Tertiary Revision Rhinoplasty with Lucian Ion (London) - Rib Graft - London, GB

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Hi RealSelfers, After two failed rhinoplasties...

Hi RealSelfers,

After two failed rhinoplasties (see my other review) I decided to bite the bullet and go for a third round. I did my research this time and visited a number of surgeons before I finally decided on Mr Ion. I was confident at first but doubts are setting in as The surgery date comes closer. Probably normal, right?

I was hoping that anyone who has any reason why I shouldn't go through with the surgery could please PM me. I realize that only the 5 star reviews are on this site but what about the patiens who are unsure or unhappy? I have faith in this surgeon but would like to prepare myself for anything that could go wrong.

Any help or opinions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!! Xxxxx

Worst nose ever

Hi all, I'm getting really annoyed with people telling me my nose isn't that bad. Here are some shame pics...:-D

Vitamins, supplements, general health - PREPARATION!

Hi realselfers ! I am now 10 days away from my revision rhinoplasty with Lucian Ion. This better be my last surgery cause I think I’ve aged about ten years from pure stress in the last few weeks. Obsessed as I am, I have been searching the good old trusted web for hours, looking for ways to maximize my chances of healing and minimize swelling and bruising. I’ll list what I’m doing, just in case it might help others. Do keep in mind I have NO medical training whatsoever so this is purely what I found on the web.

1.Bloodwork: I had my blood checked last week just in case. Turns out I’m low on iron so I’m taking supplements now.
2. Forever Aloë Vera berry drink : No idea if this will help but my sister swears this stuff will put your body in peak physical health. It’s a powerful antioxidant and Aloë allegedly works for all sorts of ailments. I’m drinking 60 or 90 ml each day. Started a month ago and will take at least another month after surgery. The clinic approved this.
3. Arnica Montana D6 : To prevent/reduce the amount of bruising. I will be taking some pills daily from now on till about two weeks after the surgery. I also have the ointment to put directly on the skin.
4. Bromelain: Pineapple extract, It’s a natural product used to reduce inflammation. I will start two days before surgery and take for about two weeks after.
5. Green tea extract: Antioxidant, allegedly helps reduce the risk of infection.
6. CoQ10 Ubiquinol : Antioxidant which protects the body’s cells from damage caused by oxidative stress and free radicals which tend to thrive after surgery.
7. L-arginine: Might improve recovery after surgery and decrease risk of inflammation.
8. Vitamin C: Very important for wound healing. People with inadequate levels of vitamin C tend to heal less quick.
9. Zinc: Plays a vital role in the immune system, can reduce inflammation, bacterial growth, and scar tissue creation, whereas a deficiency can worsen the scar.
10. Proteïn: Getting extra protein is especially important after surgery because the body needs it to make immune cells and antibodies, to heal the incision as well as regulate metabolic stress. I am not sure how much appetite I will have so have bought some protein bars just in case. Careful, too much of it can damage the kidneys.
11. Probiotics: Suggested by the clinic to prepare your digestive tract for the antibiotics that will be prescribed after surgery.
12. Lymph drainage: Some youtube videos show you how to do lymph drainage on your own face. Or you can visit a professional. This should work against fluid retention and congestion.
13. Water: Speaks for itself. Stay hydrated.
14. Healthy nutrition: Apparently many foods can cause inflammation. I will be staying away from fastfood, saturated fats, refined sugar etc. Safe to eat should be (among others) brown rice and vegetables. I am also eating a lot of berries. Salt can increase fluid retention so I'll try to eat less salty foods for a while.
15. Omega 3 should have some benefits after surgery. I will try to incorporate this in my diet.
16. Elevation: Will be sleeping as elevated as possible.
17: Rest
18: Stay away from such supplements as Echinacea and vitamin E and avoid pain killers that thin the blood.
19: Exercise: I’m jogging to improve my general fitness.
20: Ice after surgery applied to the face.
21: I also found some mention of vitamin A and D to improve healing.
Ok I think that’s it…
***Again, I’m doing this at my own risk. I have had no medical training. Speak to your doctor.***

Will keep you informed!

All done!

Where do I start... Perhaps by saying that I didn't feel up to writing an update till now. Well, My BF and I arrived to London on Friday morning. My pre op appointment with Ion was at 3PM. Any doubts I still had were easily swept away by Ion's calm and confident nature. I gave him the pictures of the simulations I made and he said he could work with them. No big deal it seemed. i asked again to explain what he would be doing but it wasn't easily explained cause he didn't know what he'd find underneath my skin. I checked into Weymouth hospital, which is more like a posh clinic, and was made to wait for a few hours cause some lady refused to leave her room apparently. Many doctors and nurses came to talk to me and asked me numerous questions. I was taken into theatre around 3 pm. The anesthesist explained that I'd be given narcotics but no muscle relaxant. In case I would wake up during surgery, I'd be able to let them know. That calmed me down quite a bit. After the first drop of morfine and god knows what else, I began to see stars and was out like a light. I woke up to dr Ion who was speaking to me in recovery. God bless his soul, I can not remember one word he said. I soon became aware of the sharp pain around my rib graft area, which flared every time I moved. I could not get up by myself because of the stabbing pain. My nose felt uncomfortable more than it hurt and the worst thing to me was the blood coming from my nose and throat. It took me a while to get most of it out. During the night I had a lovely male nurse called Rain, who brought me as much ice cream as I wanted. That felt really good. I did have a scary episode when I couldn't find the call button and i really wanted to get up cause my back hurt like hell. I finally managed to get up and stumble to a chair when my blood pressure collapsed and I thought I was going to die. (Drama queen, I know... ;-)) the nurses quickly came to put me in bed again and monitered my blood pressure.
I've been in my studio for a few days now. The rib wound is already feeling better. I figured out that if I turn to my side first, and then push myself up, it doesn't hurt too much. No worries there! My nose feels ok, not really any pain, just feels wet and weird like You have a bad cold. Worst thing again is my throat. I found some yellow swelling or ulcer in the back of it which is obviously causing my pain. I'll attach a picture, sorry it's gross. As to swelling in my face... It's not too bad! My last procedures gave me black eyes for weeks. Now i can only see a bit of swelling but no real discoloration. The shape of the nose seems ok for now, I think my nostrils seem pretty symmetrical, but of course a lot can still happen still, so i will not commment further. Will update soon! Xxx

