This time last week( 23rd) i was waiting for surgery! London, GB

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My first breast augmentation was in 2004, I was 21...

My first breast augmentation was in 2004, I was 21. I went from a barely there A cup to a DD, i had 515cc implants. I have a thick frame, I'm tall 5ft 10in in height, and i weigh anywhere from 190-220lbs. They implant sized suited my frame.

My recovery wasn't great as when i woke from the anesthetic my right breast was extremely swollen compared to the left. I can not remember much apart from pressing the help button at the side of my bed , to be greeted with a nurse and saying i felt hot and sick- then i was out cold again - later that day i woke with an ice pack on my breast .
The next morning 24hours after the op I was discharged. I told my surgeon i wasn't feeling right or indeed happy with how my right boob was and i was told all was fine and to go home and recover. I was told it was a reaction to the anesthetic, it was normal ,it was leaving my system and that the swelling and pain in my right breast was all ok. I rang numerous times the following days to say how i was very bruised on my right breast and how i still felt hot/sick. Again i was reassured it was normal to bruise and to feel under the weather. I felt fobbed off and that i was a nuisance so i stopped calling.
Weeks later when getting out the bath my scar opened up and out trickled some brown watery liquid( im assuming old blood)Turns out i had a hemotoma and exactly a month after my op i was back in for surgery to correct it. I'm sure this should have been done on the same day but my voice wasn't heard . So always speak up ladies!! I have learnt not to be fobbed off now that's for sure. Anyway..... After the revision surgery i felt much better and continued with my life, my right breast was still painful, and looked different to the left. I guess i was too scared to get anything checked out and i buried my head under the sand, i was not contacted to make no follow up appointments, no 3 month/ 6month review etc so i tried to forget the whole experience and adjusted to life with twinging pain and non symmetric breasts.

So skipping forward some years,still with no check ups as i was still trying to forget my experience, there i was still putting up with the pain twinges . I did some research and i guessed that i had a capsule contraction but i decided i could and was living with it as it seemed quite minor to some of the photos i looked at so i still carried on . I wanted to have my children with my then partner before i went back for replacement surgery. I guessed i had 10 years before they needing looking at so i didnt plan to have them looked at till i was 31 years old.
One day the news was all about PIP implants, and i thought i best ring to check as alot of these implants used where around 2004 . Unlucky for me i had the call back to say i had PIPS. :(

I'm now having surgery this Wednesday to hopefully fix me! An ultrasound scan showed that i have a ruptured right implant that it has leaked into my lymph nodes in my right armpit.
The surgeon has confirmed i do have a capsule contraction around the right ruptured implant,and he will remove this. The new implants will be re positioned to be behind the muscle , i was hoping they would go back into there space in front of the muscle and i am not sure as to why they are being moved and why they cant just go back into where they came,i will have a baggy pocket will i not if another is created elsewhere?!

My surgery is half price, i wish they would have done it for free as its their mistake but i guess its better then paying for it full cost.

To put it in nut shell as i know i have waffled on ... im so so scared and just hope it all goes ok. I will keep u updated. :) Candice xx

525cc. Getting discharged this morning( hopefully)Full capsulectomy on ruptured Pip and replacement with safe implants. Drain ca

Waiting to see the doctor. And hopefully I can go home. Pain wise it's not too bad. Had a though day and night though. Right breast that had the capsulectomy bleed quite alot. Didn't help the drain was only half in so all the blood was trickling down my side. I was worried I was suffering another hematoma like I did in the same breast 9 years Ok. Lots of dressing changes. But assured it's Ok...God I prey it is as I've a rough time in the past. ( hemotoma on breast and then with an emergency c section and having a seroma please excuse the incorrect spellings?:-)

Just taking paracetamol, the surgeon managed to replace the implant back infront of the muscle like before and he didn't have to make a new pocket under it. Apparently I had enough breast tissue. :)

My blood pressure has been high, think as I have been worked up over all that blood everywhere! But I'm not on meds and I always panick with hospitals due to past experiences. I think it was 157/91. Figures around that mark. It was 137/87 before the blood issue yesterday and on my home B p machine the day before the op it was 129/76 so I think I'm just a worrier?.

I'm happy the pips are out. I'm taking home an implant lol, the other had ruptured. But its keepsake I guess. I might squish it and see what pressure it could take lol . Or perhaps get a hammer to it once im better.. Bloody pips!!!! hahaha.

Books look smaller then before but I assume the bra is pressing them down. The bras a 40f! My 40dd I brought the nurse decided was a little tight. But looking at the reflection in mirror they look a B lol xx bizarre!!!
Candice xx

:) So glad its all over!

Hiya everyone. Just a quick update, im doing well, :D all the rosey cheeks and burning hot arms have gone, i think it was just the anesthetic not suiting me as i had the same 9 years ago with it. Not on any pain killers, haven't been for a few days . Im taking it super easy, no lifting , well no nothing at all im so dull right now! Il upload some photos soon so you can see how the healing is going. x

pics x



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