Breast Augmentation with Adrian Richards, Harley Street. 300cc, Moderate Profile Subglandular Nagor Implants - London, GB

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I've benefited hugely from this website so far and...

I've benefited hugely from this website so far and so, although I am not usually one for forum posts, I thought I would share my experiences in the hope that it may be of assistance to others who are considering breast augmentation.

I'm based in London, UK and I've booked my op with the incredibly reputable Adrian Richards for 23 June 2015. Before choosing him, I did seek alternative opinion, although I decided to go with Adrian because of a number of factors. Firstly, he has an extremely good reputation. Secondly, I was impressed by the portfolio of the work on his website thirdly, he advised that I could have less invasive surgery (in front of the muscle rather than behind) and achieve a very natural result whereas others had advised I would have to go behind the muscle ; and lastly, I could achieve a natural result with a round implant. I had originally assumed that I would have to have teardrop implants to achieve the tapered look that I like although Adrian has convinced me that is not the case. He uses Nagor implants that have a very natural look notwithstanding the fact that they are round. I decided I would prefer a round implant to a teardrop one if it is able to give me the look I want as the avoids complications with rotation that teardrop implants can have.

I am currently a 32A and I am hoping to achieve either a very full 32C or a small 32D. I want to achieve a very natural result, and I don't want it to be disproportionate to the rest of my body. I have quite a narrow frame and need to bear that in mind when choosing my implant. I am considering somewhere in the range of 270cc-330cc, moderate profile plus Nagor implant. I have another appointment booked on Monday to finalise sizing. Although I was originally leaning towards 270cc, I now think that the 300cc would be be a better option. I have also read many posts about 'boob greed' so I thought I would go with the larger of the two to avoid disappointment. I am also wondering what 330cc would be like and am going to ask to try that at my next appointment.

I've attached a few pictures from my previous sizing app and some 'boob inspiration' pics. Please let me know what you think esp about the sizing!

Pre-op photographs

I am currently 32A

Decision made...

Had another appointment and have decided to go for 300ccs over the muscle. Was previously torn between unders and overs but Adrian reassured me I could definitely go for overs. Tried 330cc to rule them out... They were too wide on me. 300cc it is!

One month to go!

Exactly one month till my procedure. Very excited and scared! Booked in for the 23 June at the Shelburne Hospital, Buckinghamshire. Has anyone else had their procedure there? How was it?

Not very happy with Aurora at the moment

I had my pre-op assessment today - it was a telephone appointment with a nurse from the Shelburne. Apparently, I should have had a MRSA swab when I had my sizing appointment.. This didn't happen and its the first I've heard of it even though I have had two sizing appointments previously. I've got to have at least three days before my operation otherwise I can't have BA surgery. I have been desperately trying to get booked into the nearest BMI hospital as Shelburne is miles away from where I live. Tried calling both London City and the London Independent and can't get through to anyone. Either I'm put on hold or it goes through to voicemail. I can't have my operation without it! Called Aurora and they hung up on me -twice! I then spoke to the pre-op nurse who said that Aurora do not arrange the MRSA swab appointments, it's for BMI to do. The BMI nurse said she'd try and call too - I'm guessing she has had no luck either. I'm going to have to call around again tomorrow,really hope I get through to someone. Worried this could affect my surgery date!!

MRSA swab appointment booked!

Good news- managed to get a 6pm appointment at the London Indepedent for my MRSA swab tonight

3 days to go!

Aaaaaaaargggh! Excited but also scared and keep on having irrational fears about the size I'll be which is RIDICULOUS because I had multiple sizing appointments and was and am very happy with the size I chose and wouldn't change it

2 days to go!

Excited but still a little worried about ending up too large. I was torn between 270 and 300 at my sizing appointment and opted for 300 especially after reading so many reviews where people who had 270 wished they had gone for 300. My partner said the 270s made me look like I had tennis balls down my top whereas the 300s have a more full look. Both implants seem to look similar from the side but there is a difference from the front. I'm not 100% sure which would be better to be honest.

