17 Year Old Breast Implant Revision and Removal of Lump - London, GB

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My story begins back in 1999. I had fed two...

My story begins back in 1999. I had fed two children and my last one had really taken his toll on my breasts! Thinking back, I was probably rather 'post natal' and felt really depressed about my empty looking breasts. So, feeling very determined but with no support from my husband (as he didn't want me to take the risk of surgery and have them done), I set off alone to Guys Nuffield in London and underwent the procedure. Since then I did not look back and have enjoyed them (my husband too!) for the last 16 years or so.

However, around two years ago the strangest coincidence occurred. I was away abroad on holiday and got talking to a man by the pool. He asked me to guess his profession - for some reason I said Plastic Surgeon. He was amazed - but there must have been something in the back of my memory - I then asked him his name and we were both amazed to find that he was the surgeon who had performed my augmentation many years previously.

He then told me I should have them checked - and although I left it for around a year, I then decided maybe I should check them out as they didn't feel the same as they did originally. I then started researching on line and looked at a number of Plastic Surgeons in and around London. Some didn't even bother to call me back - but I then came across David Floyd and left a message for his secretary. She called me back immediately so I arranged an initial consultation. I think I saw him originally around September last year. He came across as a very approachable man and immediately put me at ease. He wanted me to have a mammogram and scan in order to see the integrity of the implants. I was very pleased I did this as a lump was found. Thankfully after a few nerve racking days, the biopsy came back as benign. However, it was decided to remove the lump at the same time as the revision as it was obviously easier to access it through existing scars.

Unfortunately I did not know what size implants I had already and as the previous PS had retired, no hope of finding out what they were. Mr Floyd therefore made an assessment and as I thought they were tear drop shaped, he said he would have 3 sizes available on the day, along with round implants that the hospital readily kept 'in stock'. I had shown him the sort of size and shape I hoped to achieve, so he took photos and measurements and said he would take my requirements into consideration when the time came to finally change them.

I paid for my first consultation, but the second one in November was at no charge. I met and chatted with his secretary, Sheila - again a lovely lady and very approachable, and she liaised with me on all arrangements. I finally booked my op for 11th Feb 2016.

Photos pre and post op 1999

Post Op Photo 2016

Thought I would post a photo of how my boobs looked pre surgery last week. Although not bad for 55 years, they had lost volume and dropped. I hoped to achieve a more rounded fuller look, although I did not want to go for a lift. I wanted to keep them looking natural for a woman of my age.

Last Photo was PRE Op - not Post Op!!

Silly me - too early in the morning! I meant to say Pre-Op photo 2016!

Run-up to, and Day of Surgery

My op was scheduled for Thursday 11th Feb . The previous weekend the nerves were beginning to kick in! I had gone down with a cold and was worried it would progress and affect my chest. My usually high blood pressure that was controlled by meds, had risen, and my usually infrequent palpitations seemed a lot more frequent. And, I started to worry about the Bio Identical HRT I was taking. My gyni told me I could continue to take it, and Mr Floyd didn't seem phased by it. But most articles I read said that this should be stopped at least two weeks prior. Too late now! I was convinced that by the Thursday they would send me home!

I was called into the hospital on the Wednesday in order to have the lump 'marked'. I assumed this would be done by a pen - how wrong I was! They hadn't told me a piece of wire would be inserted into my breast - with 'x' marking the spot! This was in order that the breast surgeon would be able to pinpoint the lump within the breast. I was also given blood tests for infection and the nurse didn't seem too concerned about my cold - as long as I didn't have a temperature or problems with my breathing and lungs. (which I didn't)

So we all had our last family meal together that evening. My son had come home from uni specially, and my daughter had very kindly taken the day off work to be with me. It was all making me even more nervous!!

I had to be in the hospital by 7.30am, so we left home at 6.20am - I was so grateful that I had my daughter with me this time. Especially as it took so long until I actually had the surgery. Unfortunately the other breast surgeon (who was due to remove the lump) was not scheduled to arrive until 12pm, so after 10am I was allowed no more sips of water - and due to my cold, my mouth and throat were terribly dry, even before the op.

I was visited by various nurses for checks and questions - I could see my blood pressure had risen again - thankfully not too high though. Mr Floyd then came to see me to have a final chat about what I wanted to achieve and then to 'mark me up'. His whole calm and confident manner made me feel more at ease. The anesthetist also came to see me and asked a number of questions.

Unfortunately the other breast surgeon was delayed and by the time they came to take me into the theatre, at 1.30pm, I had an enormous headache and felt pretty dehydrated. I just wanted to get it over with. I thought I was going to cry when my daughter said goodbye, but I managed to compose myself.

