28 Year Old/ No Kid / 105lb/ 32A / 340cc Moderate Round Mentor Under the muscle

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Hi Ladies! I'm 28 year old, no kid, 5'5 and...

Hi Ladies!
I'm 28 year old, no kid, 5'5 and 105lb, 32A.
I wanted BA for....literally forever and I can't believe I'm finally doing it!!! Woo Hoo!!!!
My surgery is scheduled for 7/1 ( 2 weeks to go! ) and I'm looking for some supports and advices.
Is there anything I should prepare before the surgery?
I know what I can't take or take but things like.. 'make sure to have EVERYTHING near your bed before you go' or ' get the neck pillow!'
Small detailed things like that..
Oh but I'm mainly super excited for it and wanted to tell SOMEONE!!!
Yay!!!!!! I'm still wishy-washy between 300cc and 325cc.. I'm super skinny and afraid 325cc will look too big on me. I will post pics later on!
Let me put up some boobspiration for now :D


Booby Job getting-ready-List!

List of things to get before the surgery. Getting jittery and excited for next Friday!!!!! 1. comfy pillow (preferably body pillow) 2. Arnica Gel for bruising/swelling 3. Smart Waters 4. Ginger Ale 5. Cracker and various snacks 6. Face Wipe & Dry Shampoo 7. Dried fruits ( prune! ) for possible clog situation 8. Front Zip-up sports bra 9. Bend-y straw .....Did I miss anything?

BEFORE Pics. 28 year old / 5'5, /105lb / 32A

Here are some before pics.
So ready to say good byes!

Only 2 days Left to go! + panic attack

I can't believe I have only 2 days left to go! I was at work today and suddenly had a small panic attack. What if it goes wrong? Would it hurt a lot? Is this the right decision? I started to question myself and got really scared. But in the end, I knew I was making the right decision. I wanted this. I want it. For years I wanted to go bigger. So I looked at beautiful boobspiration pics and bikinis to make myself feel better :)

It's TMR Ladies!

Wow. Just WOW! It's tmr!!! I'm getting my new boobies tomorrow!!! I'm excited, scared, but mostly excited. Got all the soups in plastic container ready to be eaten at all time. Got some prunes ready beside me. Got some face mask sheet and tea bags and candles to make things more spa-like. I think I am ready


Today is the big day! Literally ;) I'm all washed up, waiting for my cab to come and take me to the hospital. Will update as soon as I get out!

Sitting, waiting for my surgeon


Surgery day - I'm back home

I'm back ladies!! With NEW BOOBIES!!!!!!
Waking up from anesthesia wasn't that bad. I was terrified of not waking up or being super cold or nauseous. But it felt like I woke up from a deep sleep. I actually felt little groggy but refreshed. I was under a warm blanket and trying hard to stay awake. One thing I noticed was how difficult it was to take a deep breath. I think it's because of the dressing.
Pain is tolerable. I expected some tears but to be honest, wisdom teeth removal felt worse.
Just came back home with my friend, she warmed up some soup for me. I took one percocet and things are better.
I'm sucking on popsicles as I'm writing :p

As for my new breasts?
They already look so wonderful...
I can't really see things but OMG!!!!!!!!!!
I can't believe I have something that's affected by gravity on my chest!
Love love love!

Day 2

Morning ladies.
Today is my 2nd day post op. I woke up couple times during the night to take my med. in the morning, my breast area felt very tight. Pain was fine. Just very short ping occasionally and itching around the incision area. Honestly I think I was in more pain during my wisdome teeth removal. Took percocet with jellos.
Bruising between my breasts is almost gone. I think it's travelkng down. Also lots of swelling on my belly. I look 3-4 month pregnant!
I read about it from other reviewer's posts so I'm not too worried about it.
I went to hospital for day after check up. Everything is looking fine and the doc told me to keep the bra on all the time. I can finally shower tmr.
I asked if I should wear the strap to help with the dropping and she said not now. We will wait for a week and if she thinks I need extra help, then I can wear it.
I can't raise my arms too high and still have some arm pain which is normal.