All the sales are on at the moment so I ordered some lingerie in a few different sizes. Have no idea what size I'll be but I can always return it!

Yay I have boobs!!

Had the op this morning!! Everyone at the Shelbourne has been so lovely and professional. Aggie and Adrian have been fantastic. I left it to Adrian and Aggie to decide in theatre whether 270 or 300 is better for my physique and I have 300s. Had a sneak peek and they look great! I had fears about being too big pre-op but I don't feel that way now. Have moderate sharp pain between my breasts but not anywhere near as bad as I was expecting so far. It's still early though...

Day 1

I was discharged from the Shelburne yesterday evening at about 7pm and opted not to stay overnight as I felt completely fine and was keen to get home. I really don't want to jinx it, but I've hardly had any pain at all so far; I feel very lucky. I am only on paracetamol at the moment. I took Celebrex yesterday morning and evening for the swelling following surgery but I didn't get on with it at all to be honest. It gave me severe stomach cramps and I couldn't wee when I was on it! I called the Shelburne ward this morning for some advice and they were very helpful. They said that I needn't take it but could put ice packs on my breasts instead if they swell up by this evening. I've read on other people's forum posts that the pain can increase after the first 24 hours so I am keeping my fingers crossed that it stays as good as it's been so far! Had a little bit of pain when I woke up but I really can't complain. I find it impossible to sleep on my back. No matter how many pillows I prop myself up with I always seem to wake up half way down the bed on my side! Hope that doesn't affect my implants. Still feeling very happy with the size and shape of my boobs; Adrian Richards really can work wonders.

Day 2

I am not a great sleeper but I managed to sleep on my back from 23.00-03.00 and then 04.30-07.00 which is pretty good going for me. I feel slightly more sore/bruised than yesterday but it's not bad at all. I'm also very bloated, which I hope is going to pass soon now that I am only taking paracetamol. Yesterday I stayed in bed for most of the day, but today I am going to try and sit in the garden and read as it's a lovely day and laying in bed is driving me nuts! I think I'll feel less slovenly if I get dressed. I'm not very good at relaxing but I know I have to take it easy for the next few days. Does anyone know at what point I might know my bra size? I think I was a little too overenthusiastic with my sale lingerie purchases! I think they'll be delivered tomorrow but I'm not sure I'll know my size within the 14 day return period so it should probably all go back!?

Day 3

No pain, no painkillers! Wahoo!

Day 4

Much the same as day 3... Very little pain overall and I don't need painkillers now although my left one burns where the scars are when I sneeze/cough and move in certain directions. It hurts the most when I get out of the bath/out of bed - It feels bruised. The right one is not at all painful at any point. I measured myself and I am currently coming up as a 32C although I imagine that could change over the next few months.

I think I have a little bit of fluid on my lungs from surgery as I can occasionally hear a bubbling sound when I breathe in very deeply. This is not happening very often at all and mostly after I have been laying down. I'll mention it when I go for my follow up appointment, but I understand from reading about it that it can happen to about 20% of patients. I think it's a very minor amount of fluid in my case and it is not affecting my breathing and I don't have a temperature or any other symptoms so I am not concerned.

Day 6

Back at work today and feel fine! My left breast Is a bit sore when I walk around; the pain seems to emanate from the base of the implant but it's not too bad.

I'll post some pictures in the next few days once I have been to my one week follow up appointment on Wednesday.

One week check up

Today I had my one-week check up. Everything is fine although the left one is a little weepy so I have an extra layer of dressing to wear until the weekend. I get to shower tomorrow - wahoo! I'm so boiling in this post-surgery nylon bra! Aggie advised buying a cotton one which I've ordered online. Today is the first day I've seen them properly out of the bra!

Day 18

Just a quick update with some pictures. I feel the shape is coming along really well but my scars are not healing as well as I would like. My left one is improving; it stopped weeping about a week ago but now it seems that my right one has opened up and is weeping quite a bit. I'll call the clinic on Monday for some advice. Going to put a bit of extra dressing on it and tape it back up till then, perhaps not get it wet for the next 24 hours. Anyone got any tips? It doesn't hurt. Despite that I'm very happy with how everything else is coming along

5 weeks

I LOVE my boobs! The weeping cleared up a week ago or so and my scars look very good. My advice to anyone who develops a similar problem with weeping would be not to get them wet for 24-48 hours and apply layer of inadine dressing under the surgical tape. I did this when mine were weeping and it cleared it up very quickly.