In the room outside the theatre they were all very kind and tried to chat to me about holidays and nice things - but I couldn't really take it in. I was more concerned about having a general anesthetic! The actual operation itself didn't worry me nearly as much. So when she put the drip into my hand, and the mask over my mouth, I heard my heart miss a beat and thought 'well this is it -I hope I wake up again'. And sure enough, two hours later I heard someone calling my name, and as I drifted out of my dream I noticed the clock on the wall in front of me. 'Thank g-d I'm alive!!' Ridiculous thoughts I know, but I guess that's just the way I think!

I was extremely thirsty so was given some sips of water then wheeled back to my room. I then felt surprisingly awake and hungry (and thirsty!). Due to the meds I didn't really feel any pain initially, but even when they started to wear off, not much at all.

My daughter came back to see me then Mr Floyd appeared early evening. He took a look and was happy at the way it was all looking and told me his Registrar would visit the following morning. It seems I was completely wrong about my original implants. They were in fact round and not tear drop shaped as I had thought. Because of this he was able to use the existing pockets and replaced them with round gel implants. Apparently the old ones were French (not PIP) and he said they were of good quality and in pretty good order. My old ones had in fact been 325cc and as I had wanted to increase by a couple of sizes he implanted new ones at 460cc. I was pleased to hear he had chosen implants that were notably larger in size.

When my daughter left I eventually braved trying to sleep on my back. I probably got around 4 hours sleep in total, and finally gave up around 6am. I had felt a bit queazy at one point, but took some Rennies to settle my stomach.

The Registrar came to see me and seemed quite happy with everything - then my husband and son came to take me home. I finally took the plunge later in the day and removed my bra to have a look. I was very pleased with the outcome. I thought they looked to be exactly the size I hoped to achieve. I wanted to go around 2 to 3 sizes higher (I was a 34D originally), fuller and rounder in appearance, but still looking fairly natural. I was impressed by how natural they were looking straight after surgery. I was delighted with the result and felt Mr Floyd had achieved exactly what I had hoped for.

Days 2, 3 & 4

All been going well - no problems. I haven't needed to take much in the way of meds. The first couple of days I took paracetamol and anti-inflammatory tablets, but by day 3, I stopped them. However, I do have a course of antibiotics to complete.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of pain experienced. Far less than my first augmentation. I guess because the original pockets were used. I have however experienced some bruising to the right breast - presumably due to the removal of the lump. I was a little concerned at the end of day 4 when it seemed to have worsened slightly - hope there was no internal bleeding - just the bruising 'coming out'.

The worst part has been trying to sleep on my back and having to wear compression stockings day and night. Can't wait to get those off on Thursday! I've also had to deal with the damn cold, but at last it does seem to be getting better!

Day 5 - Up to date!

The bruising seemed a bit better this morning and I seem to be able to move around much more easily. I am still not stretching my arms too high (reaching for things in cupboards) even though I am able. But I don't want to risk increasing the bruising. I can't believe how much 'freer' I feel this time. I remember the first time I was unable to lift my arms up at all for a few days.

My husband now realises I am clearly a lot better, so back to tea and lunch making duties now!! Thankfully my son is still around to help with the dinner. I'm enjoying being 'spoilt' to a degree while I still can - not for much longer I'm sure!!

First time out since the op today. Fantastic to get out for lunch with my son, albeit very cold outside and not used to not being out of the warmth. Was lovely to get some fresh air and have a walk around.

I have now tried on one of my bikinis. For around a year prior to the op I decided to use breast enhancers to try and get a feel of the exact size I wanted to achieve. I therefore bought a couple of sizes and a couple of larger bras. I got used to being a 34E/F and decided that' what I wanted. When away abroad I purposely bought larger bikini tops and used the padding. However, I am now really pleased to say, I no longer need the silicone padding as I fit them naturally! (well sort of naturally!). Also the enhancers served a purpose with people I know, as they will now not realise that I now have larger implants. Most of my friends and family think I went in simply to have the lump removed.

One Week Post Op

Had a couple of appointments yesterday and today. Saw the nurse who changed my dressing, and showed me the scars with a mirror - healing nicely! Today I saw the breast consultant who removed the lump. He said he was very happy with everything and although bruised, it's not too bad. All is going well and I am beginning to feel closer to normal.

He said I could sleep on my side, but he is not my PS, so not sure about that from the point of view of the implants. Unfortunately my PS is currently on hols, but I think I will try a mix of back and a little side, in the hope I get more sleep! It seems showering is out for at least another week. I currently sit in a shallow bath and sponge myself. Not satisfying - I don't feel clean and relaxed!! How about any of you - when did you first shower?? I guess a good soak in the bath with be a long time yet.

