Juvederm Lip Injection. Lone Tree, CO

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I received I vial of juvederm ultra xc lip...

I received I vial of juvederm ultra xc lip injections. Doctor was very friendly and staff was very professional. First of all let me say OUCHHHHH!!!!! This procedure hurts very much. Dr Weber uses the cannula method of injection where you go in through the side, instead of poking needles in your lips.

I am now 24 hours post op. My top lip is swollen and the left side of the injection point is swollen. Not sure if I like the results yet as I feel my top lip looks a little ducky (it might be just the swelling).

I will keep this thread updated as the days go on.

48 hours post op

Swelling has come down... Liking the results more.. . love the work Dr. Weber did on the philtrum ....

72 hours post op!

My swelling has gone down a lot. No one has really been able to tell I've gotten this procedure done, which has been nice. I'm VERY IMPRESSED by how little I have swelled and bruised. Dr did what I wanted him to, which was to improve the definition and volume in my top tip. I have posted a before and 72 hour post op picture.

HMMMMMMM lump has surfaced.... Will this go away?????

I'm not sure why there is a lump on my bottom lip now, not sure if it is still swelling, but it hasn't been there the last few days...... I tried massaging it and nothing happened..... Any ideas????

6 days ... I am really liking my results!

Kinda sad that they only last 6-9 months, but for what it is worth, I really enjoyed Dr. Weber's. Love my lips. THANKS again. If you have any questions, please let me know. I will update this with how long the results last.

10 days later..... almost gone :(

10 days later and it feels like my juvederm is probably 50-60% gone already! ugh. :(

1 month update

1month photo update.

4 month update

well I can say now I wish I wouldn't of done it but what is done is done.... I STILL have a swollen injection site after 4months.. . I wonder if its going to stay that way?

5 month review

It has been over 5 months since my lip injections and the juvederm is pretty much gone. I have added pictures taken today with nothing on my lips. let me know if you have any questions

Got it done again and loved it!!!!!

Got it done again by another injector and was wayyyyy better. Used regular method instead of cannula! I also opted for more on the bottom lip .... Whatcha think
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