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I've finally booked a tummy tuck! It's something...

I've finally booked a tummy tuck! It's something I've been wanting to do for years but have never had the courage to pull the trigger and sign on the dotted line, but it's happening in 10 weeks time and I have an equal mixture of fear and excitement!

I'm a 6ft 4in British guy who used to weigh over 350lbs and over the course of one to two years I’ve managed to lose roughly 140lbs via diet and exercise, now the lifestyle I lead keeps my weight steady, and I’m growing by 1lb or so per month in muscle mass as opposed to fat.

I lost the fat over the course of two to three years, I started off my fat loss by cycling which worked brilliantly in terms of getting the numbers on the scales to go down, however it wasn't really leaving me with the body shape or type I wanted, only the gym would do that. I've been going to the gym for the past 18 months and have finally started to develop a physique which I am proud of when it's hidden under clothes, however I've never been happy with my tummy due to the loose skin.

The reason I have a mixture of fear and excitement about the tummy tuck procedure is because you can't be sure of the results you're going to get - I've seen some post-surgery pics via this site where I wouldn't be happy with the final result if it was me and others where the results seem nothing short of phenomenal! I think a lot of that is down to how much excess fat the patient is carrying before the surgery, and as such I’m using my final 10 weeks prior to surgery to try and drop as much remaining fat as I possibly can, I’m hoping to be 5-8lbs lighter than I currently am now before I go under the knife.

I'm lucky in the sense that I didn't ever deposit my fat in my chest too much so even after a 140lb weight loss my chest doesn't need any work, my thighs are fine also in the areas which you would see whilst wearing swimming trunks or boxer briefs, just the very upper thigh is a little loose, as is my mons pubis but this should be addressed in the surgery.
The one thing I hope to gain is the confidence to take my shirt off at the beach or pool, something which I’ve been against doing for the past 15 years of my life.

5 Weeks out!

So we're now 5 weeks out, I've been hitting the gym hard and regularly, my weight is staying fairly consistent but I am leaning out it feels like. I've attached a few pics which are up to date and when I'm weighing roughly 218lbs, 15st 8 or 99kg - whichever works best for you!

I'm going to start concentrating on dropping fat rather than just getting stronger from 4 weeks out, I anticpate I'll be able to lose 10lbs in this time due to my experience in losing fat when I want to!

4 Weeks today!

4 weeks today until I hopefully have a body which I'm proud of! I've booked my pre surgery tests with Mr Percivals nurse, these will be taking place on 3rd October and I want to get another consultation with Mr Percival prior to the surgery to ask whether he thinks I would benefit from having flank liposuction whilst undergoing the tummy tuck - I want to be as close to perfect as I can be!

It's done!

So I know I've been quiet and off the radar since the 4 weeks out stage, but I've been quite busy moving in to a new apartment and hitting the gym regularly and hard. The plan as mentioned earlier was to lose as much weight as possible, but this didn't happen but I did stay nice and lean - my surgeon said I was plenty slim enough and was carrying very little subcutaneous fat so the results should be good.

The surgery went well from what I've been told, I've been in a binder since so haven't seen any results. I have a 16 inch incision across my hips, and approximately 6 inches of skin was removed from top to bottom, a fair amount! Despite the size of skin removed apparently it only weighed roughly 500g as there was very little fat.

I've been out of bed once to use the toilet and it was rather uncomfortable, I've not really slept too well either, I'm about 13 hours post op now and it's 5am, I'm guessing I've managed 3 hours of very light sleep since. I last had paracetamol and ibuprofen around 6 hours ago so the pain is creeping in, I'm hoping for something more potent shortly so that the next toilet trip isn't agony.

I'll try and keep you all updated.

Day two post op

So we're now about 36 hours post op, I've been in a tight binder since surgery, and underneath that I have a full silicone dressing which won't be removed until the 24th which is when I will first be able to see my results - I cannot wait!

I'm passing fluid regularly, but I've not managed to pass any stools in the past 48 hours despite all the food and water I've been drinking, I requested some form of laxatives from the nursing staff as the last thing I want to do is to have to really push and strain my abdomen - I've had two doses of lactulose now and no sign of movement!

Pain wise things are very manageable, I'm surprised at how little pain there is, tight compression garment and the cocktail of drugs could be why.

Fluid wise I'm really not draining much at all, less than 60ml between the two drains placed in me in these 36 hours post op, apparently a great sign for speedy and efficient healing! It means that the drains should be coming out this morning before I'm discharged from the hospital, this will probably be the most painful part of the procedure so far.

In terms of mobility things are surprisingly good also, I'm able to get out of bed, walk around, use the toilet and sit in normal chairs with very little issue and discomfort - I'm surprised at how easy this has all been so far.

I'll snap some pics for you guys shortly while I still have the drains in and a picture of the big elasticated binder which I'm rocking. I'm surprised at seeing other patients pictures who manage to show their incisions so soon after surgery, as mentioned earlier I won't see mine until the 24th, 6 days post surgery, when all the dressings are changed by the nurses back home.

A few photos

Here's a few pics, showing the binder, the big silicone dress which is is under it, and also the very last photo of me with a loose tummy!

3 days post op!

Right, some I'm 3 days post op now and everything has been fine!

My drains were removed only 40 hours after surgery, I had very little fluid collected in that time, roughly only 50 mls between the two drains. My surgeon and nurse both said that women tend to have more fluid build up then men, and also the fact I had very low body fat that the skin will take to the muscle corset sooner with less fluid build up.

I'm feeling far better than I thought I would at this stage, the pain is very manageable, probably only about a 2 on the pain scale while resting, and only getting up to about a 3 when making more adventurous movements or walking, standing is at about a 2.5.

I am swollen and feeling tight, but this isn't too uncomfortable. I think I had prepared myself for the worst, so that anythin less than that has been a blessing.

I cannot wait to see the results! Under my binder I have a fully opaque foam style dressing which is sticky backed, and it covers the whole of my abdomen, I've uploaded a few pics of what I can see under the binder. My dressing will be changed for the first time on Monday 24th, this will be the first time I get to see my skin under the dressing so I'll be able to gauge how taut I will be, and also see how tidy my incision is - I cannot wait!
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