Revision Rhinoplasty - Left with an asymmetric nose, breathing problems, uneven scar, runny nose and a dent.

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I had an open rhinoplasty done in Portugal in 2013...

I had an open rhinoplasty done in Portugal in 2013 as I had a droopy nose and a dorsal hump. Although the surgery and recovery went very well the cosmetic look was not what I had aimed much because of lack of communication. I was left with a bulbous nose tip and a hanging columella but no breathing problems. After consulting with many surgeons I chose Mr Uppal as he seemed to understand what I wanted, was very meticulous, he took measurements and he gave me a projection of what the outcome would be like. Everybody was very friendly from the secretary to the hospital staff. Booked my surgery for January 2015. 2 weeks after the surgery I went to see Mr Uppal to remove the splint and I imeddiately had a shock. The side profile was not good but he assured me that it was still much swollen. Well, to cut a long story short....after many consultations, a new procedure under local anesthetic (very painful) to release the skin and some steroid injections, I'm still not sure if the nose will get ever get better. Basically I now have:
Uneven scar (Step shape); Crooked nose; Breathing problems; Noticeable dent.
Of course this has caused me emotional distress and loss of self-confidence. I don't have a a thick skin to hide imperfections therefore this revision rhinoplasty was a failure and probably I will need a third one. I will be updating the progress of my nose on a monthly basis.
My advice to you guys is to choose a very skilled facial plastic surgeon to avoid disappointments. I think Mr Uppal is very keen to help but he should know his limitations and refuse surgeries that might end up wrong.

Before and after photos

My post is only to avoid people from doing the same mistake as I did. I like Mr Uppal, he's a great person but unfortunately this is how I ended up after having trusted him with my nose. The nose is something that you can't hide and it destroys your confidence if not properly done. If I could go back in time I would but now it's too late. Before you put yourself under any facial surgery make sure the surgeon can do exactely what you aim and does only the face when it comes to their speciality. This is key to success. I used to be a smiley person with joy of living, social and outgoing but now I'm shatered. I avoid going out, don't smile as often, don't look people in the eyes..etc
I hope my post helps someone in any way. This is the only thing I can do now.

4 months post-op and still looking bad

No improvements whatsoever. Still can't breath from my right airway. Still very much crooked. Still a noticeable irregularity on the nasal tip. Still uneven scar. How could I pay so much money to have a messed up nose, and were talking about London, Harley Street, you'd trust that the doctors are top notch. Well, that's not the true.

5 months post-op. What a mess!

5 months have passed and I'm more depressed than ever before. The fact that I've paid so much money for someone to ruin my nose, my confidence and self-esteem is just putting me down. The fact that I don't breath right is driving me insane. I have to sleep with anti-snoring nasal strips to open my airways. During the day I just have to have my mouth open when walking, eating etc. I feel more tired than ever due to this breathing obstruction. The visible dent on my nose tip is very much visible to anyone. I avoid looking people into their eyes and isolate myself as much as possible. The fact that the nose is crooked has made me self-conscious and depressed. Everything that I had hoped to achieve with this revision rhinoplasty was shattered once the splint was removed. I feel cheated, ripped off, misled, angry, depressed. This photo shows how my nose was so perfectly symmetric originally, then the outcome of the 1st rhinoplasty which left a big bulbous nose tip and a hanging columella and finally the messed up nose that I have nowadays. Choose a Facial Plastic Surgeon when you do anything on your face. Don't risk it because if it fails you can't hide it. Don't go with a surgeon that do boobs, lipo, etc. Choose someone that specialises on the face and that has done a lot of rhinoplasties in their career.

I'm desperate to fix my nose

I'm depressed until I can look myself in the mirror and see a normal natural looking nose and breath freely. This is destroying me inside. I'm not a happy person anymore. I don't take pictures anymore. I don't socialise anymore. This picture is the before, the after 1st rhinoplasty and the after revision rhinoplasty.

In 3 years my hapiness an confidence went from 90% to 20%.

After saving up for so long in hope to get my nose done I ended up losing all my money my confidence, happiness and my nose messed up. I was a lively person, always socialising taking pictures, being joyfull and fun to be around. After my 1st rhisnoplasty I lost a bit of that because the nose was not suitable for my tiny face but I still could take a lot of pictures and socialize. Nowdays things have changed. After my 2nd rhinoplasty I totally lost my confidence and smile due to the mess that my nose ended up. Now I don't socialize, I go to work because I have bills to pay and the surgery to pay (loan). I don't have pleasure in taking any pictures. The only pics that I take showing my face is the ones that I post on Realself. I wish I could go back in time and never had anything done. I was more happy and natural looking when I had my original nose. No cuts, no scars, no dents, no assymmetry no breathing problems, no runny nose etc...and more money to go on holidays.

