32 Yo with Tuberous Breasts and Saggy After Weight Loss - London, UK

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My breasts have always been embarrassing to me,...

My breasts have always been embarrassing to me, limiting my sex life and my confidence. I finally got the gumption to throw off the "love your body as it is" yoke, recognize that this truly bothers me and that I can do something about it. After shopping around in Chicago and then London, I found a doctor who specializes in tuberous breast deformity. I haven't told many people due to the associated stigma and those that do know have attempted to talk me out of it.

Surgery cancelled - Infection detected

Hugely disappointed and in tears after:
(a) after emailing back and forth with the office during the week to confirm timings and procedure, I receive a letter the day before surgery telling me my time has changed from 9:30 for a blood test to 7:20am. Of course, no one associated with my clinic or any nurse at the hospital are available to answer my questions, so I end up being transferred to another clinic where, after multiple calls, the nurse tells me that the Lab to run a blood test doesn't even open until 8:30. And I shouldn't bother arriving before then.
(B) I arrive at clinic, get all geared and marked up and then told immediately before I walk in that I had a positive result for an E. Coli infection and from a urine sample taken I had at my pre-op appointment 2 weeks ago and despite the nurse telling me that "No news is good news." I never received a call, voicemail, letter, email that I had an infection. An infection that could have been resolved in the intervening weeks with a round of antibiotics and is likely a false positive anyway given that I have no symptoms - fever, diverted or otherwise.

Then they give me a prescription and note for my doctor explaining the circumstances in which they reference "enclosed materials" aka a copy of the urine cultural...which they forgot to include.

My confidence in this doctor and his staff is severely shaken. I just want to cancel this procedure and have someone else do it.

Rescheduled twice, but Now cleared for surgery

Don't even know where to start. After the fiasco that was my original surgery date, I went in again for a pre-op assessment and it was determined that I still had an E Coli infection. Two things: given what happened last time, I made a point to call the hospital to find out the results. I haven't been symptomatic at all and after a bit of reading found that false positives are quite common if you don't clean the external area around the urethra before giving a sample (which I wasn't asked to). After those experiences I them insisted on having a wet wipe before giving the urine sample. After three more trips 2 hours each way, I am finally cleared. Until my partner gets a call saying that I need to return out there again, because I have an infection. The lovely pre-op nurses, hearing my sob story, did the test straight away so I knew I was clear. I even took pictures as proof.

Some staff could to be shockingly incompetent. Surgery date is next week. God help me.

I just keep returning to the before and after pictures of what Dr Richards has accomplished for other people. Please -you don't have to do tests right, or be informative about the results, or be convenient for your patients to get to and from, or accurate in the paperwork, just please, please make sure my breasts look beautiful after this.

Night before my op and very nervous

I've done everything I can think of - clean my flat, cooked up several meals, gotten my meds and ginger ale in order, did my laundry, packed my bag, put my out of office email on. And now it's sinking in...I'm having a longed for breast augmentation tomorrow. So nervous, anxious, ready for this dream to come true. Hoping for a safe, quick, flawless procedure.

Please send all good thoughts and prayers my way!

I'll update when I can!

One day post op - Sore but lucid

Happily had my surgery. Went well and, despite a tight squeeze, they managed to get the 390cc silicon Nalgene implants half under the muscle. I was pretty nauseated by the tramidol, which unfortunately didn't seem to kill the pain, but the anti-inflammatory did make me feel better. I slept most of the day, on and off, yesterday and last night. I was insanely thirsty and drank probably 2 liters of water, but I didn't use the loo all day until the nurse told me they might have to put a catheter in and somehow my body heard that message and I peed straight away. I managed to get changed into my button-up shirts and pajamas by myself. Interestingly, my period seems to have dramatically lightened.

I'm finding that I'm quite sore on the inside of each breast and that the only sharp pain I've had is when I reached back to wipe (TMI SORRY!) and it felt like the anchor scar started to stretch.

Today, driving home was ok - a bit scary when we had to stop quickly. Definitely wishing that I could sleep like I did yesterday. The last hour before I can take more pain killers is a bit touch-and-go.

On a lighter note, my surgical bra has incredibly cute little flowers on it.

