25 Y.o., No Children, Breast Augmentation W/ Concentric Lift on Left Breast, Asymmetric Breasts - Long Island City, NY

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Upon calling a few days ago to make a payment I...

Upon calling a few days ago to make a payment I was informed that the coordinator I had been in contact with is no longer working with the practice. I was also then informed that Dr. Desai, the Dr. who was supposed to be doing my surgery, will no longer be working with the practice as well. I felt as if a rug was pulled from under my feet. I was then inclined to join this site after I had received that news. I was told that everything will stay on schedule for my Sx date on 5/5 granted I will be getting my Sx done by Dr. Robert Tornambe. I will be meeting with him 4/18 which is my consent date about 2 weeks prior to the Sx. A part of me feels weary that this circumstance is not ideal. The other part of me rearing to persevere through with this process. I took time off from my two jobs and I had the Sx scheduled specifically so that I could have a nice recovery before my (much anticipated) glo up 26th birthday. This is an emotional process for me just as it is a physical one. I have noticeable breast asymmetry. My right breast is AA and my left breast is a small B. Every day I wear a silicone insert for my right breast just to have a somewhat even appearance. I am very limited to what I can wear. Nothing low cut, backless and bathing suits you can count them out. I have a lot invested, as would anyone. So I hope that following through with this, my impatience and credulity will not get the best of me.
I’m have planned for a breast augmentation, under the muscle, silicone implants, w/ a concentric lift on my left breast. I’m 5’8”, weighing 155 lbs. (& losing)
Right breast - 350 or 400 cc’s
Left breast – 225 or 275 cc’s

7 Days / Ducks in a row.

This will probably be the longest 7 days of my life thus far. I am anxious but not nervous. Every minute I am waiting in anticipation. I had my two weeks consent appt last week Mon and I went for another consult yesterday to change the size. I had originally chose 375cc for my right breast. Shortly after I then began contemplating if I'm not going big enough for myself. So I made a another consult to change the size. I had made rice sizers for myself and found that 350cc was a desired look. With the influence of pictures and videos I was then contemplating 400cc-450cc. Trying on the sizers at the consult I wanted to go with 450cc but the Dr. will not go any bigger than 400cc for my right breast because of the lack of give. I respect and understand this decision. I have been opening up about my procedure with coworkers and everyone has been supportive and positive. My bf and mom have also gone above and beyond to support me and give me encouragement. They will both be coming with me next week. This weekend I have so much to do in regards to getting ready. It will primarily consist of cleaning my place and making sure I have everything I will need post op. I did purchase a post op package from the practice which includes the silicone scar cream, the chlorhexidine soap and second surgical bra. It came in a tote with a free tank top. I have still yet to pick up my prescriptions from the pharmacy. They are filled and ready to get picked up, text message alerts won't let me forget that. Until next week, I will keep myself busy with things to get done.

'Great things come to those who work for what they are waiting for.'

Day by Day…

Yesterday was the big day. I'm one day post op and currently resting at home with ice packs sitting on my chest. Everything went smoothly yesterday. I had gotten to my appt ahead of time and I was taken in right away. My bf was with me up until the time I had gone in for Sx. I told my mom to stay home because she has a cold. I had woken up from the 2 and a half hour procedure crying tears of joy that I had finally gotten this done. I asked what size I was and to slight disappointment the Dr. was only able to put in 350cc's for my right breast. The Dr tried to put in 500cc's then 400cc's and to no avail my right breast could not take a bigger implant. Either way I am still very happy!! My main concern was to fix the breast asymmetry and from the looks of it so far they look pretty damn symmetric, despite the difference in swelling & implant position. Spent 45 min recovering and then was cleared to go home. On my way home, I had to take a muscle relaxer because of the tightness and pressure. The hour long car ride home was not a pleasant one. Every bump in the road and quick turn made me yelp and cringe. At home my bf has been my caretaker. He has been helping me with whatever I need. I have no nausea and I'm eating anything and everything. I'm taking my Meds at timed intervals. It feels as if I have a baby elephant sitting on my chest. So my right breast is 350cc's and my left breast is 225cc's. Silicone, moderate plus profile, under the muscle & for my left breast a lollipop lift. I am overjoyed with everything.

Gone too long.

I let work and spontaneous life happenings keep me from updating this post.
I feel so freed to not have to wear an insert. Even though the nipple position is not exact, I am extremely happy with my results. My breasts are now symmetrical in size! It's only been a little less than a month, so I do have a ways to go but each day I see progress. I can't wait till I get clearance to start working out.

Quick Pic.

Just a quick update. All is well. Sometimes I get a little frustrated with the different nipple positions. When I wear tops bra less, nipple covers do a fair job of making the nipples appear symmetrical. Other than that I'm highly satisfied, considering. Will be posting some more pics soon.
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