18 months have passed - I'm trying to hang in there - it is tough

Hi guys, it's been a while since I din't update my review but I've been hands-full with my new baby and also having gone back to work.
So, over the past year I have had 4 steroid injections with Dr Uppal which made some improvement to decrease the scar tissue on my nose tip.
In February this year had a turbinate reduction surgery with an ENT Specialist to improve my breathing (the worst recovery I have ever had) and that improved only 10% of the airflow, so definitely not worth it.
In June I had a filler injection, once again with Dr Uppal, free of charge of course, and that seemed to work very well. The downside of it is that I am still bruised, so I can't leave the house without make up. It's pink/purple where the filler was injected.
Everything seemed to be going well up to this point. Dr Uppal had promised me to fix my nose until I was happy but he didn't keep that promise. After the filler injection he had his secretary sending me an email saying that the treatment was over and from now on I had to pay, and also he had the nerve to refer me to a psychologist. Once again he's trying to blame me with BDD for his bad results.
This only shows that they don't care. He just kicked me out of the door literally, and specially now that my nose was getting better even though it's still crooked. The little respect that I had left for Dr Uppal was crushed after the last consultation. They only care about profit, numbers and more clients to rip off. They promise you revision for free, consultations and injections but that is only until they want.
My advise for you out there that is thinking on having a rhinoplasty: think 30 times before you go under the knife. Try fillers first or PDO thread lift and have surgery only if you cannot really live with your nose. Don't forget that the outcome might not be what you had aimed and your money is gone once you book the surgery in. Also, the nose has a major function, you need a good airflow to be able to do sports, sleep well, eat, have sex, brush your teeth, etc. You only realise how much it is important until you don't have it. I feel embarrassed every time I have to eat with friends as my nose is dripping constantly. I wish I could go back to the old days of having a normal and functioning nose.
2 rhinoplasties have cost me £10.000 and took the joy, freedom and happiness that I once had which is priceless. I hope my story helps someone and this is the only the reason I am writing these reviews and post my pictures. We should always learn from other's mistakes.
Lastly, I would like to thank everyone that sent me messages of support. When you are feeling low and someone that doesn't know you tries to cheer you up, that is priceless. So, a big thank you to ALL of you out there that made me feel a bit better and helped cope through tough days. See you soon ;-)

This was supposed to be a picture to share with family but I cannot.

This picture was taken when my baby was born. A moment of pure joy and happiness. I wanted to share this pic with my family and closest friends but I could not due to the appearance of my nose. It is very noticeable the scar tissue on my nose, this was done by Dr uppal when he was performing a mini revision with a pair of scissors. He wanted to release the skin from the cartilages but ended up damaging the epidermis which made the body to produce "glue" in order to protect the harvest that has occurred. This is called scar tissue and for people with thin skin like mine it is very visible to the naked eye. This photo reminds me of the failure of this revision rhinoplasty. I hope no one goes through something like this. It destroys one's happiness and confidence.

Who has Body Dysmorphia? Me or the surgeon? Do you guys see What I see?

I thought I should share these 2 pictures of me 2 weeks after my second rhinoplasty. You would think that doctors take measurements or at least check if your nose is straight before they stitch it up and apply the splint, but think again. Things don't happen the way you think. I have paid £5400 for someone to mess up my nose and chuck my confidence in the bin.
I was always accused by Dr Uppal that I had Body Dysmorphia because I always complained about my nose results. I always refused this "easy label" that is used by most of the plastic surgeons when patients complain about their results. I don't have Body Dysmorphia. What I do have is a good pair of eyes that clearly see that the nose is not straight.
I so do regret having chosen Dr Uppal to perform the rhinoplasty on me. He is a hell of a salesman let me say it.
These photos were the breaking point to rush me to have a mini revision 1 month after my rhinoplasty. That was a huge mistake as now I have other type of problems ( scar tissue/discoloration to the skin).
Do not have a nose job, that is my advice to you guys out there!

Found THE nose expert in Ankara, Turkey ( Prof. Dr Taskin Yucel )

Hi guys, it has been a while. I have been busy with baby, family, work and always researching. Let me tell you my last adventure. Someone on Realself messaged me about an amazing doctor in Turkey called Prof. Dr. Taskin Yucel and told me to check his Instagram account which I did. I could not believe how good he was, my GOD!! So I decided to contact the Doctor and we started talking about my nose and my struggles. I then decided that I was going to meet him in person so that he could see my nose up close. I flew to Istanbul and then to Ankara and stayed in a hotel. Had my appointment booked in and took a taxi to the clinic. Amazing premises and staff and Dr Yucel has hands like nobody from what I've seen. Prices for revision start from 3000€ and it is very safe to go to Ankara despite the news on the tv. The flights are cheap, hotel is a bargain and the taxi and food expenses are not a great deal of money. I was so happy and reassured for the fact that he examined my nose thoroughly and talked about the pros and cons of going under the knife again. He never rushed me even though he had the waiting room full of patients, he spoke very good English all the time and he is very honest which I appreciate. He said that my skin might not handle a third operation very well, it is a risk that I would have to consider. He said that my nose is not perfect but it is acceptable because he has seen a lot worse in his career. He advised me to wait and once the filler that was injected by my previous surgeon subsides we can then assess the nose skin again. I left his practice much more confident and hopeful. For now I will follow his advice and wait and if in the near future I decide to have revision this is the only Doctor in the world that I will allow to operate on me again.
My baby is now 15 months, he is a bundle of joy and I socialize more and more, but only if I have make up on though (because the filler injection made the skin red on my nose). But yeahhhhhh people. I see light at the end of the tunnel. It has been a very hard and stressful journey for me since the revision rhinoplasty in Harley Street but I am finally in a happy place because the nose is not so noticeable any more.
I hope my review helps someone in the future and if you guys ask me if I regret having my nose done in the first place, I will say yes. I would never ever had touched it if I knew it would affect my breathing, my face, my whole life. I wish I could have left it alone, but now it is too late. So now, I just have to accept and like my new nose as it is and hope for the best.
Stay safe people. Do your research, watch lots of videos and always choose a Facial Surgeon if your doing surgery to your face.
Hang in there!! xxx

This is the link for the Facebook and Instagram page if you guys need.
London Plastic Surgeon

Full of empty promises. Brags himself a lot but then fails to deliver good results. Left me with lots of issues on my nose and didn't finished the treament until the nose was fixed like he had promised. Always rushing in consultations. AVOID!!!

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