Swelling in Left Breast - 12 Days Post Op

Well things seemed to be going very smoothly. However, at the weekend I started to feel a bit of pain, and by this morning, my left breast had swollen and feels very tight. Interestingly it's the left one, as the right one is where the lump was removed and that is now looking so much better. Do any of you ladies know if it is normal to get swelling at this time? I'm presuming it probably is, but obviously nice to know if anyone else experienced this. Obviously if it gets more painful or tighter in feel then I will contact the PS's office. I have currently started taking the anti-inflamatory tablets again, along with paracetamol.

I am wondering if this could also have been caused by a) the bra, or b) sleeping partially on my left hand side. I have been using a Macom bra the majority of time. However, it was becoming very uncomfortable, so I used the other bra I was given at the hospital. This is a Carefix bra and frankly I think it is too loose. The straps are not tight and no way to tighten them. The nurse said I would be fine with it, but it is an extra large - compared to the Macom which is a medium. Looking on Carfix site, it seems my size should be a large. I think I will send for one, along with a Macom night bra. I was hoping to wear something a little more attractive soon, but I don't think that's going to be an option at the moment.

Also, I got so uncomfortable on my back I have been sleeping some of the time on my left hand side. It feels ok at the time, but by the morning I feel a bit stiff and achey. I think I may have to try and sleep on my back again.

Just when you think you are on the up - you come back down again :( Hope the swelling goes down soon.

Two Weeks Post Op

Can't believe it's now two weeks since the operation. It's gone so quickly doing nothing!! The swelling in my left breast seems a bit better, but it is still larger than the right one. I'm looking forward to taking a shower at last, although the surgeon said to make sure I don't get the wounds wet. I removed and replaced the Micropore tape today. The wounds look ok, so hope they stay that way. Does anyone know how long before the stitches start to dissolve?? My first op I had trouble with them, so hope I don't have the same problem.

My boobs look so much nicer now when I bend over. Previously they were pendulous and very narrow looking. I used to feel a bit embarrassed when my husband saw them (don't think it worried him though!). I can now see what my PS meant about a slight dip in my right boob where the lump was removed. He said he thinks this will probably disappear as the wound heals. I hope so, as it does make the breast look a bit smaller than the left one - having said that, my right breast always was a bit smaller.

I am loving the way they look when slightly pushed together! Can't wait to buy some lovely new bras!

3 Weeks Tomorrow!

Not a huge amount of change now. Definitely both boobies are softening up and aching is becoming less and less. Really helped when I got my new Anna Carefix bra. Fits brilliantly and so comfortable. I think this is now allowing the left one to drop a bit. It still looks a bit bigger, but that one always was. Also, it doesn't help at the moment that I can now see a change in shape to the right one where the lump was removed. Hopefully this will even out over time.

I removed the micropore tape today - and replaced - hopefully for the last time. It's making me a bit red and sore now, so I'll be pleased not to wear it after 4 weeks. The wounds are doing well, but I can see a length of suture hanging down. Will it drop off - or will I need to cut it off?? (self dissolving stitches). Maybe I'll check with the surgeon's office.

Other than still feeling a bit tired (apparently the anesthetic takes a while to leave your system), all is good!


Has anyone had any problem with nipples and aerolas?? My left aerola has been very dry since day one. The nurse said this was due to the nerve endings - but I'm not convinced. I feel that something was put on the nipple area - I kind of picked it off on day one - could have been tape or something. Since then I have moisturized, but it's still very dry and has little lumpy bits. Any suggestions for what I could use?? I've tried bio oil and various moisturizers.

Also, my nipples are very sensitive and pretty large (erect!). In some ways I guess that's a good thing as after my initial augmentation I lost sensitivity for a good couple of years or more. Have any of you experienced this, and does it go off??

Post One Month

Amazingly it's now over a month since my revision. After speaking with the nurse, she said it was alright to remove the micropore tape at last - and I could take a bath/shower/swim! Bit nervous about it, so not absolutely soaking myself - fantastic to get rid of that itchy tape though!

The incisions were a little red and sore after I managed to remove all the tape and goo! So I've been using antiseptic wipes to clean and Savlon cream. They seem to be looking less red now and don't 'burn' so much. The left nipple is still dry, but I am moisturizing 2-3 times a day so hopefully it will be better soon. Also started a bit of massage, but not putting bio oil on incisions until they look more healed.

Both boobies have now dropped and I think are 'fluffing'! They feel much softer now. My nipples can still be very sensitive - sometimes a good thing I think, but yesterday it seemed to cause nerve pain in my right boob. Thankfully today, both boobs are pain free - just get the odd twinge from the incisions. Unfortunately I can see a slight loss of tissue on the right hand side of my right breast, from the removal of the fibroadenoma. Hoping this will soften over time, as the surgeon said. At the moment it looks a bit 'straight' rather than fully rounded. Wish I'd had more cc's in that one, as that was my smaller boob anyway.