1 week post op - SO HAPPY

Went in for my 1 week follow up today. I have to say - I am very, very pleasantly surprised about how easy this recovery has been. I only needed codeine for the second and third day when the sharp, shooting pains were getting a bit intense. But with the anti-inflammatory, I've been absolutely fine. The odd sharp pain and schemes of a sore muscle. I'm a bit fatigued - my body is still healing after all - and much easier to tire after several hours out and about, but nothing overwhelming. In fact, I got a bit bored convalescing.

Mostly I'm scared of people running into me on the street or a bus or underground driver stopping suddenly and I reach out to stabilize myself and tear something open in my chest, causing me to bleed into the pocket. I'm being very conscientious about being on the street and commuting.

Gratefully had my first proper shower today - the shallow bath where I could figure out how to get out without using my arms and getting lifted by my partner and then a combo of standing in the shower and washing my lower half, hair sitting on the floor and leaning over the side of the tub, and then my arms and face in the sink - not as fun as you might think.

Now I'm just laying around half naked waiting for my tapes to dry. I cannot stop staring at my new boobs. They are so beautiful. I have come close to tears at what a transformation this has already been.

Aggie said she was very surprised by my lack of bruising given that they really had to work to get the 390cc implants in. And I've been given the go ahead to drive, stop wearing the compression socks, and buy a new soft bra. Interestingly, Aggie said they won't shrink all that much, but they will drop and come together a bit as my chest muscles learn to accommodate them. So, of course, immediately after work I ran (well, walked at a slightly slower pace than o normally do - desperate not to over do it after all) to try on a new soft bra. Drum roll please...

Ladies I'd like to introduce my 34DD / 36D's!

It's been a long time coming and I'm so happy I did this.

Comparison photos

Before and one week post

2 weeks post op - Feeling great :)

I had my post-op appointment today and the tapes were taken off and I got to see my new breasts in all their glory! Stitches dissolved but there's still a bit of a...dent, I guess you could call it...where the scar is around the nipple. The anchor scar at the bottom is already starting to fade and blend in. The vertical scar on my left breast has a bit of rippling, but I'm hoping that it'll smooth out as my implants drop. Aggie said that I'm healing nicely, and she can tell I've been following all the directions and advice :) I'm still a bit swollen, but I won't really change size so much as shape - they'll drop and come together as my muscles continue to accommodate them. Still super happy, and discovering new things every day. Like how bra sizes are totally different store to store. I've been ordering soft bras online but still can't quite find the right one for me. Tip of the day: If you're UK based, M&S has a whole section of post surgery bras that they don't charge VAT on.

2.5 weeks post-op

Hello lovelies!

Just a quick update - I took the tapes off as per instructed to shower and then air dry and reapply. Found a couple of blemishes under the tapes, a slight indent where the new scar tissue from the incision around my nipple doesn't quite match the skin around it, and a bit of rippling around the vertical scar. I've asked a question to the doctors online here, so hope for an answer shortly.

They do feel like they are starting to drop and come together a bit - just like Aggie said they would :) I'm still have intense tingling sensations on my left breast as the nerves to my left nipple regrow and I'm regaining the ability to put my arms overheard in my normal pre-op sleeping position on my side.

Also starting to do a bit more walking - slightly faster pace and longer distance - and very much looking forward to being able to start triathlon training again.

5 weeks post - dropping, fluffing, healing, happy

I am *finally* able to start exercising again, which has been hard not to do. Taking it easy and listening to my body when it says SLOW DOWN.

My breasts are still healing away - all the scabs have come off as I've been changing the tapes every four days as per instruction. The left nipple is still numb but I'm just starting to get little shooting pains or extreme tingles on the nipple itself (before it was more below and towards my sternum of the nipple).

Trying to find a sports bra has been an adventure and trying on clothes has been an amazingly fun new experience.

So, so happy with them and trying not be frustrated that I've had to miss out on a couple of competitions that I signed up for back when I thought I would be well healed by now.

I haven't regretted the decision or thought that they are too big or too small for my body, but I have had moments when I wondered if I thought this would make a bigger impact to my personal interactions or otherwise. Honestly, having long hair extensions seemed to get more overt attention, but I suspect that's also more socially acceptable to discuss offhandedly.

I certainly do still have lingering apprehension about revealing my chest, and it takes looking at them in the mirror to remind me that they are beautiful now and don't need to be hidden. Something to work through more with a counselor and some supportive ladies going through similar situations.

Professional and courteous with pictures of previous patients with the same malformation.

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