2 Weeks Until my Rhinoplasty - London, GB

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Due to have open rhinoplasty in 2 weeks. I have my...

Due to have open rhinoplasty in 2 weeks. I have my pre-op tomorrow afternoon. I had to see the surgeon today as I injured my nose last Sunday and have black eyes! Luckily the surgery can still go ahead!

I'm having this done purely for cosmetic reasons, although after the nose injury it probably would need to have been done at some point anyway!

I am excited, and nervous.

Things I don't like about my nose:
Too big for my face
Couple of bumps
Wide bridge
Bulbous tip

Just woken up

Just woken up. Head pain is bad

About 5 hours post op

Feel a bit more with it, managed to eat and drink lots. Bruising has started to come out and will continue for another 48 hours! Will keep updating with any changes. Bleeding is very constant which my surgeon has said is normal, as long as it slows down soon

About 18 hour post op

The night wasn't great, hard to sleep on my back sitting upright! Pain not too bad at the moment. Eyes black and bruised.

Had the packing (tampon like things, 1 in each nostril) removed a couple of hours ago. That was pretty uncomfortable and painful, thankful that's over now!

Drinking lots of pineapple juice for the bruising.

2 Days Post Op

Headache and feel very blocked up.
Eyes are swollen
Just been given paracetamol to taut along with an antibiotic. The nose is very bloody which I'm leaving alone.
I'm changing my moustache dressing every few hours

Day 5 post op

Feeling a lot better in myself now.

Headache is still there ,
Soreness inside and on the bridge

The bleeding is a lot less now.

When you look inside the nose it looks a mess! Lots of unusual stuff going on there, strange white bulges (I've googled it, think it's all normal )

Eyes are starting to be less puffy and purple.

From the brief encounters I've had so far, he's informative and to the point. I like him. Will review further once healed :-)

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