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I got implants in the first place because of my...

I got implants in the first place because of my post pregnancy looks. I was very young and all my friends were so perky! Although I've never been for having a foreign object in my body, it seemed like the only possible way as the PS he said I couldn't have a lift because I was already very small. My experience with the implants showed me I should love myself as I am and accept natural change.

Implants don't look or feel natural, they hurt and you can have a lot of side effects most doctors don't make you aware of. I had a constant pain, couldn't hug people, was not able to dance or exercise like I did before, they felt heavy and I found it more difficult to breath and had capsular contracture, fibrosis in my breast tissue and numbness. It's surprisingly difficult to find a doctor willing to listen to you as opposed to trying a sales pitch, most of them want to convince you to replace and say you'll be depressed, look deformed and many scary things. That happened to me as well but after 6 months with the second set of implants, problems got worse and I said to myself that was it and got ready for the worst.

I found this website and a very supportive group of ladies who had been through removing their implants. Thanks to that I found my plastic surgeon who's an amazing person and now have rid myself of that weight. It was worth every penny spent, I feel lighter, natural, beautiful and special - I think I looked like a photoshopped plastic celeb before! My friends say I look younger and most people who don't know about the explant think I've lost weight, well, i did!

Hello there, It's been 15 days now and I feel...

Hello there, It's been 15 days now and I feel great. Most of the bad symptoms are gone now and and the scars are doing well.
My breasts have gone pretty much back to their original shape (if not better) and for that I'm really glad. I must confess I'd still prefer them to sag down to my knees rather than having implants again.
I was a 32A / AA before, went up to a full B and now am back to A. It's amazing how much our bodies can respond and heal and the skin does shrink back really well, opposed to what most PSs would say. My breasts feel very soft and now I can already sleep on my side.

I have just had my post-op appointment with Mr...

I have just had my post-op appointment with Mr Sterne. It has now been over a month. (yeeaah I sleep on my tummy now, this is great!!)

I couldn't be happier and he is very pleased too, he asked me if ok to show my pictures to future patients so they can see that implant removal is possible and that our breasts can look perfectly normal, soft and bounce back to a good shape. I am more than happy to help other ladies as my journey wouldn't be possible if I hadn't found this website and this group: " http://breastimplantadvice.com/ "

Now I can tell the swelling is gone (I'm posting pictures) and I have treated myself to some cute bralettes (I'll post pics of these later). I've also found I was wearing the wrong size, I'm a 30A, not 32A - which I quite like as I feel the smaller band gives more support and the smaller cup looks fuller (hahaha). To be honest I am so happy to have small breasts that I wear very low cleavage dresses and shirts and I can also wear fitted jackets no shirt underneath (very Kate Moss), I wouldn't dare to wear those things before!

For all you there afraid of losing volume, cleavage and size, DON'T! Honestly, small breasts and a gap in the middle are the new sexy. Many people who didn't know about the surgery kept telling me how much younger I look and they couldn't figure out what was different.

Time flies! It's been just over a year now. It's...

Time flies! It's been just over a year now.
It's amazing how much this experience changed me: sometimes I forget I've been through this implant mess, the scars are almost non-existent and I am extremely comfortable in my own body, but then looking at the implant pictures now makes me remind I wasn't always this confident.
Just so you guys know, after a year 'the girls' look the same as in the last pictures (the ones taken on the 20th day). I'm very happy with my body and with myself and wish you guys the same!
I'd also like to say that we waste too much of our time and our lives seeking a skewed ideal of beauty. We should just stop buying this crap the media keeps feeding to us in these magazines telling us 'what’s cool and what isn’t'. We should be going after our dreams, we can do a lot better than pushing a bra size.


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I can't recommend Mr Sterne enough. He's a lovely and caring person, he listened to me for an hour, made notes, talked to me in a very positive manner but still being very realistic about possible outcomes. He did not mention re-implanting as a possibility at all and seemed genuinely worried about my case. His secretary is so incredibly helpful, I've pestered her so much with questions and she was always there too. Also, I had a minor inflammation in one of the incision (a stitch) and contacted her on a Sunday and she put me through to Mr Sterne who promptly responded, very different from some surgeons that don't seem to care after you've paid.

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