I'm including my post op design photo.
It says 300cc but we ended up using 340cc.my dog was so worried about me he jumped up on my bed to comfort me.. He licked me too.
Sweet baby.

Post op day 2 photo

Photos didn't upload :(

Post Op day 3

Hello! I'm back..
So today is my day 3. Pain is almost gone but they still feels very tight. I have neck and back pain from sleeping straight and it's really bothering me. I'm going to sleep on my back tonight. Incision is little itchy.
I finally could shower!! Because I wasn't in any pain, I showered without anyone's help. warm water felt so good...ahhh.....
Only problem I'm having is the bathroom issue.
I'm so constipated!!!! I took stool loosener hospital prescribed me along with dried prunes. I haven't been able to go since the op day. My stomach is so swollen I look pregnant.
Anyone has any tip?
I don't know what else to do!!
I've been eating lots of fiber-rich food too... I'm getting worried for my poor belly.

Post Op day 4

I feel so much better after sleeping on my back. Sleeping while sitting up doesn't really work for me :( I can get out of bed without anyone's help! Also no more percocet for me. Extra Strength Tyrenol is enough. I didn't know surgery recovery was going to be this easy...! I feel like I'm just breezing right through it.
Of course there's still pressure on my chest and muscles are tight. But I'm not feeling any pain and I'm thankful for that.
Incision area is itchy ( normal healing process ) and my belly is still bloated.
But after metamucil I took yesterday, I was able to go. Yoo Hoo!!
I cannot wait to take off the tape and go bra shopping. Throwing away my old ( now too tiny) bras will feel awesome!

1 Week post-op !

Time flies!!!
I went in for 1 week post op check today. Removed tapes and threads. I was so nervous about removing threads haha. It was little pinching but all is gone! I didn't get to see Dr. Tornambe since he was performing another surgery at the time but talked with other female praticioner who I really like. A nurse showed me how to massage my breasts. I heard so many horror stories about agony and pain before but I felt none! It actually felt really good to move the implant around my tense muscles. Maybe it's placebo effect but I can already feel them softening lol

To make a little confession, I was bit depressed before. I wasn't getting good sleeps, I was constipated (still kinda am) , my belly was so bloated ( still am ), my back and shoulder was killing me AND my period came with massive cramps AND nyc is fudging boiling hot right now. Everything combined, I felt like shit. I was looking at my still high and tight breasts and thought 'what the hell did I do?? WHY!!! '.
I heard minor depression is normal on the first week and kept myself in check but I really wasn't feeling too hot.
After today's visit, I'm feeling much better.
I can finally massage which will loosen up my muscles and make my breasts drop & fluff. My period means I'm not pregnant. Hot weather...well I can't help that. But I have AC! I think my depression period is finally over.
So to all beautiful ladies who are going through the mood swing, just hold on!

It gets better and better every day :)

2 Weeks post op and LOOKING GOOD!

Just came back from my 2 weeks post op. I usually met with female doctor Christina but since today was my 2 weeks, I met with Dr.Tornambe. Since the last visit, I've been massaging my breasts 3 times a day, daily. They are starting to loosen up and becoming soft! I still do feel tension on muscles but that will go away soon :)
Upon seeing Dr. Tornambe, he checked my breasts and said "they look fabulous! Don't you think??" I 1000% agree!!
They are still bit high but damn fabulous!
Oh and I found out I actually got 350cc not 340cc. ( I was bit delirious with med when they told me the size ) I love that he called the shot on surgery table to give me the result I wanted. Because when we first talked about sizes, 300cc and 325cc was on the table, NOT 350!
THANK THE LORD I got 350!!!!!
Well, bloomingdales is having a sale and this girl is going to shop for bikinis now ;)

Before & After ( 2 weeks )

New York Plastic Surgeon

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