35 yr. old Mom of 3 Getting 450cc's Moderate Plus Saline Unders. Have some Asymmetry. 5'7 135 lbs Sz A cup now.

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HI! 35 yr. old mom of 3 breastfed kids. 34a...

HI! 35 yr. old mom of 3 breastfed kids. 34a currently was 34b before kids. Looking to go up to around 450 cc's. I'm 5'7 135 lbs. Too big? I'd like to be around a full C. Do you think the saline will be a good choice with my asymmetry? as well as the size for my frame. I do work out often. Any advice or tips? I feel my breasts are so awful :( I'm also getting lateral thigh lipo on back and sides of thighs to remove stubborn fat.

Less then a Week left!

I'm getting so anxious!!! My surgery is on the 20th. How is everyone else feeling?

Wednesday is fast approaching!

Took these last set of pics of my sad looking breasts tonight. Can't believe Wednesday is the big day for me! Starting to feel nervous, even more anxious and excited. I prepared a whole bunch of food today for the week to make it easier for the hubs and our 3 young kids. I'm also doing a little outer thigh lipo..hoping that goes well too. I got struck today with a head cold, so hoping I can shake it off before Wednesday early morning. Wish me luck ladies!!! :)

I did it! 1-2 Days Post Op from Breast Aug and Outer Thigh Lipo

My surgery was this past Wednesday at 730 in the morning. I couldn't sleep the night before, my nerves and anxiety were through the roof. I just wanted to get it over with already.

I don't even remember getting knocked out. It happened so fast. When I woke up I did feel pain and a lot of pressure. Due to my asymmetry in my breasts, he went with 375cc in the left Breast and 430cc's on the right...crazy right? I also had outer thigh lipo, not much. Honestly, the pain there that first day, I didn't feel too much. I really was completely wiped out and in pain after surgery and took a while for me to become coherent. It was rough!

I wasn't able to do anything when I got home. I was queasy and threw up once, while I was handing onto the toilet bowl. I was so weak that I think I even fell asleep holding onto it. Once I threw up the nausea completely subsided and was able to my down in bed, in a semi upright position. I couldn't do anything it's my arms either, they hurt so bad where my armpit area was. You defintely could have compared me to a zombie. That first day, all I can remember was discomfort, pain, and sleeping most of the day away.

On Thursday, day after..I did make some improvement. I was still completely wiped out and in discomfort. Thank gosh for my Pain meds. I've been also taking muscle relaxers and the antibiotics. I haven't had any urge to go number #2. Honestly, the day before my surgery, I literally pooped myself out, with my nerves being the way that they were! Lol So,I haven't taken any stool softners yet.
For the lipo part, I do feel some more bruising and discomfort there, but nothing compares to what I felt in my breast area. It doesn't help I'm wearing this bodysuit type thing, so I feel pretty constricted throughout body. Fun.

I had a follow up dr.s appt, the next day, Thursday as well. I mustered up all the energy I had and went. My husband took me. I got to see my chest for the first time. They looked so lovely! My left breast is sitting a tad higher. He told me to keep taking muscle relaxers and next week for my 1 week appt. he might want to put the band on me to encourage the left boob to settle down and relax a bit more. It is very tight.

So, that was the first two days. I'll update the page the end of Friday. I'll also post some pics.
Hopefully there's more mobility on my end. I heard it's important to walk around a little and to try moving arms to prevent getting all stuff and uncomfortable.

I did it ladies! Can't believe it still!

3rd day Post Op! Some pics!

Man oh man, what a tough few days. My surgery was this past Wednesday morning. It's been a tough recovery, but every day I get more strength. I was finally able to take a shower today! It felt sooooo good! I was so excited to see what the new boobies looked like, well here they are!

6 days Post Op and feeling really good!!

So it's been 6 days since my surgery. I am soooo happy with how they're looking. They're feeling really good. There stitches on the bottom are starting to hurt, but it's no biggie. This is the first day pain meds free and it feels great. I haven't even taken Tylenol today, so that's a great sign. I still feel a little sleepy and weak at times, but overall, it's amazing what a few days can do!

Had my 1 Week Post Op today! Loving my new cleavage!

So I had my 1 week post op appt.with my PS.i still can't believe that this time last week I was recovering and felt As if I got hit with a truck. I also had a little lipo on thighs so that didn't help...

They removed some of the stitches on the outer edges. The rest are dissolvable. They look great. They showed me how to massage them... Yikes! That was intense..I kept asking, are you sure these won't break?! Lol They also showed me how to apply the scar cream. I did my first application tonight..so we shall see.

I'm so happy with my results. I know my left breast is slightly more swollen then my right, but they are becoming more and more part of me everyday. I took a few shots of the 1 week old babies!

2 week update

Wow! Can't believe it's been exactly 2 weeks today! I can't stop looking and admiring my new breasts! The scars are healing nicely as well. The Scar cream I purchased from the PS's office is working great. I've been massaging my breasts as well. I feel as if my left is more tighter and swollen then my right. The left breast initially was my smaller breast so I think recovery for that one is taking a tad bit longer then my right. My right breast definitely feels more natural. The next time I go back to to the Dr.s Is next month, so I'll keep up with the massages until then. I'm also dying to work out again! Have to take more pics to share..

1 month today!!!!

It's exactly one month today. Can't believe how fast it's flown by. I can't tell you how much I'm loving my new boobs! I'm filling out shirts so nicely.. I never had that before. Scars are healing well too. My left boob is still riding a little bit high and is more swollen then my right. I'm feeling great and so looking forward to when I can work out again. My only complaint or rather critique, is..if I could have went a tad bigger. My right has 375 cc's and my left has 430. I am a hippy girl so maybe 450-500? I think it's true with what they say about getting boob greed...lol...sigh. I am excited about my results. If you saw what I was working with before and now.. There's no comparison...it's night and day :)

I don't know.. I had breast augmentation done last April as well as outer thigh lipo. I think he's nice and knowledgeable, however my results are just okay. I still have the bulgy fat patch on my outer thighs, even with the lipo and my breasts are two different sizes. One is definitely filled up a lot more then the other. I know breasts are never identical, but these just seem far off.

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