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I am 39 years old. I am married to my wonderful...

I am 39 years old. I am married to my wonderful husband who I have been with for 21 years. We have a 16 year old beautiful daughter. I had gastric bypass weight loss surgery August 16, 2010. I have lost 123 pounds and had a lot of skin hanging from my belly area. I also had large handing flat breasts due to all the fat and muscle loss. I decided to have a tummy tuck after my friend had it done and she was very happy with her Plastic Surgeon. I called and made a free consultation on 10/12/12.

We decided to submit my tummy tuck procedure to my insurance to see if they would cover it and they did approve it to my surprise. At that point I decided to go ahead and get my breasts lifted and add implants for shape. I also wanted my pubic area liposuctioned all at the same time. I scheduled my surgery for March 15, 2013. I am now 17 days out from my surgery and each day continues to be challenging, but better then the day before. This procedure is one of the most difficult to recover from and you need to expect to recover 4-6 weeks.

I gave myself 2-3 weeks to return to work and at this moment, I already let my office know I will not be in the 3rd week and I will let them know come Friday, April 5th If I will be coming back Monday, April 8th. My health and healing are way more important money. The key is to take it day by day and to be patient with the recovery and don't panic when you see you tummy swollen. It is going to take weeks for it to get back to normal. Hang in there and feel free to ask any questions you want... Good luck to you!


Today is 3 full weeks post op and I am feeling...

Today is 3 full weeks post op and I am feeling much better. I went and treated myself to a pedicure and a nail fill :) Yesterday I went in to the PS to have most of my stitches removed. He removed all from my tummy tuck and from under my breast lift incisions and a few from my belly button. I will tell you that when he removed the stitch from under my right breast, hurt so bad! My daughter could hear me yelling from the waiting room which was down the hall. Pure torture I tell ya! but the left side went smoothly. I am just glad it's out. I now go in 2 weeks to have the remaining stitches from belly button to be removed.

I had most stitches removed yesterday 4/4/13!...

I had most stitches removed yesterday 4/4/13! Today is 3 full weeks po and I am feeling much, much better. I went and got a pedicure and a nail fill with my daughter. I don't go back to see my Dr. for 2 weeks now to have remaining stitches in my belly button removed. I am going back to my office job Monday 4/8/13

So I went back to work yesterday. I was very...

So I went back to work yesterday. I was very swollen by midday and really swollen by shower time. I wore my compression garment but it was not good enough. Today was a bit better because I wore my full body girdle and my spanx shorts for extra support. Not the most comfortable but had to for it to get through my 8 hour day.This Friday will be 4 weeks post open and I feel better each day
Just really want to swelling to be gone. Does anyone know exactly how long swelling lasts? My tummy and pubic area are still pretty numb. My stomach muscle kill if I sneeze, blow nose or even laugh. I get up and down very easy now. I still have to sleep on my back. I'm uncomfortable on my side.

Today is 27 days PO and I'm off from work today...

Today is 27 days PO and I'm off from work today and plan on just going to have a nice breakfast with my husband and come home and put my feet up in the recliner :-) I'm still swollen and I ware my compression girdle 24/7. I will continue to do so until I am completely healed and no more swelling. I found a dissolveble stitch sticking out from my incision. I grabbed tweezers to see if I could pull it out and it would not. I did not want to force it so I just left it. I see my PS next Thursday 4/18/13. He will remove remaining stitches in my BB. I am very thrilled with my results and highly recommend my PS. I am eating better now. I am able to sleep on my sides now so I am getting better sleep. FYI, have a body pillow to put between your legs and keep your arm propped up as to not have arm weight resting on your new breast. I just want swelling to be gone so I can get out of this girdle!

Hi everyone! Yesterday was 4 full weeks since my...

Hi everyone! Yesterday was 4 full weeks since my surgery. I completed my full work week with major swelling each evening I came home. Every morning I was flat and dreading the end of each work day due to the swelling. I wear my CG 24/7 except to shower and wash it of course and I can't wait to get back in it. I feel so unsecure and bloated without it. I am so over the swelling and I hear I will have many more weeks of it still ahead of me. I'm just trying to be patient and take it one day at a time. I am completely staying put this weekend to rest and help my swelling before starting a new work week. I have a date with my recliner, remote and TV :-). I see my PS next Thursday 4/18 to have remaining few stitches removed from my BB. Next Friday will be 5 weeks PO. I will post pictures then.

Today is 33 day PO and I am feeling so much...

Today is 33 day PO and I am feeling so much better! I can really see the beautiful bright light at the end of the tunnel :) I sleep so much better on my sides. I stand up straight now. I walk faster and better. I take showers easier. Get up and down easy. The swelling is still there every day in the evening and flat in the morning. I still wear my compression girdle 24/7. I see my PS this Thursday to have the last stitch removed from my BB and I will get 2nd stage girdle. I think the girdles are critical for my healing and will wear it for as long as it takes. My breast as still really firm and can tell it will take months before they settle in place and fall down a little more. I did notice today that they are red under neath. I am a little concerned and I am hoping they are not infected. We will see how they are come Thursday. This work week so far has been much better. Last week was pretty stressful and I rested in my recliner the whole past weekend. I look forward to resting again this weekend. So far so good :) pretty happy with my results so far. I can not wait to be able to get my butt back to the gym and start working out and firming up :) I had a good workout session with my hubby this evening ;-) and everything seemed to be OK so I think I can go to the gym, but I will see what Dr. says on Thursday.

4/19/13 was 5 weeks PO and I am feeling so much...

4/19/13 was 5 weeks PO and I am feeling so much better! I still get mid day/ evening swelling, but that is just to be expected since I am up and about now. Now gym for another 2-3 weeks Dr. said on Thursday 4/18/13. Said the stitches in my stomach muscle will be there for 5 more months! He said we need to take it easy because we could pull apart our muscles and no way in HECK do I want that to happen so I will take it easy.

Today is exactly 6 weeks ago I changed my life...

Today is exactly 6 weeks ago I changed my life forever in the best way possible! I feel so much better this past week and finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I still have swelling by mid day and major by the end of the evening. After sleeping all night, totally flat when I wake up. Dr. said It will be this way for the next month or 2. I am fine with it. How are you recovering??

Today is a good day. Really taking it easy and...

Today is a good day. Really taking it easy and resting with my feet up every chance I get. How are you spending your day off during your recovery?

Today is my 7 week PO and I am feeling the same as...

Today is my 7 week PO and I am feeling the same as @ 6 weeks. Nothing changed. I still have swelling by midday to evening. When I come home from work, I take my shower and put my compression garment on and sit back in my recliner with my feet up until it's time for bed. I wake up flat only to be swollen by midday :( Can't wait for the the swelling to be totally gone. How is everyone else healing??





15 weeks PO

15 weeks post OP. I still have swelling :-( some days better then others. I look exactly the same as my last pictures only my scars are a little lighter and my breasts have settled more in place and feel so much more natural. I will post pictures soon. I hope everyone is healing healthy and nicely.
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Referred by girlfriend who used Dr. Hicks and she was very pleased with her results. Dr. Pearlman D. Hicks is absolutely one of the best plastic surgeons around and I could not be happier with him, his office and everyone of his staff members that made my before, during and after procedure worth while. I highly recommend Dr. Hicks! He has never had a death or malpractice. He's been doing this for over 30 years and is a member of the Better Business Bureau. He has done over 3,000 tummy tucks and I am proud to have been his patient. I can't wait for my after picture once I am all healed up. I wanna Thank Dr. Hicks and his staff Michelle, Norma, Denise and Diana who all had a hand in my wonderful and exciting journey. THANK YOU ALL!

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