27 Years Old, 150 Pounds, 5'6 Set Date for my Breast Augmentation. Long Island City, NY

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My surgery date with Dr Urmen Desai, is on Feb 29....

My surgery date with Dr Urmen Desai, is on Feb 29. I am so excited and nervous. I heard so many great reviews about him and cant wait to get my boobs done. I did a thorough research on him before doing my consultation. I first heard about him on you tube by Alicia d and ms Aaliyah jay. I met with other doctors of course in Manhattan however i didnt quite feel secure. When i went to Doctors plastic surgery in long island city for my consultation first of all, ALL of the women there were so beautiful and polite, especially my coordinator. She was so sweet to me even when i would stutter and sounded nervous and unsure she assured me that i can take my time with my desiscion. Dr desai answered my questions and had me feel silicone and saline implants. He suggested silicone and under the muscle 450 cc's. He has a sense of humor. we talked about the symmetry of my breast and measured me. I try on a bra with the 450 cc silicone. we both agreed that this was a good fit for me. He left a damn good impression on me. So i pray that i get the results that i want. I plan to take some wish boob pics with me on the day of my surgery. wish me good luck guys!! i will upload before and after pics once i get them done.

Before picture

Two days post op

Two days post op

Hello beauties, I'll will update you from day before surgery. I was so nervous, anxious and scared. I was questioning my decisions the whole day. I do uninterrupted sleep or anything. I spoke to people who supports my decision and that made me feel better.

Day of surgery ---- I was told to be an hour ealry. My schedule time was 11 30 but I was there at 10 30. I arrived at 10 35. As soon as I got there is changed in to surgery gear and waited until about 2 30 to see Dr Desai. He apologized for the delay and explained that it was so many surgeries today. We went over the details about the surgery. I received 450 cc high profile under the muscle silicone implants. He assured me that my breast will look beautiful and not to worry. He was very kind and sweet. Next the anesthesiologist asked me a few questions, he put an IV in me and before I knew it is woke up with breast. I didn't feel much pain when I woke up just sore and pressure on my breast. When I got home that's when I felt pain. I immediately took my pain medication then two hours later I took the muscle relaxer.

2nd day post op
I woke up so sore!! I took my medication right away!! Today was my post op appointment at 1 30. I waited for about 10 minutes. I seen the medical assistant and she took my vitals. She told me to take off my surgical bra so the doctor can take a look. After that anot her doctor (not Dr desai) looked at my breast and told me that they look great and normal. I asked him how long the will it take for them to drop he said it take about 3 months for me to start seeing them drop and fluff. He told me I should wear the surgical bra for one month, then sports bra the next, then regular bra with no under wire the next month. I forgot his name but he was very polite with a warm smile. I was kind of bummed that I didn't see Dr Desai the following day or after surgery. I explained to one of the nurse that on my next appointment to I would like to speak to Dr Desai because he was the one who did my surgery. She assured me that he will be in on my next post op visit whiskey is one week from now.

Right now at this very moment --- I'm very happy with the resuts, I just can't wait until they drop. I feel very sore, I can eat regular food now. Yesterday I was feeling nauseous so I justdrank smoothie and ate apple sauce. I posted before and after pics. I will take a pic once a week so you guys can see my progress.

3 days post op

The first two nights was the worst. I woke up feeling less pain. Today was the first time I took off my surgical bra to get a good look at them. They are so high, I know that's normal. I can't wait tillthey drop. My skin feels very tight. Monday I have an appointment with Dr Desai. I think that's when I will see the scar and learn how to message them. Can't wait!!

3.days post op

1 week and a half post op

Hey realselfers!!!! Ok so on my 1 week appointment I went for my appointment, the nurse removed stitches and showed me how to message my breast. I asked her if I was going to speak to Dr Desai she told me yes. This was the first time I was seeing him after the surgery. I didn't see him right after surgery or on my next day appointment. He came in, assessed my breast. Told me that my scar was healing well and also told me how to message them. I also have to wear my surgical bra for a full month and then come and see him. He said I looked great.
Overall I'm feeling much much better. I was having back pain, I guess because of the new weight from the new girls lol. But now I'm doing much better. Sleeping was hard for me at first but doing better. I bought medermal ointment to put on my scar to promote healing.

I'm experiencing numbness under my nipples on both breast. I pray to God I get the feeling back. If there is anyone who was experiencing the same thing please comment and tell me what happened to you.

On my 2 week mark I will post pics.

Overall I'm happy with my results. I feel in my clothes just right. 450 cc was perfect for me. I'm just concerned about the numbness.

Two week update

I am loving my boobies, they are finally dropping and forming a shape. Although I must say I'm experiencing boobs greed lol. I have 450cc and wish I gone 550cc! When I start to feel that way I just think about how small I used to be. But every day I fall in love more and more. I am
I'm experiencing no pain, just a little discomfort on the incision site. I can lay anyway I want except for one my stomach. I still don't do heavy lifting only because itshe still pretty early. My nipples are so sensitive!! They are also softening up, but don't really jiggle lol. I'm very very happy. Thanks Dr. Desai!

Almost 4 week review

Hey guys, my breast are looking and feeling realistic. They are a bit more squishy and giggle a little. When Im walking fast I can feel them bounce just a bit. I've been trying on so many of my clothes, loving the new look. I'm still feeling a little numbness where my incision is but the doc said it will take months to recover. It's not the whole breast just a bit. My scars are healing up beautifully, which I'm so happy about. My bf can't even see it! Unless I point it out. Overall happy with my result, just wished I gone bigger. Maybe 550 cc. Anyway thinking about lipo hahaha.
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