Comparing the bruising

I'm just shocked with how little swelling I have, 4 days after surgery. Just to compare, you can see a picture of my face on the left, 7 days after my previous rhinoplasty in December 2014. I didn't even resemble myself anymore. On the right you can see a picture that I took today. Even though the cast is still on, you can tell there's no discoloration and minimal swelling. I never would have expected this! Either dr Ion really does have the magic touch, or my supplements are working :-) either way I'm happy right now. I inspected the columella sutures and it looks like such delicate work! So much better than the way I was butchered last time. It looked like a mess from the very start, like a 5 year old had hastily put the sutures in... So excited about cast off this Friday!!! Meanwhile I'm feeling quite well, not much difference. Getting a little bored in my studio here. And of course it's raining in London so no point in going outside.

Cast off!

Some clearer pics

Still happy with my result so far. Wondering how it will look a few months from now...

20 days post op

Just posting good pictures ???? Some angles are not as slim as I'd like them to be yet but I'm patient. Swelling is a bitch! Xxx

2 months post op!

Two months on already! I can't believe it. Time does fly when you're having fun I guess ;-)
My nose has healed very well. I feel very fortunate to have had such a smooth recovery. I didn't really have any pain anymore, just a little bit of soreness to the touch. Still happy with the result! It's a lot more symmetrical and the slope is still nice. If this had been my first rhinoplasty, I would probably not have been extatic with this outcome. This being my second revision though, I realize that expectations can not be too high. One side of my nose looks better than the other side, I would have liked the tip to be a bit shorter and more upturned, and I would have wanted smaller nostrils. So no, it's not perfect but I'm not complaining either. I think it's a lot better than it was before and I still have a lot of swelling now around the tip area. Would definitely still recommend dr Ion. I feel a lot more confident talking to people and am so happy that the terrible messy scar in my columella is now gone. All in all a success till now. Will update again in a few months! Xxx


Sorry I forget to mention that one of the grafts on my tip seems a bit too long. I can see a tiny bulb on my nose where it's pushing against the skin from the inside. Not noticeable to anyone else though. Will tell dr Ion next time I see him. X

4 months post op - check up with dr Ion

Had my 4 month PO check up with Mr Ion. I greeted him with "My hero!" Which he kind of just let slide. He asked how I was and how I felt about the result. I said I think it's a huge improvement. He agreed but seemed less happy with the nose as I was. He asked about my breathing and my rib area which were both fine. He took some pictures and displayed the difference briefly on the computer screen. All the while he was really serious and I couldn't stop smiling. Dr Ion said there was still some swelling especially between my eyes and above and around the tip. He offered to give me a steroid shot, but sort of advised against it as there is some chance of infection and/or damage. I'm patient so declined the offer. The swelling will go down on its own as well. I asked about the small pcs of cartilage on my tip that sometimes become slightly visible. The dr assured me that it's very minimal (true) and it should still go down a bit over time. That was basically it... I wanted to explain how thankful I was and how much he'd helped me, but he seemed a bit embarrassed by the praise, so I cut my rant a bit short. Lol! After that, all that was left was to give him my super sentimental chrismas card and I was on my way again. Dr Ion is so humble! I love it :-) god bless his soul! I will add some before and afters. I realize that some people would not be perfectly happy with this nose, but for me, it's the best one I ever had and I'm grateful for it! Plus this is far from my final result so give it some time :-)

9 months on

Hi I've been getting Some questions About my result with dr Ion and Figured it would be good to give a brief update on the situation. Lately I've been noticing flaws in my nose again. My whole face is asymmetric so it's difficult to really form an opinion to the symmetry of my nose. My tip is slightly tilted to the right still, but a lot less than it was. I still love the side views. The front is still much better than it was but I 'm regretting not having had anything done about my nostrils. The bridge of my nose still has irregularities. Less than before but still I feel that my right side is slightly bulgier than my left. Swelling is almost gone I guess, Though it does still seem to linger around my tip area. One thing That annoys me a lot is the fact that my nostrils still flare when I smile and the tip seems to get pulled down a bit. It still looks somewhat long from some angles. I would have liked a more upturned tip. I 'll address it to dr Ion when I see him for my 1 year check up in August. I'm going to post some "realistic" pictures in different lighting so you have a better idea about what to possibly expect. Again, my nose had already been butchered twice before dr Ion touched it. I never expected perfection. Xxx
London Plastic Surgeon

Dr Ion stood out to me from the very first consult. He knew what he was talking about, was humble but confident, charming and patient. He spent a lot of time with me and paid attention to what I wanted. Aftercare is great and the doctor is always available in case of complications. I really do believe there's often a factor of luck involved in rhinoplasty, but the skill that dr Ion has is your best guarantee of a good outcome!

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