34 Year Old, Lost 35lbs and Needed to Replace Volume in Cheeks - London, GB

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I was very excited about getting Juvederm Voluma....

I was very excited about getting Juvederm Voluma. The one downside to my weight loss was a gaunt and older looking face.
I got Botox 4 weeks ago and it and looks great! No complications. I researched fillers for over a year and so I decided to pay the extra and go to a reputable fully-qualified Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) surgeon who now works in beauty, facial plastics and aesthetics. She informed me that Juvederm Voluma had fewer complications than Botox as it was a product naturally found in our bodies. She showed how it could benefit me and reassured me that in her 9 years injecting she saw no infections. I went ahead with the procedure last week and got 1 sringe, half each cheek. The Dr. used a candula to minimise needle insertions to 1 on each cheek, minimising the risk of infection. I found the treatment uncomfortable and especially traumatic on my left cheek as she struggled to get the product in. It was a very different experience to Botox. My cheeks haven't been the same since, over the past week I have been to the doctor 3 times and A&E once. My cheeks felt like they were on fire and very red for days, I was icing and using arnica cooling gel. The doctor gave me antibiotics and I took antihistamines also. They are not sure if I was allergic to the lidocaine anaesthetic or the hyaluronic acid.The redness has now gone but my left cheek is still very sore and bruised. The doctor says its "deep skin trauma" and will take time to heal. I was so upset and full of anxiety about the possibility of infection all week. Hopefully I will recover completely soon. There is no way of knowing the outcome of any treatment, no matter how careful or well researched one is.

9 months of constant pain

I have torturous nerve damage. It was many months before I got a name for the debilitating condition that I am suffering from as a result of this procedure. It is called Post Traumatic Trigeminal Neuropathy. It is constant horrible facial pain in my left cheek and eye and autonomic skin changes or redness and swelling. I am on heavy nerve medication with side effects but unfortunately they are not working. This is a very difficult condition to treat. If I am still in pain in a couple of months it could mean my condition is permanent. My life would be ruined. When my pain was getting worse, the Doctor who performed the procedure told me I had "somatization disorder" where pain is all in your head & to see a psychologist. These people are crooks! Please think of the consequences before getting this procedure done. It can cause life changing pain.
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