over

September 16, 2016
I did it ladies, my surgery was this morning. This is by the most pain I've ever felt I didn't anticipate this sort of pain an discomfort. Considering I gave birth to my daughter naturally on a scale of 1-10. It's an 11. The feeling is had to describe. Thank heavens for my hubby an daughter. I'm hoping it get less 2 morrow. Just thinking of getting from sitting to standing position brings tears to my eyes. Ps I have boob greed whish I had gone way bigger. Thanks to my PS for using 550cc left and 600cc R. That's heaven he did not go with the original 500cc I chooses. They would have made only a slight difference. Even with this new cc my boom still. Looks small. Boob Greed has set in ladies.

2nd day post surgery

Ladies today I'm doing much better. I have a regiment for my medication so it's a big improvement from yesterday where pain is concerns. I'm keeping hydrated and drinking my green smoothie shakes to avoid constipation. It's made with coconut water, cucumber,spinach, apples, ginger and some flax seed. Today I'm so happy my pain have subside somewhat. and I'm extremely happy with my new boobs.?????? Getting plenty of rest is going to be the key to my recovery so I'm taking it very ,very easy an giving the body time to heal.

10 days postop

Well where do I start I'm in the recovery phase it hasn't necessarily been the easiest time however I've learnt to cope with it. I'm still in slight pain and it varies from day to day , my boons are still swollen and while feeling my right side on Friday I feel a lump a round lump. I have an follow up visit today so i will show my PS. My nipples are always hard and very sensitive, my incision hurt and pain while sleeping sometime I think I'm dreaming the level of pain at nighttime. My lower back a butt hurts from the constant sleeping on my back I'm sooo missing sleeping on my side. I'm off all meds as of my 4th postop day as I didn't want to rely on them, it's been ok without them.

With time comes healing

It's been an emotional roller coaster but I'm happy to say I finally see the light. My pain have tremendously subsided an I'm Partially feeling comfortable at night despite still sleeping on my back. ( really miss sleeping on my side) I still get pain in my incision and I'm numb under both breast. I have zero feeling from above my incision up to my nipples( nerves ) My nipples are super sensitive an pains alot not sure y. I'm simply happy I can somewhat do the basic and simple stuff I couldn't do B4. Shower, stretch for item above the head. I'm still swollen an would be for at least 6 months. I'm comfortable with the healing process an understand due to this Traumatic event my body need time to heal from the inside then out. So 6months to 1 year for optimal result.

4 months update

Where did the time go ???? I'm completely in love my my boobs. I really wish I had gone bigger (boobs greed) they have settled in really well and my scar healed very well. I'm still numb in my incision area an I expect to be until roughly 12 months. Other that that I'm fine a they r as well
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July 27th 2016 I had my first consultation with Dr Michael and he was fantastic ..

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