I went out for dinner with friends last night and wore a tight fitting dress - decided I couldn't wear my usual soft bra - my nipples seem so large and erect, they show through anything tight! So as it was only for a few hours, I wore a wired bra. Looked a great shape - and I felt fine. But will not wear normally. Still not sure if I am 34F or 32G. I did my measurements on a calculator and it said 32F - but I was 34D before my revision??? I have sent for a 32G to see how it fits.

Also got a new bikini for the summer from Boux Avenue. Sent for a 34E and 34F. The latter probably fits better, but the 34E gives me more of a cleavage and more boob showing!! Went for that one. Not sure if I will be able to wear it my May??

8 Weeks

Coming up to 8 weeks now and don't notice a lot of visual change. They have probably dropped a bit further, but difficult to tell as they were always fairly low. I think they may also look a bit rounder.

I've had a lot of problems with dry/flaky nipples and have kept moisturising a number of times a day. But when I stop they go back to dry again. Wondering how long this will go on for.

I saw Mr Floyd yesterday - first time since the op. He is very pleased with the way they are looking and asked if I was too. I am very pleased with them, but like most ladies, wondering if I should have gone a little larger! Having said, that I guess I'm just getting boob greed - after all, I now measure 34F - so how big do I really need to be!

He confirmed I had Nagor gel implants - moderate profile - 460cc. Not used in the US I believe, but highly thought of in the UK - they are a British company, and considered very good quality implants.

He said the redness of my incisions is quite normal, and to massage with bio oil - which I have been doing for a while. He couldn't shed any light on the dryness of my nipples - he asked if I had feeling in them - which I do. Strangely, my daughter reminded me she has had a similar problem (and no augmentation!), so perhaps it's totally unrelated, and just due to our sensitive skin and climatic conditions!! Hope it goes soon.

He said I can now get back to normal and wear normal bras, and not wear one at night! Was not brave enough last night though! Treated myself after my appointment and visited shops in Oxford Street (London) and tried on many bras! Purchased a few - photos to follow!

Dry Nipple (posted too quickly last time without photo!)

New Bras!

After my visit to the PS I decided to treat myself to some new bras. Have two soft ones and three underwired. Wearing the soft most of time and underwired on occasions. Tried wearing no bra last night, but found it a bit uncomfortable. Every time I changed sides, I felt pulling on the outer edge of my boob. So will continue to wear compression bra for sleep a little longer.

First two bras (pink and black) have no wiring and very comfortable to wear. Brand - Panache, Purchased from Bravissimo. Size 34F

Pink dotty bra - Brand - Freya, purchased from House of Fraser. Size 34F

Black bra - Brand - Marie Meili, purchased from House of Fraser - bargain at half price - £11. Consequently size not accurate 36DD. Could have done with a cup size larger, but figured I could wear on an evening out for 'va va voom' effect!

My favourite bra - just adore the Brighton design! Brand - Tutti Rouge, purchased from Debenhams. Size 32FF.

Lovely sets, have all the matching pants too!!

How exciting to get out of those disgusting compression bras!

More New Bras and Dry Nipples

Went shopping again this week - I've lost track of how many new bras I have now! Can't seem to buy enough of them! For you British ladies - it's interesting to see how sizes vary from one shop to another. But Marks & Spencer definitely seem to be on the larger size. I bought a few of the Rosie Collection silk bras and thankfully I am a 34E in their sizing - the lovely bras only go up to this size, so pleased I didn't need to buy an F. However, Boux Avenue I fitted a 34F, but felt it a little tight around my back, so finally opted for 36E. Also bought some new bikinis and looking forward to wearing them in the sun very soon!

My nipples have still been very dry and sometimes sore - particularly my left one. I think the nurse may have been right originally, that it is something to do with the nerves to the areola. When I touch that area there seems to be less feeling there than in other parts. So I am hoping this will recover in time. In the meantime I have used Vitamin E oil and moisturiser, but have just started using lanolin nipple cream for breast feeding. This also contains Vitamin E. It's Boots own brand and so far has been very effective. I'll keep you 'abreast' (no pun intended!) of how it works out!

David Floyd is a lovely, approachable man. He is clearly a very knowledgeable and skilled Plastic Surgeon with excellent qualifications. I felt very at ease with him, and felt he was happy to talk to me for quite some time during my two consultations - I didn't feel at all rushed. I felt he wanted to listen to exactly what I wanted to achieve and was willing to 'go that bit extra' by providing a number of choices on the day to make sure I would be happy with the final outcome. I was also impressed by the fact he does a lot of remedial and reconstructive work for cancer patients. I came across articles on him in newspapers/magazines and tv.

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