Breast augmentation 470 stx

I'm 34a flat and looking to have a 420cc - 470cc...

I'm 34a flat and looking to have a 420cc - 470cc soft touch extra full natrelle inspira, I'm a bit worried about size as I'm 8st 12 size 10-12 with deflated breast. Do you think these would look too big for my frame ?? I would like them not really fake looking,but I have loads of excess skin & the doctor said I could go upto 550 cc. I would like a d or dd max ???? X

Breast augmentation Dec 2016

Not sure 420 cc or 470 cc would look ok on very mild tubular breast.

Post op pics

Can't wait to get rid of these.

Breast augmentation 17 th December- confirmed.

Only another 36 days left now.

445-470 stx BA getting closer ????

Been for pre-op today & feel really scared now ???? It's getting so closed to BA day. I met a lovely nurse that took all my details e.g. Weight height blood pressure etc. Then I confirmed sizes 445-470 stx to be available on the day. I'm really looking forward to it,but also worried. X
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