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Hi All, after hating my nose for as long as i can...

Hi All, after hating my nose for as long as i can remember i've finally decided to book surgery! Luckily I never got bullied for my nose but I have had some nasty comments thrown at me during my years at school and it makes me very self conscious around anyone i'm near.. seems silly but i'm sure most of you would agree if you are in the same position.
My nose is way too big for my face and continues to grow outwards with a small bump, a natural nose that suits my face shape is all i want!!
I decided to book two consultations, my first one was at Spire Tunbridge Wells - the surgeon told me I needed a closed rhinoplasty to get rid of 'the big bone' but not too touch the nostrils, after I got an email response of prices it unfortunately put me off so I decided to book a second consultation with the Harley Medical Group in London, I had an appointment with a patient advisor named Lucy, she was lovely and made me feel at ease straight away, she examined my nose and told me I had a slight deviation in my septum that causes my nose to tilt towards one side, I have always suffered with breathing problems but never until this day I realised I had a deviated septum..! She suggested Dr Mark Solomos for an open septo/rhinoplasty, I had already done my research on the surgeons at Harley Street who are based around London and loved Mark's work.
My consultation with Mark is two weeks on Saturday, 26th November so I will keep you posted on my progress and journey, feel free to follow my Instagram account- harleymedical_rhinodiary where I will be also documenting my progress.
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