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I had my smartlipo procedure on 10/20/09. At...

I had my smartlipo procedure on 10/20/09. At first, I was scheduled to have vaser lipo on my breasts (I am a 32 DD, am 5'4 and weigh 126 lbs) as well as vaser lipo on my lower legs. The night before surgery I was having extreme anxiets re: the anesthesia (I was going to be getting iv sedation) and so I decided to just have smart lipo on my legs and wait on the breast reduction. Smartlipo is done under local anesthesia so that wasn't as much of a concern as iv sedation.

I arrived at 8:00 and they gave me an antibiotic, two percoset and an anti anxiety medication. The procedure took 3 hours and I really did not feel much except at the end when the lidocaine started wearing off. I chatted with the doc the entire time. They put the compression garment on me and I went home right away. I lied on the couch, and did not have too much pain, but I did take the percoset until the evening and then I switched to tylenol. I actually didn't even need any tylenol to sleep as there really has not been much pain. I took one tylenol this morning.

I can already see a difference in how my legs look. I have always had thick cankles and shapeless calves, and now they are much thinner and shapely. Dr. M is one of the best in the country, and he really knows lipo and trains many other doctors. He is a pioneer in his field. I highly recommend him. Today I went and had the massage and that seemed to make me swell up more, so we will see. I go back tomorrow for another massage and hope she can drain some more out.

I saw my Dr. for a couple minutes today and he said "we nailed it" as to how my legs look, so I am optimistic as to the outcome. Walking is a bit tough, not because of pain, just because they are sore and swollen. I am a lot more mobile today though.

The compression garment is the WORST! Taking it off and putting it on hurts so much because it is so so tight and it presses on the spots where you are sore and swollen. I was crying in pain this morning putting it on, so that really has been the only painful part. I do not have much bruising, and have been taking arnica, Vitamin C and Vitamin D.

So, it is only day two, and not really too much pain if any. I am not expecting to see results right away, even though I can tell in my compression garments. You really need to research your doctor. I know a couple of other docs around town, and they do not know what they are doing. Finding the right doc is the key. Last thing, this has been an emotional roller coaster though. The stress has been the worst part for me. I think it was a reaction to the drugs since I rarely will take anything (I don't even like to take an aspirin). So, expect some after surgery emotional reaction.

I plan on getting my breasts reduced by Dr. M in a few months. He said I have such a high pain tolerance (even though I haven't felt much pain) that he should be able to do the reduction under local anesthesia. I decided I do not want any kind of regular anesthesia.

I will update soon on my progress...

10-24-09-I am at Day 4 post op, and I did not have...

10-24-09-I am at Day 4 post op, and I did not have to take any pain meds today (not even tylenol)...I am definitely more swollen today (I cannot even make out my ankle), so I actually look like I did right before surgery, so I am excited to see the results once the swelling goes down. Walking is pretty slow, so if you are having your legs done, expect to be home from work for a few days. Walking is getting a bit faster and easier today. I am in good spirits, and just awaiting the swelling to go down and see my beautiful new legs!!!

Ok, so I am two weeks out...The bruising is almost...

ok, so I am two weeks out...The bruising is almost gone, but I have to laugh when I see these doctors posting on here that there is really very little bruising. What??? Well, my entire calf and knee have one big bruise over is going away though, so I hope for all the bruising to be gone in a week or two more...Again, not much pain with this whole thing, just discomfort. Swelling has gone way down now too, and my calves look so much better it is really phenomenal...they used to be just straight with no curves at all and yesterday I wore a skirt and can see the ankles look like they did pre lipo but they are really swollen still and this is where most of the swelling is...i am still wearing the compression garment. I see the doc tomorrow, so I am hoping I can get a different one or do not have to wear it at all is so uncomfortable...the back of my legs feel numb still and swollen and now they are starting to feel tight...oh, and getting going in the morning, they are really stiff....Any of you out there who have "cankles" please go to the best doc you can find...there is help for this, but this is a tricky area and can easily be messed up...


Also, a couple of cons-I am starting to see some indentions that I do not know if it is swelling or what? So, i will ask the doc tomorrow. I will post on my progress in a couple weeks....



Its been about16 months since surgery. My legs...

Its been about16 months since surgery. My legs look great. There is a bit of uneveness in one leg (I guess no surgery makes you perfect) but I am the only one who can probably tell. Also, I still never regained all sensation in the back of my calves. They will always feel a little weird, so that didn't return. All in all, it was well worth it, and Dr. Millard is great. One area of improvement is the after-care. No one from the office called me to follow up or even schedule future appointments (nor show my before and after photos). They kind of leave you after surgery.

Denver Plastic Surgeon

He is one of the best lipo docs in the country, and he is also a great guy!

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