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Hi guys, I'm 19 and for a couple of years now...

Hi guys,

I'm 19 and for a couple of years now I've been wanting a rhinoplasty. I feel like I'm now old enough to start my journey into getting my nose fixed. I have a bump on the bridge of my nose, slightly flared nostrils and a slightly droopy tip.

I have a FaceTime appointment booked with Jawad Tahery tonight where he will give me his first impressions.

What cosmetic surgeons in the UK do you guys think are the best for rhinoplasty?

Post-FaceTime call with surgeon

Had a FaceTime call with Dr Tahery last night. I told him what I would like to change about my nose and he believes it's realistic and achievable. He then questioned me briefly about medical history, current employment status and other routine questions to ensure I was a suitable candidate. I now have a consultation booked for the 8th September so will update then.

Nose Goals

Made some morphs of my own of my own goals. Now are they realistic? Will find out in my consultation with Dr Tahery.

Side note anyone recommend any other surgeons in the UK? Early days yet..

Consultation and Relief

Sorry for the late update but have been quite busy so far.

So I went ahead and had my consultation with Dr Jawed Tahery in October. He was polite and charming on first impression. He examined my nose and used ultra sound to measure the thickness of my skin. I then had a seat and we began to discuss what I would like to change about my nose.

I explained to him what I don't like about my nose and what I envisioned it to be. I believe what I wanted is realistic but when I told him I want a straight slope and for it not to be curved I was in disbelief at what he said. He said he didn't like that I was fixed on having a straight profile and that he couldn't guarantee it - it may come out straight or sloped and he didn't know. What a joke right? Of all the things that can't be guaranteed in surgery, surgeons are usually precise enough to control the slope of the nose. As it was my first consultation and I was a bit nervous so I kind of agreed at the time. He struck me as the kind of surgeon that will listen to what you want but will go ahead and do whatever he thinks is best anyway.

I also saw a couple negative reviews of his where one patient was left with a terrible columella scar from open surgery which had not be sewn straight and another patient just had an all-round terrible nose. I pushed this aside and thought not every surgeon will have 100% happy customers and not every nose will be great so went for the consultation. However however however. I knew from real self that his PA Lisa, who is a lovely lady btw, had recently undergone rhinoplasty by him herself. Upon inspecting her nose I also noticed that her columella was sewn on askew and her nose wasn't that great either.

I then went home and knew in my gut that I didn't feel safe in this doctor's hands. A couple weeks later more bad reviews have resurfaced and I am so glad that I didn't go through with him. I have seen a few cute and nice noses that he has done, but I have seen far too many with unsightly columellas, dents and open-roof deformities.

Safe to say I am taking another path towards my rhinoplasty goals
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