Going forward, I'm really looking forward to wearing other bras which I think I can do soon..I've been wearing my surgical one the whole time but it comes up so high, it's actually difficult to find clothes to wear so that you can't see it.

I have my next post-op surgery appointment scheduled for next Thursday so I'll post an update then provided I can get there... Really hope the tube strike that is planned for that day doesn't go ahead!

Incision problems again!

Unfortunately, just when I thought that my incisions had got better, my right side has taken a turn for the worse. I'm not sure why I keep having so many issues with this wound! I'm incredibly careful about keeping the area clean but nevertheless, the right side seems to have become infected. Again. I feel that this is something particular to me; I also had endless problems with infection in both ears when I got my ears pierced! Looking at other people's posts, it doesn't strike me as that common.

I emailed Aggie at Aurora and she advised I see a GP. I did that and am currently on a week's course of antibiotics. Aggie has been so lovely and emailed me straight back even though I wrote on a Friday night. She also text me a few times over the weekend to see how I was doing, which was very sweet. I've been on the antibiotics since Friday and it looks considerably better than it did. It's no longer weeping, but there is an odd pin-sized hole where I assume the infection was. In addition to the antibiotics, I have been dressing it with inadine, which I have been changing on a daily basis. I've also not been getting it wet. .More shallow baths for me !! * Groan.*

Sadly, it looks like the tube strike is going ahead, so it will be a two hour bus ride for me to get to my appointment at Aurora tomorrow! I had originally thought about rescheduling it, but considering this latest development, I need to go. Unfortunately, tomorrow is their only London date in August. Despite this setback, everything else is great. The left side has pretty much healed and the overall shape is coming along really well.

Follow up appointment

Had my follow up appointment today with Aggie at Aurora today. There was a stitch that hadn't dissolved on my right side, which Adrian removed. It's likely that my body could have been trying to expel it - hence the weeping. I've got to carry on with the inadine for another 48 hours on the right and then I can completely get rid of the dressings. The dressings are completely off the left side which has closed up.
I am now cleared to:
ditch the surgical bra and wear underwired bras (introducing them slowly) (Yay)
sleep on my side - hooray!
wear no bra at night - recommended to get the air to my incisions
apply whatever scar creams I choose

I asked about massaging but Aggie said I didn't need to do it as they are already soft.

Overall, very happy.

Extremely bad luck

As some of you know, I have had ongoing issues with a weeping right incision. Unfortunately although I thought it had healed at one point, it had in fact not. It is infected and antibiotics have not helped it. I went to a check up and Adrian was of the view that there would be no choice but to remove the right implant urgently. This is extremely bad luck. I understand that they have only seen about 3 cases of this in 10 years. The chances of developing infection rrequiring removal is 1%. Someone has to be in the 1% bracket and it just so happens to be me! Have to have it removed urgently so I'm having an operation tomorrow. Will have to wait at least 2 months before I can have it put back in and will have a prosthesis to wear until then. Such a shame because my implants are beautiful!

Implant removed!

Had my operation yesterday. The right implant definitely needed to come out. I can't recommend Adrian, Aggie and everyone I've dealt with at Aurora, they have all bean so supportive. Although it's a rare complication, Adrian spotted it very early on which stopped it from getting like some of the horror pictures I've seen on the Internet!! I would have never suspected the infection required surgery; it was just a tiny hole that wouldn't heal and unlike others who have had infection, I was not unwell and did not have a fever. It transpires the infection was not just at the incision but around the implant, which had come to the surface. If you're considering breast surgery, although you need to be aware of the risks, I hope my experience doesn't put you off. It's such a rare complication; i still can't get my head around the 1% statistic! I'm extremely grateful to Adrian and Aggy at Aurora for everything they have done to look after me.
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